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Bob Baffert Net Worth 2022: Absurd Earnings or Totally Worth It?

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Today let’s look into Bob Baffert’s net worth.

Bob Baffert is one of the most successful racehorse trainers worldwide and a prominent horse owner who has amassed several accolades and awards throughout a long and illustrious career. His feats include multiple Kentucky Derbies, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Kentucky Oaks.

One of his most famous accomplishments is that he was the horse trainer who trained American Pharoah, the 2015 Triple Crown Winner, and Justify, the Triple Crown Winner in 2018.

When it comes to being a racehorse trainer, Bob comes second to none. But have you wondered how much Bob Baffert net worth is, how much he makes, where he’s from, and other facts about his life? Read this post on Bob Baffert’s net worth and life to find out.

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Bob Baffert Net Worth in 2021

Bob Baffert has amassed several accolades over his career, earning millions over the years through his career as a horse racer, and later on as a horse trainer. Bob Baffert is believed to have an approximate net worth of $35 million as of writing in 2021. Most of his net worth stems from a prolific career as a horse trainer, training several winning horses over the years and gaining huge fame for it.

Bob Baffert’s Real Name and Age

Well known by the name Bob Baffert, his full name is Robert A. Baffert. Bob Baffert is 68 years old at writing. He was born on January 13, 1953, in Nogales, Arizona, USA.

Bob Baffert’s Early Life

Bob came from humble beginnings. Born to Bill Baffert Sr. and Ellie Baffert, he lived on his father’s ranch, raising chicken and cattle there, and his interest in racehorses blossomed effectively due to his early lifestyle.

When Bob was 10 years old, his father bought some Quarter Horses and brought them to the ranch. Bob quickly developed an interest in horse racing, getting his practice by racing his dad’s horses on dirt tracks at a tender age.

As Bob grew older, he began working as a jockey at informal Quarter Horse races that were held towards the edge of Nogales, Arizona. He earned $100 per day at the informal Quarter Horse races, quickly becoming successful enough to move to race at legalized tracks.

Baffert took his career aspirations as a jockey seriously, graduating from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in the university’s Race Track Industry Program.

Bob Baffert’s Career Summary

Bob Baffert was always a quick learner and had a good eye for identifying good racehorses. His career began as a teenage jockey earning $100 per day through the informal Quarter Horse races in the outskirts of Nogales, and he pursued his studies in the same field.

He moved on to legal tracks soon and won his first victory at the tender age of 17 in 1970. Soon after he graduated from Arizona University, Bob began training quarter horses at a farm in Prescott, Arizona. Bob quickly gained a reputation for being an excellent horse trainer, being hired by several other trainers through his 20s to take over their stables and train their horses.

Bob’s success as a trainer began early when one of his horses, Flipper Star, won at the races in Rillito Park on January 28, 1979. However, he would go on to train thoroughbred horses in the 80s after Baffert moved to California. By 1991, Baffert became a reputable thoroughbred horse trainer and began working full-time at the Los Alamitos Race Course as a horse trainer.

Bob’s time at Los Alamitos Race Course saw him get his first big success as a thoroughbred horse trainer when Thirty Slews won the 1992 Breeder’s Cup race. Robert’s big break followed with much more success as his ability as a trainer became increasingly popular.

He trained Cavonnier, the horse that came second in the 1996 Kentucky Derby, a remarkable feat considering that it was a less expensive horse compared to the others participating in the race. Baffert followed up the second-place finish in the 1996 Kentucky Derby winning with  Silver Charm at the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes races.

Silver Charm ended up being second in the Belmont Stakes.

Baffert had several years without another win after his victories in 1998. 2001 saw Point Given, a Hall of Fame member, win the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. Baffert won the Kentucky Derby for the third time in 2002 with War Emblem.

Baffert trained Lookin At Lucky, a horse that he also co-owned with Mike Pegram, winning the 2010 Preakness Stakes.

American Pharoah was the 2014 champion that he trained in 2015, going on to win the Triple Crown, becoming the first trainer in almost four decades to achieve the feat. Baffert was 62 at the time he won his first Triple Crown. He won the Triple Crown in 2018 with Justify, and recently grabbed a win with Authentic at the Kentucky Derby in 2020. He became the first-ever seven-time winner at the Kentucky Derby with Medina Spirit when the horse won the 2021 Kentucky Derby.

Bob Baffert’s lengthy list of first-place finishes include:

The Kentucky Derby

● 1997 – Silver Charm

● 1998 – Real Quiet

● 2002 – War Emblem

● 2015 – American Pharoah

● 2018 – Justify

● 2020 – Authentic

● 2021 – Medina Spirit

The Preakness Stakes

● 1997 – Silver Charm

● 1998 – Real Quiet

● 2001 – Point Given

● 2002 – War Emblem

● 2010 – Lookin At Lucky

● 2015 – American Pharoah

● 2018 – Justify

The Belmont Stakes

● 2001 – Point Given

● 2015 – American Pharoah

● 2018 – Justify

He has won the Triple Crown with American Pharoah and Justify, while picking up several second-place and third-place finishes over the years.

How Much Does Bob Baffert Charge To Train A Horse

Bob Baffert has amassed his fortune through his racehorse training career. From earning $100 per day as a teenage jockey on the outskirts of Nogales, Arizona, he has gone on to become a trainer worth $35 million. A horse trainer traditionally earns less than $12 per hour, as shown here. A horse trainer in the US, on average, earns roughly over $37,500 a year.

However, the real money they make is through getting an estimated 10% of their owners’ winnings from the races in which the horses that they trained won. That’s how Bob Baffert’s net worth started – from the percentage earnings of the horses he’s trained.

Bob has won several Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, Kenty Oaks, and Preakness Stakes races over the years, earning millions through his winning horses over the years. His thoroughbred racehorse, Arrogate, won him $12 million at the Pegasus World Cup in 2017, $17 million from its performance in the Dubai World Cup in 2017, and reports say that his revenue from 2012 alone was over $15 million. It is not known what his base salary for training racehorses is right now.

Bob Baffert’s Current Family and Place of Residence

Bob Baffert is a family man who has been married twice and has five children. Four of his children are from his first wife, Sherry. He married his second wife, Jill, in 2002, who is a former television reporter, and he has a son with her. Baffert and his family currently live in his house in California.

Bob Baffert’s Height and Weight

Bob Baffert’s height is 1.71 m (5 ft. 6 in.), and his weight as of 2021 is 216 lbs (75 kg).

Quick Facts About Bob Baffert

Full Name: Robert A. Baffert
Celebrated Name Bob Baffert
Date of Birth January 13, 1953
Weight (lb / kgs) 216 lbs (75 kg)
Height (ft in / cm) 1.68 m (5 in and 6 ft)
Net Worth in 2021 $35 million
Profession American Racehorse Trainer
Birth Place Nogales, Arizona, USA

Wrapping It Up

A renowned horse trainer, Bob Baffert has led a prolific career as a horse trainer, and the remarkable track record of performances by the horses he has trained over the years is a testament to his abilities.

While he could no longer be a jockey due to his weight gain, Bob never let it affect his interest in pursuing greatness in the industry, amassing significant success over the years and becoming a millionaire through his prowess as a trainer.

Marred by some controversy due to Medina testing positive for betamethasone in the 2021 Kentucky Derby, Bob Baffert’s net worth is representative of his stellar career, and it is likely that we will see more accolades if he chooses not to call it a day as a racehorse trainer.