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Devin Haney’s Net Worth – How Rich Is The Successful Boxer?

Do you want to discover what is Devin Haney’s net worth? You’ve come to the right place. The world’s youngest boxing champion has an extensive and successful career despite his age.

The influence of his father had a big role to play in this. He has trained him since a young age and has helped him throughout his professional life as a boxer.


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Moreover, the numerous championships and rewards only contribute to his high net worth. He’s in the lightweight category and he managed to defeat many famous names that had lightweight belts.

All of this makes him interesting to the public and there are many intriguing details to uncover about his personal and professional life. If you’re willing to learn more, stay with us and read on.

Who is Devin Haney?

Devin Haney Net Worth

When you mention American boxing, the name Devin Haney inevitably comes up. As a professional boxer he has represented the United States in many matches. Luckily, he was triumphant in most of them, bringing success to his country.

The fact that he has started practicing the sport since a very young age largely impacts his current status as one of the best young boxers in the lightweight category in the whole world. Even as an amateur he has won many matches and broken records. More precisely, his record of 138-8 bouts still persists.

Devin made it right before becoming a professional boxer. During this period there was a notable rivalry between Devin and Ryan Garcia, which regularly made the sports headlines. Aside from this, the high Devin Haney’s net worth and his earnings enable him to live a luxurious life.

He is known to buy large estates and cars that he loves as well as accessories like watches. Also, his personal and love life is exciting as he recently started dating his girlfriend. Below, we’ll go over all the details.

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Devin Haney’s Net Worth Estimate

As we mentioned, the extensive career filled with successes and wins contributed to the increase of Devin Haney’s net worth. Going together with his earnings, the numbers on his account only went up in the previous period, leading to a luxurious life.

Not to mention that his popularity has significantly risen, as well. Due to his talent and hard training he has managed to be among the youngest American champions. This attracted the media attention and he started to appear more on different portals and channels.

His company and his contract with DAZN app also impact his net worth alongside his partnerships with nutrition brands.

Moreover, as of 2022, it’s estimated that Devin Haney’s net worth is 5 million USD with earnings of around 400.000 USD per bout. These are pretty fair amounts, especially in his line of work.


Devin Haney’s Net Worth Breakdown


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Devin Haney’s net worth and the million-dollar earnings are there to be spent. And he does a nice job at this. Furthermore, he has managed to identify the things that would make him happy and has gone on to invest his money in them.

Firstly, he bought a large mansion and decorated it in his style. While he hasn’t said exactly how much it cost, it’s evident that it’s at least a million dollars or more. Fans could see how it looks inside and outside through his photos and videos on Instagram.

They show that the interior is contemporary with a few notable pieces of art. KAWS Bearbrick is one of them and it’s worth thousands of dollars. It’s accompanied by a big portrait of himself that someone drew by hand. It’s placed in his living room. Judging by the photos these pieces fit nicely in his home.

Aside from the mansion, though, Devin Haney’s net worth was enough for him to purchase his collection of expensive cars. In 2019, his father gifted him a Lamborghini Urus with a value of around 250,000 USD.

Some other of his cars that he has shared on social media include a Corvette c8 that costs 80,000 USD and a Rolls Royce Cullinan in white color whose price starts at 330,000 USD.

Yet these are surely only the beginning since Devin has expressed that he loves cars. Considering the bright career ahead of him the growth of his collection is completely possible.

Another collection that will likely grow is his watches collection. According to his Instagram profile, there are multiple expensive pieces on his shelves. And he isn’t shy to share that he owns them. On one occasion, he has even posted a caption that over a million dollars of Devin Haney’s net worth are invested in watches.

In one of his videos, fans can spot him wearing a watch that is or is similar to RM 72-01. This model tends to cost as much as half a million dollars or maybe even more than that.

To accompany it, Devin apparently owns an 18k Patek Philippe wrist watch made entirely of diamonds and white gold. Its price is at least 120,000 USD. No wonder many people envy him when they see his valuable belongings.

From what it looks like, the growth of Devin Haney’s net worth has no intention of stopping. And with it, Devin’s wealth in money, objects, and property will only expand. So, it’s safe to say that we should expect many more pricey possessions on his social media feeds in the near future.

Devin Haney’s Height and Weight

As a young person, Devin is fit and has just the right build for his profession. His body is in great shape and his weight is suitable for his height.

Furthermore, it’s known that he is 5 feet and 8 inches tall or 1.71 meters. And he weighs 61 kilograms. These measurements help him maintain his speed and strength during the matches and at the same time contribute to his attractive appearance and Devin Haney’s net worth.

In terms of his ethnicity, he is African American with Scorpio as his zodiac sign.

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Devin Haney’s Place of Birth and Early Life

On November 17, 1998, an addition to the Haney family was born with the name Devin. He was born in San Francisco in California. It was in this place that he grew up and spent his happy childhood years.

When he was only seven years old, he showed an interest and talent in boxing. This was a signal to his father to start training him in the local area. At the same time, he continued his school classes. His father completely supported his boy’s aspirations and even made plans for his meals and for his training.

Later, in Devin’s teen years, they moved to Las Vegas where he had more chances to be recognized in the boxing field and receive better training. Therefore, he joined the Mayweather Gym where he was mentored by Floyd Mayweather.

That’s when things started to get more serious and Devin gained a more in-depth knowledge and practice. On the long run, it was this decision that played a big role in his success and the high Devin Haney’s net worth that goes with it.

In the neighborhood he was living, he became the youngest person to ever win the Youth World Boxing Championship. And this was only the beginning. Since then, he has fought in many big matches and won.

In some instances, he was too young to qualify but had the skills and readiness to do so. Still, his efforts paid out when he finally became a professional boxer. What started as a passion, transformed into a career that will follow Devin throughout his youth and life.

Devin Haney’s Career


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Before Devin Haney’s net worth amassed millions of dollars, though, he was just an amateur like most of the biggest professionals now. His amateur career kicked off when he was very young – a teenager at around 15.

His amateur endeavors have led to a record of 138-8 bouts. Two of those eight losses were the outcome of his matches with Haney’s rival Ryan Garcia. Interestingly enough, the two have come head to head four times and both have won twice.

Haney has boxed with plenty of his peers from Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and other countries from all over the world. During his amateur career, he has won a couple of silver and gold medals. It was only a matter of time before his talent truly developed and started shining in the pro league of athletes.

2015 was a pivotal year in Haney’s career. At age 17, that year he earned the title of the youngest boxer to be a winner of the Youth World Championships in Reno. He became a pro in the same year.

Even though he was a pro, Haney still couldn’t compete in the United States. The minimum age restrictions prevented him from doing so. However, this didn’t stop him from boxing at all.

In fact, his first four matches happened in Mexico, where he was allowed to participate in matches despite his early age. Even later on in his career and now, he still switches between competing on US territory and Mexico.

Regionally, his boxing efforts have resulted in numerous titles in the lightweight class as a professional. Some of them include IBF North American and USBA, WBC Youth and International, WBA International, and WBO Inter-Continental.

Besides his matches, the public’s attention was drawn to Haney’s promotional contracts, too. In 2019, through his company Devin Haney Promotions, he struck a co-promo deal with the British company Matchroom Boxing, famous for promotions in the sports industry.

No wonder all of this has significantly impacted Devin Haney’s net worth. During Haney’s first match as part of Matchroom Boxing, he won against fellow boxer Antonio Moran. This was another big victory in a string of victories attached to his already-established name.

Near the end of 2019, there was another thing to celebrate besides Devin Haney’s net worth and recent victories. Moreover, he received the title of the youngest boxing world champion as a result of becoming the WBC lightweight champion.

Many consider the match against Jorge Linares in 2021 to be one of the toughest ones in his career and a true test of his achievements and ambitions. This marked the third time Haney had to defend his WBC lightweight championship title. Further, he was up against a triple world champion, who has won titles in three different weight classes. Luckily for Haney, he won with the judge’s unanimous decision.

Meanwhile, his career hasn’t been short of rivalries like one of the recent ones with Joseph Diaz. If nothing more, their intolerance only grew, which resulted in them being hostile to one another and fighting on social media.

This gave the media plenty of opportunities to mention Haney in the papers and online, driving his popularity forward. Moreover, Diaz challenged Haney for his full world title. His efforts didn’t bear fruit and Haney prevailed, beating him in an exciting match that drew the public’s eyes toward him.

After the fight and successful defense of his title, Haney announced he would go for ‘all the belts’. In other words, he wanted to face George Kambosos Jr., a widely recognized champion. The stakes of the match were pretty high – all four big world titles in the lightweight boxing class.

Haney has taken part in more than 28 fights and most of them finished in a knockout. With such an illustrious career filled with lots of successes, turbulences, and victories, Devin Haney’s net worth only grew.

Now, he is a recognizable celebrity and one of the new faces of boxing that fans of the sport follow constantly.

Devin Haney’s Personal Life and Family


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We mentioned the close bond with his father. Aside from it, he is very connected to his siblings and mother, as well. He has two brothers Sean Haney and Bill Jr Haney and a sister named Arabella Haney. The four of them grew up in California in a happy family and found ways to motivate each other in their ventures.

When it comes to his friends, Devin doesn’t reveal much. He goes out and posts images with many people that are his acquaintances and friends, making them harder to track. However, the public knows about his girlfriends. And there have been quite a few of them over the years.

This makes his fans wonder which girl he is dating now. From what’s known, as of 2021, his girlfriend is India Love Westbrooks. She is popular on social media, especially on Instagram with more than 5 million followers.

The couple has been spotted together and don’t hide their love. Recently, Devin even surprised India with roses. Not to mention that they share images together on social media, as well.

Even though, his girlfriend is two years older than him, they seem to get along really well. India doesn’t fail to mention him when addressing the public and they have mentioned that they have known each other since their high school days.

Still, there are a few more girls that Devin was dating in the past. They were influencers, models, TV reality stars, YouTubers, and similar. Firstly, he was with Aileen Gisselle and Kris Summers. Then, he apparently had a serious relationship with Jania Jackson that led to an engagement. But his relationships with them didn’t work out.

Some other names that appear alongside his are Big Gigi and Blac Chyna although not much is known about his involvement in them.

As is the case with most of the famous stars out there, these rumors and the curiosity related to relationships eventually have an impact on the earnings and reputation. So, Devin Haney’s net worth was affected by this interesting personal side of his life, bringing him more followers and fans.

After all, it’s not only boxing that people are eager to hear about. The personal life of the boxer is equally captivating for many of them.

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Devin Haney’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

After all of these things, it’s clear that Devin Haney is a respectable name in the boxing world. Not only is he among the youngest boxers in the world but he is also one of the most paid ones out there. This largely reflected on the high Devin Haney’s net worth.

More precisely, his primary earnings come from boxing. But there are other places from where his money pours in. Firstly, he runs his own company.

Then, he has signed contracts with Matchroom Sports, DAZN, and Eddie Hearn that bring him additional income. He even promotes the DAZN app as a part of the deal.

As we mentioned, Devin Haney’s net worth includes his large mansion, the Lamborghini Urus that he received as a gift alongside his extensive collection of expensive watches and other cars. In partnership with his father, he is the owner of a CBD product, as well.

Eventually, people associate Devin’s name with brands like SNAC Nutrition. The company sponsors him, bringing him even more earnings.

If you want to uncover the specific details about Devin Haney’s net worth and his personal information, check out the table below:

NameDevin Haney
Real NameDevin Haney
Place of BirthSan Francisco, California
Net Worth Estimate5 million USD