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Da Brat Net Worth | How Rich Is The Female Rapper?

Are you wondering what Da Brat net worth is? Would you like to learn more about the female rap sensation who took the world by storm? Well, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we will be delving deeper into Da Brat’s net worth, her early life, and the details of her career. We will also be discussing some of the legal complications that she has faced in her life and how she made a comeback after her criminal sentencing.

So, let’s jump straight into things and learn exactly what Da Brat is all about.

Who is Da Brat?


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Da Brat, otherwise known as Shawntae Harris, is a world-famous, female rapper who is a native citizen of the United States of America.

She is a multi-talented star who has received multiple platinum awards and she has also made it onto the Top 20 Billboard charts more than once or twice. Da Brat has not always led a law-abiding life and came from quite a difficult background.

As a matter of fact, she spent some time in the courtroom when she received her sentencing in 2008. Apparently, when Da Brat was having a girls’ night out at a nightclub in Atlanta she got into quite a violent dispute with another female.

The dispute was caused by an argument that the two women engaged in over a VIP seating area in the club. Although a verbal confrontation would probably have been enough to settle the dispute, Da Brat decided to take it one step further.

She battered the female that she was arguing with using a firearm in the year 2000 and finally received her sentencing from a judge in 2008.

Her sentence included roughly 80 hours of community service as well as a hefty fine of 1000 dollars since the woman that she assaulted walked away needing at least 6 stitches. So, I can say, without a doubt, that the rap star has had a fair amount of experiences on the wrong side of the law.

Despite this rage-fueled moment of weakness, I most certainly would not classify Da Brat as a bad person. As a matter of fact, she is quite an inspiration to females who want to enter the world of rap since it is one of the hardest industries for women to enter into.

Furthermore, if you thought that Da Brat net worth can only be credited to her exceptional rap skills and mind-blowing lyrics, I am pleased to inform you that you thought wrong.

Apart from being a highly successful rapper, the star who seems to love her VIP sections at nightclubs a little bit too much also doubles as an actress. She has appeared in a variety of films since her career started in 1992. You may also be surprised to realize that it did not take Da Brat too long to become successful.

As a matter of fact, she is classified as having an “early success” since she almost instantly started receiving awards, nominations,, and spots on the Billboard Charts for some of the first songs that she released.

This serves as proof that the rapper and actress was always destined for success and that she was a star in the making before she started her career. This has inspired people from all around the world to follow in her footsteps.

She was even awarded with the title of being the second-best female rap artist of her time which is a huge honor for anyone within the rap industry to receive. As a matter of fact, she dominated over some big names in the rap industry such as Nikki Minaj once she received this title.

If someone who came from a difficult background and ran into trouble with the law can become such a huge success then it is no surprise that her fans and followers idolize her as much as they do.

Da Brat’s net worth can therefore not only be credited to her acting and rapping skills, but also to her spontaneous personality and fierce inner strength.

Yes, apart from being multi-talented, Da Brat gained her vast quantity of followers through being a strong and independent woman who does not allow people to walk over her which is exactly what her followers strive to be like in their own personal lives.

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Da Brat Net Worth


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I am sure that we are all wondering what Da Brat’s net worth is and how profitable her career really is.

I am also certain that we can all rest assured that she earns a lot more money than the rest of us do and we should not have to question why she is worth this amount since we already know that she was an instant success in the rap industry as well as being successful in the acting industry.

So, here comes the moment of truth! Da Brat net worth is estimated to be an amount of roughly 1 million dollars. I am not sure about you, but I can think of plenty of ways in which I would use that kind of money.

Regardless, Da Brat’s net worth is something that she deserves and something that she earned through the perfect combination of personality, hard work, and enviable talent.

Early Life

Da Brat was born in Chicago, Illinois which is when she was given her birth name which is Shawntae Harris. She was not born into your average American household. She may have two parents, but she was raised in two different households since her parents never tied the knot and got married.

Her father, whose name is David Ray Mcoy, was a successful businessman, but he was not a big part of Da Brat’s life since the two households that she grew up in were those of her mother and her grandmother who worked as hard as they could to give her the best life possible.

Da Brat’s mother on the other hand whose name is Nadine Brewer worked as a humble, city bus driver while Da Brat was growing up.

She gave birth to what she probably did not know would one day be one of the most successful rappers and actresses in the entertainment industry on the 14th of April, 1974 which is also the day that a star was born.

Da Brat started her singing career at a young age which is when her vocal talents first came to the surface. Since she and her family were strong followers of the Apostolic religion, Da Brat was forced to attend church gatherings four times per week.

When an opportunity arose for the star to become a greater part of the church while participating in something that she was both passionate about and good at, she welcomed it with open arms. Thus, Da Brat started her journey into her rap career as a humble choir singer for the Apostolic church that she attended.

Since a majority of creative individuals usually steer away from the line of sports, you may be surprised to realize that Da Brat was also a basketball player during primary school and high school. She also ran track for the school that she was attending which shows that she has quite a sporty side to her as well.

The school that she attended while she was a junior was called Kenwood Academy which is also the school that she attended during her sophomore year. She was somewhat of a sports star in her school and gained quite a bit of popularity for her ability to run track and score goals at her basketball games.

She eventually switched schools and started attending the Academy of Scholastic Achievement. The purpose of this school was to provide aid and assistance to at-risk children and since Da Brat was considered to be an at-risk child at this time she was welcomed into her new school.

She worked hard to pass her tests while simultaneously trying to keep up to date with her sports and finally, in 1992 she graduated and received her high school diploma.

So, regardless of the fact that Da Brat did not have an easy upbringing, she excelled at everything that she participated in from a young age, regardless of whether it was academic progress, singing in the church choir, or playing sports at the schools that she attended.

As I have mentioned before, the rapper and actress was always destined to be a star which already became evident while she was still attending school.

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Now that we know more about where Da Brat comes from, let us delve deeper into her career. Shortly after graduating from the Academy of Scholastic Achievement, the young star decided to enter a rap contest that was hosted by Yo! MTV Raps.

As a matter of fact, she entered this competition in 1992 which was the very same year in which she graduated from high school. Clearly, Da Brat is not someone who likes to waste time!

Despite not receiving any training in the field of rapping, little did she know that this competition would be her big break and the start of a successful career within the entertainment industry.

She ended up being the winner of the contest and was given the honor of meeting up with Kris Kross which was the award for winning the contest. The members of the rap duo saw great potential in Da Brat and thus decided to introduce her to Jermaine Dupri who was the rap duo’s producer at the time.

Jermaine Dupri saw an equal amount of potential in what the rising star had to offer. Therefore, he offered her a record deal with his So So Def label. Once she accepted the deal she became one of the first females to enter the industry of reality rap which turned out to be her first official step toward fame.

Since Da Brat was an only child, she considered herself to be quite spoiled which is also where she derived her stage name from. In 1994, the upcoming rap sensation recorded and released her first debut album.

She called the album Funkdafied and almost immediately soared to the top as she was featured as number 11 on the rap charts for the year. This is not where the success of her album stopped.

As a matter of fact, it became a multi-platinum album of which more than 1 million copies were sold making her the first woman to achieve this in the rap industry. Quite a few of her other singles made it onto the Billboard charts as well.

She had one single that placed at number 26, another single that placed at number 6, and potentially her best single that placed at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

From 1996 to 1999 Da Brat started to move away from her solo career and started collaborating with some big industry names. Her first collaboration which was also her second album was called “Anuthatantrum” where T Boz was featured in the song called “Ghetto Love”.

After this, the rap sensation started becoming a featured artist on other rappers’ albums but she did not release another single album for quite some time. Between the year 2000 and the year 2003, Da Brat finally decided to return to her career as a solo rapper.

During this time she released “Unrestricted” which was her third solo album. She also decided that she wanted a complete image change. Therefore, she entered into the pop industry by focusing on flaunting her sexuality as opposed to maintaining the ghetto image that she portrayed before.

In 2005 she collaborated with a team of rappers called Dem Franchize Boyz and released a song that was listed, once again, as number 1 on the Billboard charts. Participating in a reality show called “Celebrity Fit Club” was Da Brat’s first step into the television industry.

This took place in 2011 while her rap career was still soaring. The second reality series that she featured in was called “Rap Game” and she was equally successful at her role in the series.

So, what is Da Brat doing now?

Well, since 2015 she has been working on a television show called the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show” where she is currently acting as the show’s co-host which is the current contributor to Da Brat net worth. 

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Da Brat is a highly talented individual who accomplished a lot of great things throughout her career. The greatest part is that her career is still going strong which is why Da Brat’s net worth has not declined.

She has shown the world that it is possible to be successful regardless of your history and circumstances. She may have had her run-ins with the law but she came back stronger than ever and continues to be one of the world’s most-loved and respected female rap artists to this day.

NameDa Brat
Real NameShawntae Harris
Date of Birth14 April 1974
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois
Height5' 4”
Net Worth Estimate$1 mіllіоn