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Bob Menery Net Worth – How Much Is He Really Worth?

Bob Menery Net Worth Estimate:

Bob Menery net worth is currently estimated as being at somewhere between about approximately $5 million dollars and $6 million dollars.

The sum total of Bob Menery net worth has come from his extremely successful career as an independent online sportcaster who has managed to build a name for himself in social media, using platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Who is Bob Menery?


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Bob Menery is an online sportcaster, comedian, podcaster, and You Tube channel host who rose to popularity due to his classic sounding sportscaster voice, which has led many people to dub Bob Menery “the man with the golden voice”.

In addition to his You Tube celebrity status, Bob Menery hosts, runs, and produces a very well known and much listened to podcast called ZAPPED!, is extremely popular on Instagram, and performs the announcer voice for the Buffalo Wild Wings company television, radio, and online commercials.

Although not officially a member of the Canadian You Tube channel network, NELK, he does however also host their podcast, FULL SEND, and is affiliated with them.

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Bob Menery’s Career


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After Bob Menery returned home to get himself back on track and clean up his life (see the section his early life), he decided to finally take matters into his own hands. He knew he loved sports and had a great announcer voice, so Bob Menery recorded himself commentating over a sports video.

Bob Menery posted the video on Instagram on the tenth of July in 2017, and it did so well that it almost instantly went very viral. In response, Bob Menery began to make and more videos that he’d post on Instagram. This led to him getting two and a half million followers.

He also set up a You Tube channel for his videos that nabbed him over one hundred thousand followers on that platform.

From there, he went from success to success, including hosting the ZAPPED and FULL SEND podcasts and increasing Bob Menery net worth through his personality and popularity online.

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Bob Menery: Early Life

Bob Menery was born on the tenth of June in the year 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Even at a very young age, people realized that Bob Menery had this golden, silky smooth voice that was meant for radio. That, however, didn’t mean, it was smooth sailing on the way to him getting his dream.

Throughout his childhood, Bob Menery knew that he had this talent but wasn’t sure in what form he should use it. After a lot of back and forth and attempting to figure it out, Bob Menery finally decided to go with acting and comedy as his career choices. To that end, Bob Menery enrolled in New York Film School.

After completing New York Film School in his mid-20s, Bob Menery flew out to Los Angeles, California, United States of America, as so many other aspiring comedians and actors did before him, with big dreams of making it big in film and television. Also, like so many before him, things didn’t go according to plan.

Or at least not right away. After failing to land auditions as quickly as he would have liked, Bob Menery began to get sucked into the party scene and began drinking heavily and doing drugs. At the same time, however, Bob Menery actually quite enjoyed the job he got working as a golf caddy.

Bob Menery has spoken about how fulfilling it was, to this very day, which is a sign of either how humble he is or that he certainly likes being perceived that way. Bob Menery has spoken of how his dad always emphasized the importance of making an honest living and working hard, and this job did that for him, apparently.

Bob Menery claims that he’d often show up hours early for work, and leave long after others had left. It’s not exactly clear how this jibes with the fact that he was also starting to party a great deal at this time in his life.

In addition to excelling at being a golf caddy, this was also the time that Bob Menery got heavily hooked on cocaine, which was apparently an outlet for him to escape from the fact that his career was refusing to take off as he’d dreamed it would.

Of course, this is far from a new story. Countless people come to Hollywood with with a talent or dream they feel the overwhelming need to express but have no clue exactly how to do it, or in what form it should manifest.

When things don’t immediately work out for them, or if the dream is still to amorphous to nail down precisely how they can achieve it, some people become even more motivated to fight. For others, it can lead to feelings of depression and worthlessness, which can often lead to seeking solace in alcohol and drugs.

Eventually, due to the amount of money Bob Menery was spending on drugs, he ended up putting his bank account into overdraft by over seven hundred dollars, leading to him losing his apartment. In response, Bob Menery hopped into his automobile and drove it out to what seemed like a safe neighborhood, and parked.

This began a 3 month long period where he lived out of his car while still continuing to work at his swanky golf course gig. Bob Menery did this by taking showers at the Young Mens Christian Association every morning. For Bob Menery, this was essentially the equivalent of hitting his lowest point ever in life.

Finally, Bob Menery had a moment that forever changed the course of his life. At what might have been his worst moment, he was doing crystal meth, hallucinating in his automobile for what he describes as having been two uninterrupted days.

Bob Menery says that then he began to drive, although he’s not sure if any of this actually happened or if it was all part of the hallucination. Bob Menery claims to have seen five cars chasing him, so he pulled into a CVS pharmacy parking lot, ran inside, and yelled to the employees that he was being pursued.

Then he claims that the alarms all began blaring and all of the CVS people went out of control, until policemen arrived on the scene and asked if he was ok or needed to be taken to the emergency room, which they did. Bob Menery was taken to the hospital and given a bed. The next morning, they let him out.

Because Bob Menery no longer had his car, he ran to a friend of his on foot, crossing multiple highways and nearly getting killed by other vehicles numerous times on his way. His friend helped him get in touch with his family, as well as to see that he could reach out to his family and not to be ashamed.

Bob Menery says that he’s forever grateful that his friend helped him realize that it is not a failure to go back home if need be. Sometimes things in the world get to be too much and you have to go back where you came from in order to get your head back on straight. His friend helped him accept this.

It taught Bob Menery that life doesn’t have to run smoothly or perfectly with no hitches, and that even a setback can be a blessing in disguise. If you need help, he learned, it’s important to seek it, because the other option is potentially dying, never having fulfilled your potential or dreams.

Bob Menery realized then that needed help isn’t weakness, and that sometimes when someone’s hit a wall, a reset is what is needed to reprioritize and fix the path that they’ve been on up to that point.

If you’re lucky enough to have people in your life who love and want to help you, it’s better to seek that help than to stubbornly refuse all for the sake of some so called myth of the importance of lifting oneself up by one’s own bootstraps. In that way, Bob Menery’s friend and his own realization saved his life.

Bob Menery’s Social Media Influence


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Being an online personality, Bob Menery has a large online social media presence, with a great deal of followers and fans with whom he interacts via the internet. This is one of the ways Bob Menery net worth continues to grow, as he cultivates his fandom and followers.


Bob Menery has an official public verified Facebook account. Bob Menery’s official public verified Facebook account has over one million followers. Bob Menery’s Facebook account is mostly full of video clips from his You Tube channel and podcast. Bob Menery’s Facebook handle is @BobMenery.

Bob Menery’s account also includes links to official merchandise that can be purchased to help support Bob Menery and his career. This is another avenue of growing Bob Menery net worth. Bob Menery also posts photos and videos of himself with his family, friends, and famous acquaintances.

Bob Menery also often posts clips of various sports event related things which he then comments on, as sports commentating is largely the center of his entertainment brand and career.


Bob Menery has an official public verified Twitter account. Bob Menery’s Twitter account handle from which he tweets is @BobMenery. Although two of the letters are upper case, however, Twitter accounts are not case sensitive, so it can be reached by entering it into the search function all lower case as well.

Bob Menery has over one hundred sixty three thousand followers on Twitter, and is himself following only six hundred fifty seven accounts in return. Bob Menery mainly uses his Twitter to post about his podcast and You Tube channel, and to interact with his friends and fans.

He also plugs himself and helps build Bob Menery net worth. Bob Menery also tweets a great deal about the time that You Tube banned the video he posted of himself interviewing the controversial and multiply impeached former President of the United States Donald Trump,


Bob Menery has an official public verified Instagram account. Bob Menery’s Instagram account handle is @bobmenery, like his Facebook and Twitter account handles but in this case, all lower case.

Bob Menery has over three million followers on this platform and is himself following two thousand five hundred and fifty two people as of the present time. Bob Menery mainly uses his Instagram to build Bob Menery net worth by linking to his You Tube channel and podcasts. He posts lots of photos with his interviewees.


Bob Menery has a LinkedIn page technically, but he doesn’t seem to use it much if at all. Besides simply having his name and job up on it, the profile is not filled in, nor does he have any listed contacts or influences.

Should the situation change at any point in the future and Bob Menery begin to use his LinkedIn account more fully, we will be sure to update the information on this page. We aim to keep our readers up to date and informed on all of the latest news about Bob Menery net worth, life, and career.


Bob Menery has an official public verified TikTok account. Bob Menery’s TikTok account handle is @bobmenery, all lower case again. TikTok is by far Bob Menery’s largest fandom. On TikTok, Bob Menery has over four million followers, along with nearly one hundred and five million likes currently.

On TikTok, Bob Menery is only following 1 person in return, and it is his own podcast.

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Bob Menery: Height, Weight

Bob Menery’s height is estimated to be at about 5 feet and 11 inches, which is 180 in centimeters, and 1.8 in meters. Bob Menery’s weight is not a matter in the public record but it is currently estimated as being at about 171 pounds or 78 kilos. Bob Menery’s eye color is blue. Bob Menery’s hair color is auburn.

Bob Menery Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameBob Menery
Real NameBob Menery
Place of BirthBoston, Massachusetts, USA
OccupationYouTuber, Sportscaster
Net Worth Estimate$5 Million - $6 Million