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Bo Burnham Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

Bo Burnham net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be in the millions and I’ll reveal just how many millions in this article.

Bo Burnham Net Worth

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So how has Bo accumulated all this wealth? Well he is a comedian, a YouTuber, an actor and an artist to name a few of his many talents.

He has been in the public’s spotlight for quite some time thanks to his comedic chops, work discipline, and exceptional talent. This is why so many people are asking, what is Bo Burnham’s net worth?

If you haven’t heard about him until last year, no one can blame you. This year, Bo Burnham has attracted everyone’s attention with his Netflix special Bo Burnham: Inside.

It proved to be a real hit with critics and viewers alike. This resulted in him winning many awards including prestigious Emmy awards.

Regardless, he owes his success pretty much to his super successful online stand-ups on YouTube. Everything took off from there. And he was in his teens when he started this journey. Naturally, all of his achievements have amassed great sums of money and fortune.

So, below we’ll explore his life, successes, and fun facts and talk about his current net worth.


Who is Bo Burnham?

Robert Pickering Burnham is an American comedian, musician, singer, songwriter, poet, rapper, movie director, screenwriter, and actor. He was born in 1990 in Hamilton, Massachusetts.

As mentioned, he rose to fame thanks to his YouTube platform and online comedic presence. Now, he is considered a proper celebrity, especially among youth.

Interestingly enough, he didn’t plan his stardom to even happen. Without wishing to become popular, he created his very first video on the video-streaming platform in 2006.

It didn’t take long for the video to become viral. The video soon reached more than 150 million views.

Comedy Central took notice and recognized his potential when they signed him on in 2008. His four-year deal enlisted the creation of EPs in the comedic musical genre.

Bo Burnham Net Worth

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As a result, Burnham’s first studio album was released in 2009. The reception was warm as his horde of fans grew bigger by the day.

His musical and comedic journey didn’t stop there, though. This was just the inception.

Starting in his teens, Burnham had the time and will to develop his skills and try new endeavors. That’s why he is also affiliated with a number of successful TV shows and specials as well as movies in which he starred.

Undoubtedly, Bo Burnham is a rare type of celebrity who has honed his craft and artistry since early ages. He has proven to be a real hit with both general audiences and critics. From amateur homemade videos, he made it to big-budget projects and giant networks that attract millions of viewers worldwide.

Even in his free time, Burnham doesn’t give up on his talent. He likes performing stand-ups and curating his YouTube channel with captivating content for his subscribers.


Bo Burnham’s Net Worth Estimate

Bo Burnham’s net worth is estimated to be around 4 million dollars. He has been able to amass such a fortune thanks to his various credits from every niche in entertainment.

At just 31 years, he has already had such a long and impactful career that many celebrities and artists can envy him.

As we mentioned, he has worked with some of the biggest names and companies in the show business. So, the Bo Burnham net worth didn’t happen overnight. First, YouTube, then Comedy Central, comedy sketches and standups, multiple award-winning Netflix specials, movies, and similar under his belt, the list of his sources of revenue is quite long.

Burnham is proof that an Internet career can translate into global stardom. And you can definitely make it big from starting small.

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Bo Burnham’s Early Life


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The Massachusetts-born future star was born in a family of three kids to parents who worked far from the entertainment industry he seems to flourish in now.

In his childhood years, he has attended St. John’s Preparatory School Danvers. It’s an all-boys Catholic school, which is located in his hometown in the same state he was born in.

Furthermore, way before Bo Burnham’s net worth reached the four-million-dollar mark, he was just a kid who was good at performing arts like comedy. Family sources point out that he was known to imitate members of his family and record himself doing that on a camcorder.

Burnham grew up under the influence of popular comedians at the time including George Carlin and Richard Pryor. He idolized them just as his parents did. Actually, he has started performing comedic sketches inspired by these comedians since he was just three. You can say that his amateur standup experience has begun at that age.

Bo was considered an excellent student. Moreover, he was on the school honor roll. Besides, the curricular activities, he was actively engaged in the ministry program at the campus as well as theater.

It’s evident that since early ages he was good at what he does now professionally. In fact, he was considered one of the best actors at school without going through some formal training.

At school, he was motivated by his classmates to upload some funny videos on the emerging video platform called YouTube. Bo was entertaining them with his satirical songs and comedic skits, which he wrote himself.

A testament to that is a statement from one of the school’s assistant principal who claimed that no one at the school was surprised to see him make a name for himself. His creativity and artistic spirit were evident to them even then.

Bo, himself, mentioned that he was writing silly songs on a piano backstage in summer theater while he was in high school. Luckily, they found their place online. And this was how his followers’ base found out about him and the numbers of supporters took off from there.

Bo graduated in 2008 and his next known educational endeavors include NYU’s Tisch School of Arts. He previously applied for other colleges before eventually being accepted there.


Bo Burnham’s Height, Weight

A lot of his fans have wondered and speculated about his height. Let’s settle this once and for all and conclude that Bo Burnham is an increasingly tall guy. His height is around 6 feet 5 inches (or 195.5 centimeters).

Bo has mentioned that people often asked if he was doing basketball because of this fact. Basketball jokes were frequent in his case. Interestingly enough, he also said that he wasn’t entirely satisfied with his height and would love to be a bit shorter.

He weighs about 109.37 pounds (or 73 kilograms).


Bo Burnham’s Career

Understandably, Bo Burnham net worth largely comes from his extensive career. He is a young person that has been a part of many diverse projects.

It all began when Bo showed a couple of his videos, containing his songs to his distant relatives and friends. Similar to his peers at school, they were amazed and the videos became so well-known that they were featured on the popular platform Break.

This enabled the videos to get hundreds of views and launch Bo in the world of celebrities and fame.

Moreover, he didn’t stop and kept on uploading songs on the web. They were about relevant topics and issues like disabilities, homophobia, racism, and similar. With this, his group of fans only grew and motivated him to publish more videos and songs.

This didn’t go unnoticed as at the beginning of 2008, Comedy Central recognized his work and included him in ‘The World Stands Up’. He actually signed a deal for four records with them.

‘Bo Fo Sho’ was his first digital EP and in 2009 his first original album came, carrying the title ‘Bo Burnham’. It was simple yet it contained his original works that the audience loved.

After this, his life turned around and he started performing in front of large audiences in cities like New York City, San Francisco, and even Montreal and London.

His ‘Words, Words, Words’ landed him a nomination in the category for Best Comedy Show at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards in 2010. Even though he didn’t get that award, he picked up the Panel Prize instead.

Following this, he enriched his music collection with two more hits – ‘What’, which was published in 2013, and ‘Make Happy’ that the public heard in 2016.

Aside from this, his tours didn’t stop at all. He kept on showing his performances to live audiences from different places. And he even tried leaving a mark as an actor. Of course, he was successful in this field, as well.

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Bo Burnham’s Career in the Acting Industry

The year 2008 can be considered an official start of Bo’s acting career. It was then that he met Judd Apatow, who was a famous producer and director in Hollywood, and became a part of the team.

It was a movie project developed by Universal Studios that was intended to be the opposite of a high-school musical. However, for some reason, it got canceled and Bo was left disappointed as he has been working really hard on the screenplay for the movie.

The good news is that things kicked off shortly afterward in 2009. This was when he played the role of a student in the show ‘Funny People’. And the next year, Comedy Central released the show ‘House of Comedy’ with Bo’s comedy special in it. For this purpose, he recorded one hour of comedy stand-up.

Still, this wasn’t his only special. In 2013, he released his second one titled ‘What’ on Youtube and Netflix. On both platforms, he gathered over million views.

Thanks to this, Netflix noticed him and took him in to make ‘Make Happy’. The public saw this project in June 2016 and they accepted it well.

What followed was his involvement in the TV show ‘Zach Stone is Gonna Be Famous. He was a writer of the show and an executive producer. However, the ratings were low and the show didn’t live to see a second season.

Others that followed after it were more successful for Bo, though. Some of them included ‘Parks and Recreation’, ‘Hall Pass’, ‘Key and Peele’ as well as ‘We Bare Bears’.


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Bo Burnham’s Personal Life and Family

Connected to acting, Bo has expressed passion for Experimental Theatre. His love for this type of art has led him to the Tisch School of Arts in New York where he studied for one year. However, after that, he left the school and replaced it with a career in comedy.

Overall, this artist isn’t very open when it comes to his love life. He continuously stated that he was single. Not to mention that the public couldn’t find his dating history because he didn’t reveal it.

Still, during his shows, he passionately speaks about homosexuality and offers his support. Because of this, many people for a time thought that he could be gay himself. However, he proved them wrong in 2013 when his latest relationship has been revealed.

Since then, Lorene Scafaria has been his partner and by the looks of it, their relationship is strong. She is a filmmaker, so it’s clear where their connection comes from. They live together in Los Angeles.

Back to his beginnings, a large portion of Bo Burnham net worth and who he is as a person is thanks to his family. His mother Patricia is a nurse in a hospice and his father Scott Burnham owns a construction company.

He also has two siblings – his brother Pete and his sister Samm. Both of them aren’t in the spotlight as their brother but they support his work.

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Bo Burnham’s Awards

After such an extensive career, awards come naturally and logically. And Bo has quite a few of them. Firstly, as we previously mentioned, he was a winner at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2010.

More precisely, he won the panel prize of the Edinburgh Comedy Awards as well as the award of Malcolm Hardee titled ‘Act Most Likely to Make a Million Quid’.


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After this, he received multiple nominations and awards for his acting, directing, writing, and comedy skills. Among the awarded projects are Inside, which is his comedy special, and the movie Eighth Grade. Here are some of the awards he won:

  • Boston Society of Film Critics
  • Directors Guild of America Award
  • Award from the National Board of Review
  • Independent Spirit Awards
  • New York Film Critics Circle
  • Award from the Writers Guild of America
  • San Diego Film Critics Society
  • Hollywood Critics Association

Aside from these, he even won a few Emmy awards for Inside in the categories for directing and writing for a variety special as well as direction of music. This year, he’s nominated for two Grammy awards, as well. But the outcome is still unknown due to the fact that this award show was postponed because of the pandemic.


Bo Burnham’s Controversies

Bo Burnham’s net worth hasn’t increased without any controversies linked to the famous YouTuber-turned-comedian. He has faced his first controversy concerning the music he makes at the Westminster College way back in 2009.

Fifteen students, who were part of multiple student organizations like the Gay-Straight Alliance, the International Club, the Black Students Association, as well as, the Cultural Diversity Organization, protested the concert he held at the campus.

His music is known to walk on a thin line due to the comedic influence of his songs. To drive the point across, Bo plays characters in the songs, which can sometimes make some groups of people and minorities uncomfortable.

These accusations have seriously affected Bo’s emotional health. His answer was that he was using his humor and wit to raise the nation’s awareness of the social issues that surround all of us.

Some of the media outlets praised his honest view. Situations like this one, it seems, haven’t stunted his growth as a star for the modern and younger generations who want something unconventional.

Bo, himself, has shared that the postmodern comedy is popular among youth and not among older generations because it’s making fun of the comedy preferred by them.


Bo Burnham’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

All things considered, Bo Burnham net worth is a large number. Yet as you could see, it depends on many factors that define who he is both personally and professionally. This is the case with all celebrities and Bo isn’t any different.

Starting from his early life and his family up to his career and awards that it brought him, he has a lot of interesting things to offer to the public. After all, he certainly isn’t a typical artist but rather a special one with creative touches on everything he does.

While comedy is his thing and he is known to excel at it since a young age, he has proven to be just as good in writing, directing, acting, and even singing. The audience is surely excited and eager to discover what he’ll do next.

To sum up, below are some key details related to Bo Burnham net worth.

NameBo Burnham
Real NameRobert Pickering Burnham
Place of BirthHamilton, Massachusetts
OccupationComedian, YouTuber, musician, actor, singer, songwriter, rapper, movie director, screenwriter
Net Worth Estimate4 million USD