Derrick Jaxn Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

Have you been wondering what Derrick Jaxn net worth might be? Did you know that Derrick Jaxn is one of the top relationship gurus on YouTube? He is a self-made Internet celebrity, offering relationship advice through his online videos and self-help books.


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This post will cover how Derrick Jaxn’s net worth has been reached. You will learn about the controversy he went through regarding a video confession he made on Instagram with his wife, his personal life and early life, and what he dealt with as a child.

We will also go through when he started his rise to fame, how he branded himself and quickly became an entrepreneur. If you want to know all about Derrick Jaxn, keep reading.

Who Is Derrick Jaxn?

Derrick Jackson, otherwise known as Derrick Jaxn. He was born in Yonkers, New York but was raised in Alabama. He has become a very famous Instagram influencer and video blogger, who started his rise to fame in 2010 on YouTube.

In just twelve years, he has become a very well-known social media relationship expert, which has also led to his other endeavors of being a famous writer and a life coach.

His social media accounts have a strong following with a whopping 680k followers on his YouTube channel, over 1 million followers on his Instagram account, and his TikTok videos have over 34 million views.

He is married to Da’Naia Jackson, and they have a beautiful daughter together. The couple had to weather a serious storm in their relationship in 2020 when it became public knowledge that Derrick Jaxn cheated on his wife. As a result of their problems, Derrick became a new man and is a huge inspiration to many people worldwide.

Even though it seemed as if his career and marriage were going to fail apart due to his infidelity, he rose up like a phoenix from the ashes, and the couple came out stronger than ever. Now he helps others through his videos on his social media. And he offers relationship advice through his self-help books on how people can better their lives.

Derrick Jaxn’s Early Life

On July 20, 1989, Derrick Jackson was born in Yonkers, New York, and grew up in Enterprise, Alabama. His father abandoned his wife and children, so his parents were divorced before he was even born, and his mother raised him and his siblings on her own.

Derrick is the youngest of 5 children. There is not much information about his family. All we do know is that his mother’s name is Martha Riley, and his father is Jamaican.

His childhood was a constant struggle as his mother had to work several jobs to support herself and her five children. While she struggled to keep supporting her family, she dealt with a life-threatening illness.

Watching his mother go through all of that was his motivation to be the best he could be. After high school, Derrick Jaxn went to Tuskegee University for his undergraduate studies. He graduated in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Information Science.

He was a football star winning several National football championships. He loved his community and quickly became a community leader, founding a non-profit mentorship for teenagers in his community.

After he graduated, and because he was such a passionate community leader with a great resume, he had very little issues with landing a position in sales and marketing for a Fortune 500 Company.

As time went by, he started focusing a lot more on books and had less interest in athletics.

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Height And Weight

Height: 6’5 (196 cm)
Weight: 198 lbs (90 kg)

Derrick Jaxn’s Career

How did Derrick Jaxn Net Worth grow to what it is today?

2010 – Derrick Jaxn started his first social media account by creating his YouTube channel where he posted videos offering relationship advice.

He then went on to create an Instagram account as well as a TikTok page.

His TikTok page has over 34 million views on his video posts.

His YouTube account has over 680k followers, and his Instagram page has over 1 million loyal followers.

2013 – His book titled “A Cheating Man’s Heart” was published on November 15. The book is about how a troubled young man had to overcome the skeletons in his closet in order to be ready for love.

2015 – The next book titled “A Cheating Man’s Heart 2” was published on January 30. This book is the second edition of Derrick Jaxn’s novel. It continues on about the character Shawn Fletcher who is searching for his true love but has to learn to love again.

2016 – A book titled “A Walk in My Stilettos: 111 Affirmations to Help You Heal (2) that Derrick Jaxn wrote with Makini Smith, was published on March 1.

2017 – “I Still Deserve It: Affirmations for Women Who Refuse To Give Up On Love” is another book that was published on January 25.

His book titled “I’ve Come Too Far” was published on January 25.

And another book in the same year, titled “Single Mothers are for Grown Men ONLY.”

2018 – “Don’t Forget Your Crown” was published.

2019 – On January 1, his book titled “Self Crowned Journal” was published. This is a book of exercises that have been scientifically proven to help people learn to keep their mood elevated throughout the day and how to manifest positivity in one’s life.

On April 22 he published another book titled “Things She Wishes You Understood.”

2020 – “A Cheating Man’s Heart 3” is the 3rd book in the trilogy of “A Cheating Man’s Heart.” The book continues with the character Shawn Fletcher.

2020 – His many cases of infidelity came to light in the public eye, which almost ended his marriage and his career. Despite all that happened regarding his affair, Derrick Jaxn’s net worth and career blew up, making him even more famous than he already was.

2021 – Derrick Jaxn and his wife Da’Naia posted a video of them together on Instagram talking about his indiscretions and how he had changed. His wife went on to say that she chose to stay with him and forgive him as she saw the change in him, and she would not tolerate that behavior going forward.

On March 14, his book titled “Heal Together Without Hurting Each Other” was published.

All of the books that he has written, have gathered support and positive reviews from his fans. He has also gained top ratings on platforms like Goodreads and Amazon.

Derrick Jaxn Net Worth


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At the beginning of 2022, Derrick Jaxn Net Worth is estimated to be somewhere in the region of $2 million.

Derrick Jaxn started his path to fame with his YouTube channel, which he created in 2010. This was the start of the growth of his net worth. He then went on to create an Instagram account as well as a TikTok account.

His social media accounts began to grow quickly as people labeled him a relationship guru. Through his social media platforms, he has posted videos offering great advice on how better oneself and build healthy relationships.

When his fan base kept growing, there was no stopping Derrick Jaxn and the rise of his net worth. He became really interested in books and has since gone on to become a very well-known author.

He wrote books about a character named Shawn Fletcher and the trials and tribulations he had to go through in life, which were very similar to his own life and what he went through.

He went from writing books about his personal experiences, to writing self-help books so that others could learn to build the life they want and to have healthy relationships.

Derrick Jaxn’s Family


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Derrick Jaxn and Da’Naia had their daughter Marey in October of 2016 before they got married. Derrick proposed to Da’Naia in November of 2016. And in 2017 they welcomed their second child.

The couple then got married in Georgia in January of 2018. Da’Naia supports her husband 100 percent in his ventures, and she loves being a stay-at-home mom to their daughter Marey.

In December of 2010, Derrick created his YouTube channel, where he posted videos of the things you should and shouldn’t do in relationships. This was how he became well known as being the relationship guru. He gave advice on all topics of love and romance.

When Derric and Da’Naia’s daughter Marey was born, Da’Naia suffered from postpartum depression and gained an excessive amount of weight as a result of it. She underwent weight-loss surgery and lost approximately 75 pounds before they got married. She gives her husband credit for getting her through that challenging time.

Da’Naia also has a lot of followers on her social media accounts. She is a devout Christian and shares biblical advice as well as her favorite scripture verses with her followers.

Derrick Jaxn’s Confession Of Infidelity

In 2020 a woman named Candice De Medeiros came forward to the media during an interview on the vlog show called Sister2Sister. During the interview, she told Tasha K of Sister2Sister about her affair with Derrick Jaxn. She said that Derrick Jaxn told her that he was separated from his wife.

Apparently, this was not true at all. Black Enterprise stated, “The mistress provided receipts of her meetups with the author and philanthropist, including a cozy shot taken from the bed he shared with his wife in their Atlanta home.” Candice De Medeiros also claimed that she was paid $1000 from Derrick during the short-lived affair that the two had.

In 2021 Derrick Jaxn and his wife Da’Naia posted a video on Instagram where he admitted to being unfaithful to his wife. He stated, “I want to be clear I’m not talking about just casually kicking it, maybe a lunch or something like that. I’m talking about as serious as sex, sexual flirtation, and meeting up and those type of things,” he said.

He and his wife decided to do the video, sharing the information with his followers, but they decided to take the video down shortly after it was posted.

It was said that after his wife found out about the affairs, she filed for divorce on August 28, 2020, but she later changed her mind, and on October 2, 2020, she filed to have the petition for divorce to be dismissed.

After taking the video down, Derrick explained that some people might think what he did was ok, but he felt it was not how he wanted to live his life and that he wanted to follow a Biblical code of faithfulness.

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Derrick Jaxn’s Net Worth And Bio Summary

Derrick Jaxn net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

In 2020 it came to light that he had several affairs when one of the women came forward and told the world about her affair with him. She provided actual proof in the form of receipts and a picture of him and her in the bed he shares with his wife.

He almost lost his family as his wife Da’Naia had filed for divorce but thankfully changed her mind and had the divorce petition dismissed. The pair have two beautiful children together, and they have said that they would like to have more.

He grew up in a single-parent home with his four siblings and their mom. He is the youngest of five siblings. Watching what his mom went through inspired him to become the person he is today.

Derrick Jaxn’s net worth comes from his social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as the seven books he has written that have been published.

He has really built a name for himself, becoming an internet sensation for his advice and wisdom regarding relationships and love.

His fans adore him and look to him for advice in all areas of their lives. He prides himself on being a self-help coach, author, entrepreneur, husband, and father. His followers have dubbed him the relationship guru, and it is easy to see why with all of the trials and tribulations he has had to overcome in life.

Because of how he grew up, Derrick Jaxn is driven in his quest to be the best person he can be and to help others achieve the same with their lives. In his self-help books, he uses exercises to help people learn to live their best lives and to keep a positive vibe going each and every day.

NameDerrick Jaxn
Birth NameDerrick Jackson
Date of Birth20 July 1989
Place of BirthYonkers, New York, USA
Height6'5" (196cm)
Weight198 lbs (90kg)
Marital StatusDa'Naia Broadus (m. 2018)
ParentsMother - Martha Riley
Father - Unkown
Net Worth Estimate$2 mіllіоn