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Danileigh Net Worth – How Much Does She Make?

Danileigh net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Not only is Danileigh quite a famous American hip-hop singer. She is a singer, songwriter, dancer, rapper, and choreographer.



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She rose to fame when she collaborated with Prince on the “Breakfast Can Wait” music video. The influential singer began her outstanding career when she was only twelve years old. The young girl would upload songs on her YouTube channel, and this started to attract followers from all parts of the world.

Early Life

Danileigh was born in Miami, Florida, USA on December 20, 1994. Her full name is Danielle Leigh Curiel. And she is a daughter to her mother, Vicky, and her father, Vladimir Curiel.

Her ancestors are from Latin America, and her parents come from the Dominican Republic. Even though Danileigh’s parents are working-class and live in Washington Heights, her father, Vladimir Curiel, is a businessman and he’s known as the American/Dominican celebrity dad.

Her mother, Vicky is an entrepreneur. She’s a talent manager, and she’s the Founder & CEO of International Hub Records (IHUB). Danielle Leigh Curiel is one of the three children of Vicky and Vladimir. Her brother’s name is Brandon Curiel, also known as Brandon Bills, and her sister is Brianna Leah. They too work in the entertainment industry.

Brianna Leah is younger than Danileigh. She is also a singer, dancer, and songwriter. Brianna is part of Bella Dose, a bilingual girl group. Brandon is the oldest of the three siblings. He goes by his rapper name, Brandon Bills.

Danileigh has always been passionate about music and dancing since she was very young. Every time she listened to famous artists like; Rihanna, Drake, Missy Elliott, and other influential stars in America, Danileigh would be inspired.

She believes that she was motivated to join the music department through talented individuals like Aaliyah. Danileigh’s family loved music. Her sister and father were very active in the church choir because they loved singing too.

At 12, Danileigh started dancing. Then when she was 14, she took her passion for singing to the next level; she started posting vocals of cover songs onto her Youtube channel. This is where she started getting recognition.

Everyone who came across the YouTube channel quickly noticed that Danileigh was talented and passionate about her music career. In her free time, she would practice dancing.

When she was 16, her family decided to move to LA. Danileigh was more serious about singing and dancing. And she was fortunate enough to connect with exceptional professionals in the music industry while in Los Angeles.

Danileigh found her way into the studios at a very young age. Her passion for dancing is what got her to start working as a backup dancer for other successful individuals.

She managed to work with Nelly Furtado and Pharell Williams, which boosted her young career significantly. Becoming a star became easy because of the kind of exposure Danileigh was getting.

Danileigh’s Weight And Height

Weight – 132 lbs (60kg)
Height – 5’6″ (168cm)

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Danileigh Net Worth In 2022


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Since the age of 14, Danileigh has accumulated a lot of wealth and she’s worked hard to earn it. Today, Danileigh net worth is $2 million. Most of the income earned comes from her music. She makes her money through album sales, dancing, and live streaming.

Her YouTube channel has grown significantly over the years too. At the moment, this channel has more than one and a half million subscribers, and it brings a lot of money every month.

Danileigh currently earns an annual salary of over $250,000. She has been very lucky to work with many influential brands and musicians too. For instance, Danielle promoted “I AM GIA.”

The famous rapper is a role model to many young people who want to venture into the music industry. Through her music career, Danileigh net worth has continued to increase. This motivates other young individuals who wish to make a living the same way.

Danileigh Career


Image Credit: Jamie Lamor Thompson

Every young person has great dreams about their career. Well, Danileigh was definitely no exemption. There is not much information out there about her educational background. However, what we do know is that while growing up in Miami, Florida, Danileigh wanted to focus on her music career and dancing. These dreams came true when her and her family moved to Los Angeles.

Becoming successful within such a competitive industry can be quite challenging. Danileigh was fortunate enough to partner with some successful professionals who played a big role in getting her career off to a nice start.

Nelly Furtado and Pharrell Williams are the individuals who made Danileigh get enough courage to start her career in music. These artists gave her a chance to work as a backup dancer.

By the time she started her songwriting career, Danileigh was confident enough about her skills. Danileigh and her sister formed a pop duo and named it Curly Fryz several years ago. The pair produced several singles, and they felt that their music was not doing very well in the market. A few months later, Danileigh was requested to direct a video by the one and only, Prince.

Prince, the powerful force behind, “Breakfast Can Wait”, wanted a reliable professional to direct his single, and after a long search, he chose Danileigh. The pair worked on numerous projects together after the success of “Breakfast Can Wait.”

Prince assisted Dani in her musical career until he passed away in 2016. One year after his death, Danileigh released one of her successful songs, “Play.” The single did very well in the American market.

2017 – Danileigh collaborated with Def Jam Records to launch her first EP, “Summer With Friends.”

Play made many people recognize that Danileigh was talented and willing to go the extra mile to bring the best music to the American community.

2018 – Danileigh launched her second EP, “The Plan,” several months after the first one. The talented Choreographer worked with Lil Yatchy, YG, Lil Baby, and others.

Over the years, Danileigh has shown the world that she can easily blend Latin music and Hip Hop. Her skills have made her work with influential personalities like Chris Brown and DaBaby.

In the course of her successful career, Danileigh has attracted much controversy. Several years ago, for instance, the famous singer released a track titled Yellow Bone. Most people criticized the move because the track spoke about colorism. Other individuals said that the song had a horrible sound.

Danileigh believes that her achievements have come because of hard work. In a recent interview, the talented professional spoke about the failure of her first single in 2015. According to Danielle, the single did not perform to her expectations.

After the failure of D.O.S.E in 2015, Danileigh did not give up on her career in music. The singer took a break to work on various projects in her life until she was ready to return and release the best music for her fans.

Involving new and respected individuals in her other projects helped the singer get recognition in the competitive music world.

Personal Life

Danileigh doesn’t like exposing her personal life on social media. The successful musician has lived a private life, and she does not want to speak about her parents, daughter, and siblings. Danileigh’s parents, Vicky and Vladimir Curiel have played a significant role in her life.

Both parents come from the Dominican Republic, and they currently live in New York. Danileigh’s parents are still working, and they are involved in their daughter’s life in every possible way.

Danileigh recently spoke about her parents in Remezcla. The young woman explained that she had learned a lot from her father, Vladimir. Danileigh got the best advice about life from her father. She believes she would not have been successful today if not for her mentality when she was growing up.

Danileigh younger sister and older brother, Brianna and Brandon are in the limelight because they work as musicians too. Brianna began working with Danileigh when she started her career years ago. Brianna also shares her music on her YouTube channel.

Brandon has managed to release several songs, and they are currently streaming on several platforms like Spotify. Danileigh has supported her siblings to discover their talents and grow their music careers. Danileigh’s dating life has attracted the attention of many. The influential musician is currently single.

Her most famous relationship was with DaBaby, a very well-known American rapper. The two dated for a while, and everything in their relationship seemed to be working well. In December 2020, Danileigh started having issues with her relationship. The couple announced that they had broken up in February 2021.

As far as we know, Danileigh had a daughter with DaBaby, and she calls her little one “chunky butt.” But there is not much more information than that. The relationship between Danileigh and DaBaby had a lot of drama.

In 2021, Danileigh’s mother came out to address issues in the media concerning the breakup. Vicky Curiel thanked everyone concerned about her daughter.  She also promised everyone that she was doing everything to ensure that Danileigh and her child were doing well.

Both Danileigh and her ex-boyfriend have made several statements about their differences on various social media platforms.

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Danileigh Controversy

Like other popular professionals in the world, Danileigh has found herself in challenging situations because of her music or statements posted on social media. One of her most significant controversies came from her song, “Yellow Bone.”

The respected singer posted a snippet of her controversial song on her Instagram account. She wanted her fans to learn the music she would release into the market. This video brought a lot of bad reactions from the public. And Danileigh went ahead and deleted the video after a short time because it was attracting so much negativity.

In the deleted video, Danileigh sings along to the track’s lyrics, ‘Yellow bone is what he wants…’. Social media followers immediately criticized the song, saying it had numerous problems.

Some followers asked the singer to get rid of the anti-Blackness theme portrayed in the song. At first, the rapper felt that she had the right to sing whatever she wanted without dealing with negative comments from the public. Some fans thought that the track was attacking the ex-girlfriend of Danileigh’s lover.

After numerous confrontations with her followers online, Danileigh finally issued an apology. The musician explained that she had not looked deeply at the song’s lyrics in a video posted online. She apologized for not being sensitive enough to the colorism topic. But insisted that she was not racist, and she did not want to hurt the feeling of the black population through her music.

In November 2021, Danileigh and her ex-boyfriend had a heated disagreement online. DaBaby went live using Danileigh’s phone, and the two had a nasty argument. Danileigh holds and feeds her little child in the viral video while DaBaby calls her crazy.

DaBaby said that he recorded the video for his safety. Through his Instagram account, the famous rapper explained that his ex-girlfriend had physically abused him. DaBaby also said that he wanted nothing to do with Danileigh in the future because of his experience.

Netizens accused Danileigh of setting up an internet scheme to damage the reputation of DaBaby. According to the video, the talented musician had been threatening DaBaby, and the only way to protect his reputation was to record everything.

Later on, Danileigh used her Instagram stories to defend herself from the accusations from her ex-boyfriend. Danileigh explained that she lived with the ex until he decided to kick them out. Danileigh also claimed that DaBaby had called the police to chase her out.

Bio Summary

Danileigh’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Danileigh began her singing career at a very young age. Despite the challenges she has been facing on her path to success, she has worked hard, becoming one of the most influential musicians in America.

Danileigh earns her income from singing, dancing, and rapping. The influential professional has a fantastic following online. Her YouTube channel has over one and a half million subscribers who help to promote her music.

She has been working with several brands, which has helped increase her monthly income. And she brings in a good annual salary. As she progresses in her career, Danileigh’s net worth will rise.

Birth NameDanielle Leigh Curiel
Date of Birth20 December 1994
Place of BirthMiami, Florida, USA
Height5'6" (168cm)
Weight132 lbs (60kg)
Rapper Choreographer Dancer
Marital StatusSingle
ParentsFather - Vladimir Curiel
Mother - Vicky Curiel
SiblingsBrother - Brandon (Bills) Curiel
Sister - Brianna Leah Curiel
Net Worth Estimate$2 million