Braydon Price Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

Braydon Price is a very influential YouTuber. The rising content creator has become a household name because of his outdoor videos. Today, Braydon Price net worth is estimated at around $1.5 million.


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Braydon enjoys checking out different types of vehicles and performing various outdoor activities. His YouTube career has been doing very well over the years.

Since 2013, Braydon has enjoyed an impressive online presence. So, if you’re interested in Moto-Vlogs and some wild adventures, read on to find out more about Braydon Price.

Braydon Price Early Life

Braydon Price was born on August 24, 2000, in Los Angeles, California. Unlike other popular individuals in the content creation industry, Braydon has kept his family background to himself.

The names and careers of his parents have not been mentioned online up to date. Nevertheless, Price always praises his parents for supporting him to pursue his passion in life.

The Los Angeles-born content creator has mixed ancestry, and he is very proud of it. While growing up in Los Angeles, Braydon loved biking. His parents discovered that he was a motorbike enthusiast from a very early age.

When you visit Price’s social media accounts, you will find numerous motorbike pictures. The content creator began his successful career because of these bikes. Prince currently lives in Monroe, North Carolina.

YouTube Career

Content creation is not an easy career. Many young people who enjoy creating content don’t last very long and tend to give up due to a lack of views.

When he was young, Price loved hunting, fishing, and riding his motorbike. It was these pastimes that influenced him to create videos and earn a living.

August 2013 – Braydon Price ventured into the competitive sector when he was just 13 years old and uploaded his first video on YouTube. His first video was titled “The Dirt Bikes (What We Will Be Riding).”

His love and passion for motorbikes and the outdoors have made him successful.

He went ahead to start adding more adventurous videos, and because of his warm personality, he began to win the hearts of all his viewers.

The non-frills videos quickly attracted the attention of many people from all over the world. As a result, Braydon Price became a popular YouTube star, and his channel began to grow.

At first, he was not good at recording or editing his videos. Over the years, however, Price has improved significantly. Most people watching the channel still like the vintage uploads like the one named “Old Man Threatening Dirtbike Riders.”

As he enjoyed fishing, he would also post this fishing content on his channel.

He attended the famous off-road racetrack, Dirt City, where he then shared videos of the event on his YouTube channel, and his fans absolutely loved it.

Braydon Price would record videos while going to buy new dirt bikes. Everyone was always looking forward to the new bike experiences. There are numerous popular videos highlighting his love for motorbikes.

Braydon loves working with other content creators who share his ideas and passion. The YouTuber has collaborated with talented professionals who have brought a difference to his channel.

A few months ago, Braydon Price worked with Hailie Deegan, a well-known female NASCAR racer. The two recorded a video named Hailie Deegan “SUNK MY FOUR WHEELER!”

The talented duo did several videos, and the viewers loved them. However, some of the collaborations have brought a lot of controversy in society. People feel that the fishing, hunting, and dirt bike riding videos set a bad example for the young individuals in the country.

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Braydon Price Income Sources

Braydon Price has several income sources. The content creator’s YouTube account is his primary source of income.

Every day, Price’s channel gets more than 600k views. The adverts shown on the videos produce at least $4,800 in revenue every day. In a year, the YouTuber gets a whopping $1.7 million just from the ads that appear in each of his videos.

Even though the majority of his income is from ads, Price earns from sponsorships on YouTube, as well as other Social Media networks too.

The 21-year-old is very popular, and because of this, many companies want to work with him to advertise their brands. Price uses his YouTube channel and other social media accounts for advertising other brands for his sponsors.

Braydon receives payment for most of the Instagram posts he makes for a brand. The Instagram account has close to 400k followers.

The young influencer also has a website where he sells various merchandise, where he sells outdoor shirts and gear.

Braydon Price Net Worth


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Even though Price has done very well with his YouTube career, he has remained a very down-to-earth professional. And retained his childhood friends despite meeting powerful and influential individuals due to his career.

Price has allowed his two close friends, Logan Jackson, and Julius Hildreth, to make numerous appearances in his popular videos. The Los Angeles-born influencer is very close to Andrew Flair too.

Andrew is also an influencer, who enjoys fishing in his free time. Christian Lee, an upcoming YouTuber, is also a close friend of Price.

Braydon Price’s career has brought him a lot of revenue, and he occasionally loves spoiling his close friends. The YouTuber has gone out of his way to offer his friends the lifestyle they want. He is extremely generous and has gone out of his way to buy his close family and friends their own dirt bikes.

Price started earning when he was a very young boy. Over the years, the Monroe-based influencer has increased his income. Various sources indicate that Braydon Price’s net worth is over $1.5 million. Some even say it could be over $2 million.

The dirt bike rider has accumulated a fortune from his Vlogging career and social media sponsorships. Although Braydon loves spending his money on friends and hobbies, he leads a frugal lifestyle.

The North Carolina native does not like wearing expensive jewelry or designer wear. The young man has wise wealth management habits, which means that Braydon Price net worth will increase in the coming years.

Weight And Height

Braydon has an incredible physique, which indicates that he leads a healthy lifestyle and probably eats healthy and exercises too. He has nice black hair and likes to sport a beard.

Height – 6’ 3” (190.5cm)
Weight – 200 lbs (91kg)

Personal Life

When starting out with his career life, Braydon Price lived with his parents in North Carolina. As Braydon Price’s net worth increased, he managed to purchase his own house.

The 21-year-old now has a 1.5 acre home. The house has two huge garages. Price has an outdoor pool in his home, and he lives close to his family.

Braydon’s dating life has been in the limelight over the years too. His former girlfriend, Maddie, was featured on his YouTube channel on several occasions. The couple was very close, and everyone thought they had the perfect relationship.

Price would post videos challenging Maddie in swimming or biking competitions. The videos would attract numerous views because of the chemistry showcased by the couple. Everyone knew that the relationship was going to last for many years.

Although Maddie and Braydon went on many romantic vacations and shared numerous personality traits, their relationship ended badly. There were allegations that Braydon had issues with drugs and alcohol. Some bloggers claimed that the police jailed the YouTuber because he had tried to kill Maddie after a horrible fight. The content creator, however, never verified these allegations.

July 2021 – Braydon Price uploaded a new video on his YouTube channel claiming that he had been arrested and sent to jail. The video got over six hundred views in a very short time. This video, however, did not entail domestic violence.

The YouTuber explained that he was in trouble because of vandalizing abandoned property in the video. Price used the viral jail story to start selling shirts on his official website. This new venture did very well.

After the lousy breakup story, Braydon Price announced that he would separate his professional and private life. The 21-year-old has revealed that his YouTube channel will not showcase his dating life in the future.

A few months later, there were rumors that Price had started to date an upcoming TikToker, Jordan Vibe. The two have not confirmed their relationship yet.

But, since their bitter breakup, Maddie has led a very private life. The young lady does not want to venture into social media because of what she went through.

Braydon Price’s Social Media Activities



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Not only is Braydon Price a YouTube personality, but he can also be found on other social media platforms too.

On Instagram, he has over 329k followers where he showcases all his wheels.

TikTok not only does he have just under 830k followers, but he also has over 10.3 million likes. His username is @realbraydonprice.

And on Facebook, he has gathered around 3500 followers.

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Braydon Price Controversies

Like a lot of other famous personalities in the American community, Braydon Price is not a stranger to controversies. Although the YouTuber has been working hard to build his online presence and maintain an excellent reputation, he has several controversial stories because of his actions.

Animal rights activists in America have been speaking against the videos the YouTuber uploaded in the past. The videos in question focus on hunting. These activists believe that Braydon should not be hunting turkeys, hogs, and buck just for his YouTube channel videos.

These videos, however, have over one million views. Most viewers seem to enjoy this kind of content created by the Northern Carolina YouTuber.

Several years ago, Braydon Price’s hobbies landed him in trouble with the people living close to him. In 2021, one of the neighbors called the police because Braydon was disturbing them with too much noise. The neighbor claimed that the noise was coming from Braydon’s dirt bike.

The police arrested Price and some of his friends a few months ago. At the time of the arrest, the YouTuber and his team were riding a golf course on four-wheelers. The social media star has always ignored the adverse reports from onlookers.

2021 – Price partnered with 3DMachines.

3DMachines is a very influential content creator who loves off-roading and fishing. When the two individuals came together, they released a video titled “Pissing Off the Neighbors.”

Both of the content creators have a good following on YouTube, and they attracted the attention of many people. Numerous comments online accused the two individuals of negatively influencing the younger viewers. Activists felt that the content creators were not setting the perfect example for the youth in the community.

In most motorbike riding videos, viewers can see onlookers threatening to involve the authorities. Price was almost arrested while riding in a different neighborhood.

Despite the challenges he faces from the communities living around him, the YouTuber has focused on the positive side. His career continues to thrive, with millions of people viewing his channel once a new video comes in. On the bright side, Braydon Price has not been involved in serious scandals.

Bio Summary

Braydon Price is a talented American YouTuber who has done exceptionally well in his content creation. Price began his vlogging when he was only 13-years-old. Although the young man did not know how to edit his videos when starting, he still attracted thousands of views because of his warm personality.

Price’s YouTube career has been influenced by his love for motorsports and the outdoors. He would record videos when riding his dirt bike or fishing with his friends. Viewers loved the kind of content the adolescent YouTuber uploaded, which is how his channel grew.

Braydon earns a nice living from his content creation. He gets over 600k views on his YouTube channel daily. The adverts from this channel bring a nice hefty sum of money every month.

Price owns a website where he sells several items to his followers. And the social media star receives a good amount of money from sponsorships.

Price has purchased a house and lived a decent life with the money earned from his vlogging. Braydon’s neighbors have complained about him because of dirt bike noise on several occasions. Animal activists have claimed that Braydon hunting videos do not set the best example for society.

Braydon, however, has not been getting involved in serious scandals like other prominent social media stars. There is no doubt that Braydon Price net worth will only increase over time.

NameBraydon Price
Date of Birth24 August 2000
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, USA
Height6'3" (190.5cm)
Weight200 lbs (90kg)
ProfessionAutomobile Enthusiast
Content Creator
Marital StatusUnknown
Net Worth Estimate$1.5 million