Dan Bilzerian Net Worth – How Rich Is The Famous Poker Star?

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In this article, we will be discussing Dan Bilzerian’s net worth, his early life, his career, and some aspects of his personal life and the lifestyle that he lives. So without further adieu, let us jump straight into it!

Who is Dan Bilzerian?


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If you like poker then you are going to love Dan Bilzerian who is one of the world’s most famous and successful poker players. So, I guess that you could say that he has mastered the art of the poker face.

He has played in high stake poker games all around the United States and he has walked away with the winning jackpots at a majority of the games that he has participated in. Since poker is an extremely profitable game if you know how to play it correctly it is no wonder that Dan Bilzerian net worth is what it is today.

If you thought that poker is the only thing that the star poker player does, you thought wrong because there is a lot more to this man than meets the eye.

As a matter of fact, Dan Bilzerian is also a highly successful businessman. He is the founder of a company that he called Ignite International Brands Ltd which has become more and more profitable over the past few decades; It would appear that Dan Bilzerian is successful at any money-related task that he sets his mind to.

He is also very vocal about the nature of his business despite the fact that it is quite a controversial topic. Yes, Dan Bilzerian’s business, Ignite International Brands Ltd, specializes in nothing other than marijuana, e-cigarettes, and vodka.

In other words, this corporate mastermind established what he refers to as the first marijuana brand that has been set up on a global scale and the rest of his products are all related to things that give people enjoyment and that are in high demand in most situations.

This is surely a brilliant business tactic and further explains why Dan Bilzerian net worth is as high as it is. But that is still not all that the poker star and business guru does career-wise. As a matter of fact, Dan Bilzerian is also a famous social media influencer.

The primary platform that he uses is Instagram which is also the platform that he uses to market his products and promote his business.

His social media influencing endeavors are just as successful as his poker career and business ventures which makes Dan Bilzerian somewhat of a role model to those who want to enter similar industries or make large amounts of money.

Despite the fact that the poker and business star is considered to be one of the most influential people within his industry and despite how significant Dan Bilzerian net worth is, there are a few controversies that surround him outside of his marijuana business.

For starters, Dan has run into a few legal problems on his journey to success which one can imagine if his primary sources of income are related to poker and cannabis. He is also said to have acted inappropriately at a Las Vegas shooting that he was a bystander at since he was recording himself during the incident.

On top of that, there were some disputed wealth claims that Dan Bilzerian and one of his relatives were involved in. However, we will be discussing these controversies a little bit later on in the article.

So, who is Dan Bilzerian? In a nutshell, he is a highly profitable businessman and skilled poker player who spends some of his free time being a social media influencer. He is an inspiration to anyone who wants to pocket large amounts of money or who wants to be as successful as he is.

Dan Bilzerian has accomplished everything that he set his mind to which makes him one of the most influential businessmen of the modern-day and age.

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Dan Bilzerian Net Worth


Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/ Shutterstock.com

As we all know by now, being a professional poker player can help you to become a millionaire overnight if you play your cards right. The business industry is also a highly profitable industry to be involved in if you set the right strategies in place.

On top of that, being a social media influencer is one of the most profitable industries to be involved in current times and a lot of teenagers and adults have become rich in less than a week by building up a good fan base. This means that Dan Bilzerian is involved in three highly profitable industries.

So, if the poker star and business guru is involved in so many profitable industries, you must be asking, “What is Dan Bilzerian net worth?”

Well, the moment of truth has come so brace yourself to hear exactly what he is worth. At this current moment, Dan Bilzerian net worth is estimated to be an amount of roughly 200 million dollars which is more than most celebrities, musicians, and businessmen earn combined.

200 million dollars is a significantly big net worth to have which also makes Dan Bilzerian one of the richest men in his industries of choice.

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Early Life


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Dan Bilzerian came from a financially stable household and was exposed to the business industry at a young age. He was born to Paul Bilzerian and Teri Steffen on the 7th of December 1980.

Dan’s father was a successful businessman who graduated from Harvard’s School of Business. As a matter of fact, he was so successful at what he was doing that he earned a seven-figure salary while Dan was growing up.

However, having a rich and financially stable family does not necessarily mean that Dan Bilzerian had an easy childhood. Yes, he could ask his father to buy him anything that his heart desired, but the one thing that he could not have is his father’s dedication to raising and spending time with him.

Due to the fact that running his business kept Paul Bilzerian’s daily schedule full, he did not have a lot of time to be present in his children’s lives. As a matter of fact, Dan Bilzerian stated in an interview that he almost never got to see or spend time with his father.

Naturally, a young child does not know how to express the negative emotions that an absent father causes. Dan’s brother whose name is Adam also felt the negative emotional impact of their father’s absence but the two brothers initially accepted this as the norm and carried on with their lives.

Unfortunately, things were about to get a lot worse for the Bilzerian family. As a matter of fact, while Dan Bilzerian was still young, his father got involved with some fraudulent activities. He was caught in the act and was then sentenced to jail because of tax and stock fraud.

This was the final straw for Dan and he started to express his inner turmoil in a way that any child would, which was by slacking off at school. He became extremely rebellious and refused to complete any of the schoolwork that his teachers gave him. He also started becoming aggressive and lashing out at school.

As a matter of fact, he got into a large number of fights with other children at school. The problem escalated to such an extent that Dan Bilzerian was later expelled from school and told that he could never return again. Thankfully, getting expelled seemed to have given Dan a wake-up call.

He was transferred to a different school that was located in another town. His behavior at this school was quite the opposite of his behavior at his previous school. He started to participate in classroom activities, completed his homework, and made a lot of new friends as opposed to making enemies like he did at the previous school.

He even became one of the school’s star football players and his peers voted for him to become a member of the student council. Unfortunately, this period of being a dream student was soon to come to an end. One day, Dan Bilzerian decided to bring a machine gun to school which he kept in his car.

Brining guns onto school property is considered to be an extremely serious offense due to the number of school shootings that have taken place in the United States. We are not quite sure why Dan Bilzerian decided to bring the machine gun to school but what we do know is that his intentions were pure.

As a matter of fact, he had no intention of using the gun whatsoever. Unfortunately, the school did not see the situation this way and they were not lenient on Dan at all.

Instead, he was expelled from a second school and he was forced to complete his final school year at home. He was also banned from attending the school’s graduation ceremony. When he finally graduated from high school, Dan Bilzerian had to decide on a career to follow.

He decided that he wanted to join the Navy Seals. He did quite a great job during his training. At one point, he had a broken leg but he still passed the BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/Seal) training.

He also passed the rest of the mental and physical tests that he had to endure during his training. However, Dan seems to have a knack for getting expelled from places.

After getting into a fight with one of his senior officers, the future business guru was expelled from the Navy Seals as well. He was forced to quit his training and he was once again left with a decision to make about what he wanted to do with his life.

He eventually decided to start studying at the University of Florida. His subjects of choice were business and criminology which he took as a double major. During his freshman year, Dan Bilzerian was invited to play a poker game with some of the other students.

This was the first time he had played poker and he immediately got hooked on the game. As a matter of fact, he began to set up his own poker games and challenged his friends as often as he could. Unfortunately, Dan became addicted to gambling.

He started spending sleepless nights due to playing poker online and even went as far as to take out a loan to support his habit.

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Dan Bilzerian may have been a poker addict but he was undeniably good at the game and decided to make a career out of it. After he graduated from college he began to participate in high stake games all over the United States. As a matter of fact, at this time, Dan Bilzerian’s net worth consisted completely of the money that he made playing poker.

In 2009, he signed up for a competitive poker tournament that was called the World Series of Poker. Unfortunately, he did not win the games but rather received the 108th place in the competition. He did, however, still manage to turn some heads.

A poker magazine called Bluff enjoyed watching Dan so much that they named him the most amusing and humorous poker player that they have ever encountered. As Dan Bilzerian net worth started growing he started to collect some haters. He claimed that he was a self-made success, but a lot of his haters were saying that this was not the case.

As a matter of fact, they said that he used the money from his father’s trust fund in order to become a successful poker player. Thankfully, the star poker player did not pay attention to anything that his haters were saying. It was not long before Dan Bilzerian’s face was all over social media and soon he became a rich and successful poker player.

Unfortunately, Dan ran into some complications after winning a game against Bradley Ruderman. Bradley Ruderman had been accused of fraudulent activities and was forced to repay everybody that he cheated in his poker games.

Due to this, the poker star was forced to give back the money that he won in a game against Bradley Ruderman which caused Dan Bilzerian’s net worth to take a knock. Dan’s IQ was credited to his success in the poker industry and he won 10 million dollars in a poker game in one night at a stage.

He also stated that in one year he managed to win more than 45 million dollars. Poker also was not the only way that Dan Bilzerian net worth became what it is today.

As a matter of fact, he was also highly intrigued by adventure sports. Due to this fascination and his fame, he was cast as an actor in a few action movies which is also where Dan Bilzerian’s net worth began to grow even more.

Personal Life and Lifestyle


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Unlike his brother, Dan Bilzerian has always wanted and enjoyed living life to the extreme. In his twenties, he indulged in the use of cocaine, alcohol, and marijuana which caused him to have two heart attacks in a row. At the moment, the poker star has two mansions but he does not spend excessive amounts of time sitting at home.

As a matter of fact, he often participates in extreme sports. You will also find pictures of him traveling the world on his Instagram with models posing in the pictures with him. In 2014 when a photoshoot for the Hustler magazine took place, Dan Bilzerian tossed Janice Griffith who is a porn actor into the pool from the top of his roof.

Janice Griffith filed a lawsuit against him since the fall broke her foot, but the case was thrown out. This was also not the end of the poker star’s violence. Later that year, Dan went to a nightclub that was based in Miami.

No one is sure what his exact reason was, but the poker star kicked Vanessa Castano who is a model while they were at the nightclub. Due to this, he was permanently banned from the premises. Dan Bilzerian was also present when the Las Vegas shooting happened in 2017.

He decided to record the incident which sparked a lot of controversies. As a matter of fact, since the video showed him running away from the shooter to get to the safety of his own home, many people labeled him as a coward.

Personally, I am not sure why he received this label since everybody was running away from the shooter at the time, but it probably has something to do with all of the haters that Dan collected along his journey to wealth and success.

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So how did Dan Bilzerian net worth become what it is today? Dan earned his wealth and fame by being one of the best poker players of the modern-day and age.

He started participating in smaller games but soon moved up to playing in high stake games where he won a lot of the games that he participated in.

He also acted in a few movies which made Dan Bilzerian’s net worth grow even more. Dan loves to live the high life and always seems to be on some sort of adventure.

He also cannot seem to stay out of trouble and has a talent for getting banned and expelled from places. Regardless, the poker star went the extra mile to become rich and he most definitely succeeded.


NameDan Bilzerian
Real NameDan Brandon Bilzerian
Date of Birth7 December 1980
Place of BirthTampa, Florida, United States
Height5 feet and 8.5 inches
OccupationPoker player, Businessman, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth Estimate$200 million