DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth – How Much Is She Worth?

DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth Estimate

DJ Citizen Jane net worth is estimated to be around or just under $1 million. The music industry success story gains the majority of her net worth from her work as a DJ. It is unclear what percentage of DJ Citizen Jane net worth is from her status as an influencer.

Who is DJ Citizen Jane?

DJ Citizen Jane is, as her name suggests, predominantly a DJ. She has performed for some of the biggest names in entertainment and fashion, as well as appeared at some of the largest and most famous music venues in the world.

She is also an influencer with a large following in Instagram. Many of her posts on that platform feature her signature style, which often involves sunglasses and broad-brimmed hats.

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DJ Citizen Jane’s Career

Before she moved to her new career, DJ Citizen Jane was a police officer. She held the rank of detective before she left the force to pursue music. This move was definitely the right one in terms of enhancing DJ Citizen Jane net worth!

We do not currently know the full story of how a police officer from Florida came to be one of the hottest DJs on the planet, but it is a story we’re sure a lot of fans would love to hear! Is there a documentary in the future? We certainly hope so!

DJ Citizen Jane is not the first professional disc jockey in history, but she does have something fun in common with the first ever female DJ. Read on to find out!

DJ Citizen Jane was born in the year 1974, the same year that Karen Mixon Cook became the world’s first professional female DJ! Whether or not you believe in Fate, that is a fantastic fact.

Karen Mixon Cook started her DJ career in her freshman year while attending North Texas State. She worked at “Jim and Lonnie’s” a college bar. The bar catered to Texans, so of course they predominantly played country, but Cook’s influence saw an increase in the inclusion of disco into the mix.

To encourage people there having a good time to really get down, Cook would sometimes take to the dance floor herself to encourage others. Her efforts were rewarded and patrons loved what she was doing. Cook then used this as inspiration to bring disco music to even more venues!

And the industry has its share of other famous female DJs! DJ Citizen Jane is a part of that history. Read on for information on some of the pioneering female DJs you should really know about!

Kemistry was a pioneer of drum-and-bass DJing back in the early 1990s. Not only was she a talented DJ in her own right, she also co-founded a record label called Metalheadz. This was likely with her DJ performance partner, a woman known as Storm.

Metalheadz would go on to become one of the most influential British labels of all time.

DJ Rap, the stage name of one Charissa Saverio, works in house, drum-and-bass, and progressive electronic music, both as a DJ and as a producer. CEO of her own twin labels, Propa Talent and, of course, Impropa Talent, DJ Rap has at one point been voted the number one DJ in the entire world!

The next amazing female DJ in our little trip though this corner of music history is known as Nancy Noise. Nancy Noise is based in the UK, though she is herself Balearic. After spending two summers studying and crafting the music scene in Ibiza, Nancy Noise returned to Britain and was instrumental in starting the acid house movement.

Acid house was a crucial part of the wider DJ culture and vitally important to the international DJ community. In fact, it still is! And a female DJ was key to helping it get started!

This brings us to Magda. Magda is a DJ on an international scale as well as being a respected music producer. She is most well known for all the things she contributed to the genre of minimalist techno. How inspiring is it that a female DJ was so central to such an important movement?

DJ Citizen Jane is a part of this history of female music producers and DJs. Her own efforts and talent have been rewarded with the chance to perform in superstar venues across the world. That has to have had a net positive effect on DJ Citizen Jane net worth!

The DJ and producer has had the stratospheric honour of having performed at the world’s most famous arena: Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York in the United States of America. Madison Square Garden is a massive venue, capable of seating over twenty thousand people!

In addition, DJ Citizen Jane is award winning! She is a three time winner of the prestigious Pink Flamingo Award, Favorite DJ category. She won this award in 2014, 2015, and 2017. The award is voted on solely but he public, so it really speaks to her popularity.

Both Bump and Logo TV also named her the “Hottest DJ in Miami.”

DJ Citizen Jane has performed all over the world. She has DJ’d events in Australia, South America, Canada, Central America, and all across many countries in Europe. Her way of making sure a crowd has fun has turned into an international career and who wouldn’t be happy about that?

In addition to being a talented DJ, her skills in the field of playing music at parties have won her acclaim as an influencer. DJ Citizen Jane has an active social media presence and she has been featured in features and on the covers of multiple magazines.

DJ Citizen Jane net worth was no doubt helped by the fact that she graced the covers of both Palette and OutClique magazines! She has also been included in feature articles in Guy Magazine, Curve Magazine, Wire Magazine, Ambiente Magazine, The Examiner, Go Magazine, After Ellen, SFGN Magazine, The Georgia Voice, LOTL Magazine, New Times Phoenix, and many, many more!

DJ Citizen Jane: Early Life

DJ Citizen Jane was born on the 22nd day of October in the year 1974. Her parents named her Madeline Fernandez, though because DJ Citizen Jane prefers to keep her private life private we do not know their names. It is likely her father, at least, has the surname Fernandez, but we cannot say that for certain.

As Madeline Fernandez, DJ Citizen Jane was born in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America. It is not currently known which school she attended for her initial education, nor which school she attended as a High Schooler.

DJ Citizen Jane did attend Florida International University and received a bachelor’s degree from that institution. We do now currently know in what field. It is possible it was a field related to law enforcement and led to her joining the police force.

DJ Citizen Jane’s Personal Life and Family

There is a great deal of mystery surrounding the personal and family life of DJ Citizen Jane. She prefers to let only her performance persona out into the spotlight. There is very little information available on her parents and we do not know how many siblings she has, or even if she has any siblings!

It is therefore entirely unknown to what degree inheritance or monies from her parents or other family might have impacted DJ Citizen Jane net worth.

DJ Citizen Jane has herself said that she prefers women to men, though it is not known if she identifies as bisexual, pansexual, as a lesbian, or some other sexual orientation. Whether or not she currently has a girlfriend or other partner is unknown. If at some point in the future more information becomes available we will update this article!

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DJ Citizen Jane’s Social Media Influence

DJ Citizen Jane is an influencer as well as a famous DJ, so it is no surprise that she is active on multiple social media platforms. No doubt DJ Citizen Jane net worth benefits from her exposure via these channels, if not as much as it does from her booking fees.


DJ Citizen Jane has a Facebook profile under the handle @djcitizenjane. The account has less than 10,000 followers and though it appears to be linked with the performer’s Instagram, it is not as active.

Most of the posts on the DJ Citizen Jane page on Facebook revolve around her appearances, or videos she has recorded.


There is a Twitter account @djcitizenjane that appears to belong to DJ Citizen Jane, however it is not clear if this is actually her official account or not. The follower account is unusually low for a star of her magnitude and lacks the blue tick that would tell us the account is verified.

Many of the tweets on the account are retweets of other accounts posting videos and news stories about DJ Citizen Jane.

If the account is later verified, we will update the information here to keep all the fans up to date!


DJ Citizen Jane has nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram, while she follows just over 3,000 other accounts. The DJ uses the platform mainly to post selfies of herself and posters for her upcoming appearances. There are also a few videos, but they are firmly in the minority of posts.

DJ Citizen Jane net worth is clearly in evidence with the high quality of many of these images, and the rich use of color and the amazing locations she has performed.

Many of the photos include DJ Citizen Jane in her signature eyewear. Many pictures feature her in sunglasses or eyewear with tinted lenses. Frequently she is also shown in broad-brimmed hats.


Perhaps surprisingly, DJ Citizen Jane has a profile on LinkedIn. On this platform her handle is Citizen Jane. She describes herself as a singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer. The profile seems focused not on her per se but on her personal music company Citizen Jane Music.

According to this LinkedIn profile, DJ Citizen Jane has been working in the music industry since 1994.

Her profile lists several events she DJ’d, including crazy hot nightclubs, other popular venues, and a lot of different music festivals. In addition, she names several celebrities whom she has provided entertainment for, including Kim Kardashian, Kat Von D, Diane Von Furstenberg, Louis Vuitton, lady Gaga, Chanel, Moët Chandon, and many, many more!

Influencers that DJ Citizen Jane follows on LinkedIn include Marc Cuban, billionaire entrepreneur, and Sara Blakey, the founder of SPANX.


DJ Citizen Jane does not currently appear to have an active TikTok profile. This is surprising as many of her peers in the music industry make extensive use of the platform to promote their music and appearances.

Fans can still appreciate DJ Citizen Jane’s work on TikTok, however. There are multiple hashtags that fans can use to discuss DJ Citizen Jane, her performances, and her music. And speaking of her music, fans on TikTok can use her song “Rescue Me,” featuring Tommy Love, in their own videos.

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DJ Citizen Jane: Height, Weight

DJ Citizen Jane does not advertise much of her life, and while we cannot confirm for certain what her weight is, it is estimated that Dj Citizen Jane weights about 121 pounds or about 55 kilograms.

In terms of her height, DJ Citizen Jane is on the shorter end of average heights. She tops off at around 5 feet 5 inches high. This is the equivalent of about 165 centimeters tall.

It is not known for certain what DJ Citizen Jane’s nature all hair color is, but the musical star is often seen with black hair. The color perfectly complements her dark brown or black eyes, though the performer is often seen sporting fashionable sunglasses or eyewear which conceals her eyes.

DJ Citizen Jane Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameDJ Citizen Jane
Real NameMadeline Fernandez
Place of BirthMiami, Florida, USA
OccupationDJ, Influencer
Net Worth Estimate$1 Million