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Cynthia Rowley Net Worth – She is Worth a Staggering…

What is Cynthia Rowley net worth? Well, if you’re reading this article I bet that is the question that you are asking. The great news is that we will be answering that question for you and as an added bonus we will be giving you a whole lot more.

Cynthia Rowley Net Worth

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Have you ever wondered who Cynthia Rowley really is? How has her career progressed? What happened in her personal life and relationships? What kind of side jobs she has done? This article will answer all of those questions for you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s learn all there is to know about Cynthia Rowley.

Cynthia Rowley Net Worth

As we have established, Cynthia Rowley is one of the most successful fashion designers in the world. On top of that, she has made multiple television appearances and she has some side gigs that we will talk about a bit later on in this article. ( We wouldn’t want to give the secret away this early.) Due to all of this Cynthia Rowley net worth is estimated to be at $100 million.

Cynthia Rowley’s Height and Weight

Cynthia Rowley’s height is estimated to be at 5 foot and 8 inches and her weight is 132 lbs.

Who is Cynthia Rowley?


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Cynthia Rowley is an innovative fashion designer who bases her motto on fashion being an adventure. She runs a leading global fashion brand that focuses on being beautiful and being sporty coexisting. Sustainability is also an important factor to Cynthia.

In fact, her entire brand revolves around it. She ensures that limited materials, as well as recycled materials, are used to make their surf and swimwear which shows that Cynthia is a woman with high ethical standards.

She ensures that whatever her company does has a sustainable environmental impact which is commendable since not a lot of other successful companies can say the same.

If Cynthia’s dedication to protecting the environment isn’t enough to convince you of what an earth angel she really is then this next part is guaranteed to.

For centuries women have been at the bottom of the food chain and have been given the short end of the straw in terms of rights and respect and Cynthia has had enough of this. That’s why women’s empowerment is her primary mission.

She utilizes her brand and her spontaneity to bend the boundaries that are set by society for what women’s fashion should or should not be. By doing this she is motivating women to be risk-takers and to live without fear. She shares this message in a variety of ways including camps, social media and a podcast that she hosts with her daughter.

So, who is Cynthia Rowley? She is a symbol of female empowerment and a beacon of hope. If anyone is going to make a true change in the lives of women who feel weak and helpless, it will be Cynthia. On top of that, she is a warrior for the planet and a sustainable future.

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Cynthia Rowley’s Early Life

Cynthia Rowley was born in Barrington, Illinois on the 29th of July, 1958. She was raised by her father, Ed Rowley who was a science teacher, and her mother Clementine Rowley who was an artist. In fact, apparently, Cynthia stated that everyone on her mother’s side of the family were artists.

She stated that her upbringing was eccentric and that, despite the fact that she was fully Italian, her grandmother always wore Chinese dresses. This probably explains why Cynthia developed her keen interest in fashion, but this is merely a speculation.

Cynthia did, however, have an extremely artsy childhood, but it was one that she has rather pleasant memories of. The most spectacular part is that the talented, future designer sewed her first dress when she was seven years old. Now, that explains why she grew up to be a world-famous designer since the average seven-year-old can barely put a dress on a doll.

Regardless of the fact that Cynthia had an obvious talent for sewing from a young age since she sewed her first dress at the young age of seven, she told Forbes that she was initially passionate about painting.

Due to this, after she completed high school, she admitted herself into the Art Institute of Chicago where she majored in painting as opposed to fashion design.

However, in a recent interview, she admitted that all she ever wanted to do was “make things” and painting was not the route that was intended for her, but she did not yet know it at this time, so she continued with her painting studies.

However, life took a sudden and unexpected turn for Cynthia that completely changed the direction of her life. One day, while she was still in college and riding the train, she unexpectedly came into contact with a department store buyer.

The buyer noticed her jacket and immediately fell in love with it. He approached her and requested to schedule a meeting between the two of them. After the meeting, much to her surprise, Cynthia’s first clothing items were ordered by the buyer, so her fashion career took hold.

Cynthia was a talented individual in many ways. Apart from just selling her first clothing items, she also won a fellowship award at her art school while she was in her senior year. Talk about someone who excels at everything! The options of what she could do with the money were endless.

She could have explored the world, embraced new cultures, and lived the dream by accepting an internship in Italy after she graduated from college. However, she decided to rent a U-Haul instead in order to relocate to New York so that she could start selling her very own clothing collection, and thus her career changed dynamically.


Cynthia Rowley’s Career


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Everyone’s got to start small in life. We cannot expect to jump straight to the top. We have to start from the bottom and work our way to the top and that is exactly what Cynthia Rowley did.

She did not have a fancy high-end studio to exhibit her designs. As a matter of fact, she started exhibiting her fashion displays in her loft regardless of how small or timid it may have been.

However, she was not as timid as her loft and thought much smarter and bigger than that. She invited some big names to her exhibit which displayed confidence and gusto and paid off in the end. 

Her determination did not stop there either. She strolled into a coffee shop one day and as she walked in she laid her eyes on the popular and famous Andy Warhol. This is when she got a boost of confidence and decided that she would take a leap of faith and approach him. She walked up to his table and politely introduced herself.

After that, she informed him that she is a fashion designer and invited him to her exhibition after which she handed him an invitation. He did not take the invitation so she simply placed it on the table as carefully as she possibly could.

The only response she received was a “Thank you.” She then hurried away as quickly as she possibly could, but she was confident. As a matter of fact, she was so confident that she told everybody that he would, without a doubt, be attending, and everybody congratulated her for this. Cynthia Rowley’s net worth can probably be credited to this enviable confidence and zest that she presents.

It is unknown whether Warhol really attended the expo or not. However, we do know that Cynthia established her first collection in 1988. However, she was still struggling at this time. Her designs were good, but she was not reaching the level of success that she wanted to reach.

Her expos in her lofts were not producing the results that she was hoping for, she was not attracting attention from the people she wanted to attract attention from and she was not generating the profits that she was needing to generate.

However. In 1995 her fashion career took a turn for the best when she won a fashion award for young designers. It is important to note that this award was a very big deal that was bound to open a lot of doors for Cynthia and she described it as a “turning point” in her career.”

It was not long after Cynthia won this award that she started gaining fame for her designs and her career started taking flight. Her dream to become a fashion designer finally came true.

On top of that, she became recognized for her unique sense of creativity in her designs and her innovation. For example, many described her clothing line as ” whimsical” because of its bright colors and labeled it as having fun prints.

However, Cynthia’s talent isn’t the only reason for her success. As a matter of fact, not only is she a highly intelligent woman, she is also a highly intelligent businesswoman. After giving it some thought she decided that licensing was a good approach to take.

Cynthia has an exceptional ability to keep up with the trends and to think outside the box. She is innovative and the combination of these things can be credited to her success. She believes that you need to “be original in as many ways as you can” and that “You have to constantly be reinventing, reimagining, rethinking, evolving, and growing. Whatever you’re doing now you should be doing more or different the next day, and always trying to forge ahead.”(Cynthia Rowley)

Due to this attitude that Cynthia lives by she has become one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of the modern era. Her brand has evolved over the past few decades and has now reached a global scale. As a matter of fact, Cynthia’s brand does not even only include clothes anymore. Her brand has expanded to such an extent since the 80s and 90’s that it currently includes accessories such as jewelry, handbags, fragrance products, and plenty more.

Also, as mentioned before, Cynthia has a love for adventure. So, in 2010, she released a wetsuit line to acknowledge her love for water activities which she described as “a high-performance fitness collection” (Cynthia Rowley)

Cynthia attaches herself and her passion to everything that she does. She is a free spirit with a love for adventure and often refers to herself as a daredevil. Yes, profit is important, but when she designs swimwear and clothes she puts a piece of herself in each design.

Passion is first, profit is secondary. Cynthia Rowley’s net worth is something that she humbly worked for and earned through perseverance and smart thinking.


Cynthia Rowley’s Personal Life:


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Cynthia Rowley may have had a roaring success in her professional life due to the fact that she designed her first dress at the age of seven, received awards in college, and received unexpected recognition for her designs on an everyday train ride, but her personal life did not always run as smoothly.

As a matter of fact, she experienced some tragic events in her personal life. For starters, in 1994, Tom Sullivan, who was Cynthia’s first husband, unfortunately, passed away from brain cancer which left the fashion designer feeling alone and distraught as one could expect. Tom Sullivan was only 32 years old at the time which made the situation much more difficult to handle as he was taken from her at a very young age.

After proceeding through the stages of grief, Cynthia unexpectedly fell head over heels for an interior designer and sculptor who went by the name of William Keenen Jr. After getting to know each other the two love birds finally decided to tie the knot and William Keenan Jr became Cynthia’s second husband.

The two lovebirds bore a child together and William became Kit’s Father. However, to Cynthia’s despair, the marriage did not last and the couple ended up getting a divorce not long after getting married. This did not discourage Cynthia from the journey or love.

As they say ” it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” So, after divorcing William Keenan Jr, Cynthia met a freelance journalist who switched his career to being an art gallery owner who went by the name Bill Powers.

This all took place in 2005 and it was in that very same year that Cynthia got impregnated once again, but this time it was by Bill Powers. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that the couple called Gigi Powers who would also be Kit’s step-sister.

Naturally, being a celebrity designer and an everyday family mother is bound to attract media attention. So, The Glow took advantage of this opportunity in 2011 and showcased Cynthia and her husband and children in their New York residence to emphasize the balance between being a mother and being the face behind a global lifestyle brand.

They covered everything from how Cynthia drops her children off at school to the coffee that she drinks and the hours that she drinks and labeled her as a “hard-working woman.”

I am sure that no one would disagree with this statement since running a global brand or maintaining a family with two children are hard enough in isolation, never mind in combination. This woman really is some kind of superhuman if you ask me!

In an interview Cynthia also highlighted one of her favorite quotes which is as follows: 

Say yes to everything. If you say no, that’s the end of the story. If you say yes, you never know what could happen.”- Andy-Warhol

She added that she is a risk-taker and encouraged her fans to do the same and to be grateful for every bit of success that they achieve as well as “failing fast” (because we all fail at some point in our lives, but the important part is to get up and try again.)

At the current moment, New York City is where Cynthia Rowley spends the majority of her time. She lives here with Bill Powers who she is still happily married to and their two beautiful daughters Kit Keenan and Gigi Powers. However, Cynthia has a love for travel, adventure, and excitement.

So, she has taken her family to a variety of places from all around the world. Some of these places include Puerto Rico, West Africa, Paris, and Egypt, but there are plenty more. Regardless, Cynthia Rowley’s net worth allows her to travel to wherever she pleases.

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Cynthia Rowley’s Additional Careers

If you think that fashion design and painting are the only things that Cynthia Rowley is good at, you guessed wrong again! Apart from leading a global fashion brand, she has also appeared on America’s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, and Project Runway.

But that’s not even the best of it. The talented artist and designer is also a talented writer. As a matter of fact, she has published multiple books including Home Swell Home, The Swell Dressed Party, Slim: A Fantasy Memoir, Swell: A Girl’s Guide to the Good Life, and many more.


There are truly no words to describe Cynthia Rowley, but if we had to try those words would have to be dynamic, empowering, and downright unbeatable.

Cynthia was born to be a star. While most seven-year-olds were still playing in the dirt, Cynthia was already sewing her first dress. She received awards at college for a career that she did not even end up pursuing and made her designs known without even trying.

Despite all of this, Cynthis remained humble and good-hearted. She focused her effort on protecting the planet and empowering women from all around the world and most importantly, she stayed true to her adventurous self. She is truly someone we should all aspire to be like.

This is why Cynthia Rowley net worth is so huge and why it continues to grow in the 100’s of millions.

NameCynthia Rowley
OccupationFashion Designer
Date of Birth29 July 1958
Place of BirthBarrington, Illinois
Net Worth Estimate100 Million
HusbandWilliam Powers