Blippi Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

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Blippi is an internet sensation, especially among kids and parents, and has gained a massive following on YouTube. His videos are colorful, creative, and educational. Due to his immense popularity, parents and fans alike may be curious about how much Blippi makes.

According to Forbes, Blippi net worth is $75 million. When you consider his videos’ many views (more than 12 billion), it’s clear that he’s doing something right.

Most of Blippi’s income comes from ads that play before his videos. His multiple sub-channels offer his videos in a multitude of different languages so as to reach a wider audience. To supplement his Youtube, he does live shows with ticket pricing placed higher on the scale. He also has a toy line, offering children educational and fun toys.

Despite his high net worth, Blippi remains down-to-earth and grateful for his success.

Who is Blippi?


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Blippi’s real name is Stevin John, and he is a children’s entertainer on YouTube, Amazon Video, and Hulu. He is known for his upbeat and energetic content that teaches children about things like counting and the alphabet. Blippi also has a segment on his show called “What’s in the Box?” where he surprises children with a new toy or animal every week.

His videos are educational and entertaining, making them perfect for keeping young kids occupied for a while, while also educating them on polite manners and learning basics such as colors and numbers. He mainly wears blue and orange colors and dresses in a beanie, suspenders, and an eye-catching bowtie.

He is always cheerful, and his videos are full of exciting visuals that keep children’s attention. Most importantly, Blippi as a character is fascinating to watch, geared towards keeping kids happy and entertained. The content is age-appropriate and covers various topics, from counting to learning about different types of vehicles, to letters and colors. Blippi’s videos are beneficial for parents who want to give their children a fun and educational experience online.

It’s the overall persona and content that Blippi offers that has helped his career’s success with Blippi’s net worth of around $75 million.

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Blippi’s Net Worth Estimate

Blippi’s net worth is about $75 million as of 2022. However, it took many years to get to this point.

In 2017, people estimated that Blippi had a net worth of $10 million. However, with the continued success of his videos, by 2022, Blippi net worth skyrocketed to around $75 million, which makes him one of the most successful YouTubers in the world.

Blippi’s net worth comes from multiple sources. While he does receive sponsorship money and advertising revenue from his videos, he also earns money from touring and merchandise sales. Blippi products are very popular with children, and parents who are fans of the show are happy to buy anything with the Blippi name.

He has many products available for purchase, such as books, toys, and clothing. His products are high quality and affordable and are also geared to be educational to kids, making them popular with parents.

Blippi’s Early Life

Blippi was born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, USA. John grew up surrounded by tractors, construction vehicles, and other equipment that sparked his imagination and led him to become the success he is today.

Blippi has stated that he wished to be a limousine driver and a fighter pilot as a child. However, after graduating from college, he pursued a career in aviation initially and then delved into Youtube years later.

Blippi’s Height and Weight

Blippi’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches (173 cm), and his weight is 158 pounds (72 kg).

Blippi’s Career


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Before Blippi as a character was created, Stevin John served in the military, specifically in the US Air Force. He worked as a loadmaster at the fourth Squadron Airlift for the Globemaster C-17. He was responsible for cargo placement planning and calculations. As a result of his efforts, the aircraft remained under gravity limits during the whole flight, making every flight a success.

When John saw his nephew watching low-quality YouTube videos, he decided to create Blippi’s character that would provide value to kids. He aimed to teach basic concepts like colors, counting, and letters in a fun way for kids.

He shot videos in high-quality footage and edited them with music and sound effects to keep kids entertained. The videos also incorporated educational elements so that kids learn while having fun.

Blippi as a character wears multi-colored clothes, and he dances around play centers in the US, filming and posting to his YouTube channel. He posted his first video 2014 on January 27. Acts like Mr. Rogers inspired John for their role and showmanship in children’s entertainment. They provided a lot of the initial ideas for the show.

Initially, John as Blippi was filming, doing graphics, and editing all by himself. Then, he slowly began onboarding other people to help with his workload, freeing himself up to focus on creating more content.

John wanted to depict the character of Blippi as entertaining while also being educational at the same time. He generates millions of dollars through his prosperous profession of playing Blippi and its related side hustles.

Blippi, along with other famous children’s YouTube entertainers, were associated with Moonbug Entertainment Ltd, a UK firm. Later in November of 2021, Moonbug was sold for $3 billion to two former executives of Walt Disney.

Currently, Blippi has 15.6 million subscribers with a total channel view of 12.5 billion. In addition, there are about 400 videos with an earning potential between $351,000 to $585,000 per month.

As Forbes stated in 2020, Blippi earned 9th position among the top 10 high-paid YouTubers list. He even surpassed both Jaffree Star and David Dobrik. Blippi net worth is an outcome of these revenue-generating streams.

He is making over $11 million a year from advertising income alone. In addition, his channel gets 6,500 more new members who generate him over $30,000 per day every day.

Alongside Blippi’s educational and entertainment channel, his second channel, ‘Blippi Toys’ (which is geared towards showcasing his brand and line of toys) has a considerable following. There are about 8.99 million subscribers, earning this channel more than 5 million views each day, which adds to his fortune of $20k to $25k daily, making his wealth about $7.9 million each year.

One of the most viewed contents of Blippi’s channel is “Blippi Learns About Jungle Animals,” with overall views of more than 900 million, making him over $8 million alone from this video.

His extended video with a compilation of over one hour of videos for kids is the second most viewed video on his channel with a total count of over 400 million. Blippi also has his channel duplicated in sub-channels with the main focus being to have the content in as many languages as possible, such as Arabic and Spanish.

Blippi’s Personal Life and Family

Blippi's Net Worth

After starting their dating life in 2015, it was many years later that John proposed to Alyssa Ingham, and they got engaged on August 04, 2021. John keeps sharing beautiful moments with his girlfriend and fiance in his Instagram posts.

On March 09, 2022, the couple had a baby boy, and they have been sharing several pictures with beautiful captions on their Instagram page now and then. Alyssa and Stevin are currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both Stevin and Alyssa are enthusiastic dog lovers. Blippi has two dogs which he named Lili and Ayano. The dog’s breed is Golden Doodle.

He receives immense attention and affection not only from the kids for his videos but also from the parents. In some families, they consider Blippi to the part of their family. Blippi’s character as a children’s educator shows that he bridges the gap that no one-time character the big companies hire can do.

Kids see Blippi as a genuine person, and they connect with Blippi the same way. In addition, his down-to-earth nature makes him a person who is full of gratitude, and he loves improving his character to become more humble and genuine.

Blippi Latest News

Here are some of the latest news related to Blippi:

  • Recently, there have been some changes to the Blippi team. Jon Cozart, a writer and actor on the show left in late 2021. More recently, Meekah, a new character of the Moonbug team, has joined the Blippi universe.
  • Blippi is now a father. The 34-year-old took to Instagram on March 14, 2022, to announce the birth of his son, Lochlan. “Lochlan David John, 3/9/22. [We] love you so much! Welcome to the world!” Blippi wrote in the post. “The best week of my life as a daddy! [He has been eating and sleeping well], his [sickness] was high but has come down to a safe level….”
  • One of Blippi’s most recent videos is about planes at the London RFA museum, in which he is talking about aircraft and their types.
  • He is coming out with a new show named “Amazon Kids Series” The new show’s first episode is out, and the series will mix educational content and comedy, mostly revolving around the jungle.
  • Blippi just finished working on a new book. The book is called “Official Blippi Happy Easter,” released on March 03, 2022.
  • “Blippi the Musical” is making its rounds around the US, visiting families and kids in all sorts of towns with a cast hand-picked by Stevin, where the audience will be able to learn and count live with cast members. Although Stevin won’t be playing Blippi, the show gives kids an opportunity to see Blippi in person.
  • There is a second actor that will play Blippi on Stevin’s Youtube channel due to high demand for content. This second actor is originally from the live shows, named Clayton Grimm, and looks very similar to Stevin This has caused some upset among parents, as they and their kids are attached to Stevin as Blippi and don’t want a second actor. For now, we will have to see if the new show with Clayton, ‘Learning with Blippi’, takes off.

Facts About Blippi

Here is a list of some fascinating facts about Blippi:

  • In 2019, fans accused John of a poor marketing tactic where he made ticket buyers unaware that his upcoming tour would not include him. There was quite the upset when parents attended and saw it was a Blippi impersonator instead, named Clayton Grimm. John ended up refunding all of the attendees and apologized, stating that the advertising did mention there would be a Blippi impersonator starring in the show.
  • The Blippi team began producing and making videos in Spanish, offering DVDs, and establishing Blippi Toys. This helps make Blippi net worth around $75 million.
  • As a new sensation for pre-schoolers, Blippi has questioned the simplistic nature of the character in terms of his repetitive songs and tone about teaching colors and numbers.
  • Some parents are upset that a children’s show host would reference a potential curse word. Responding to critics, the creator of Blippi says that he made the character “stupidly simple” on purpose and that it’s not necessary to get outraged because kids will learn from it just fine, and not understand any potentially bad reference.
  • Under Kyle Bain’s stage name, Nikki Notes, he created the tunes for Blippe videos. Unfortunately, he found another job, so he left the team.
  • All of Blippi’s content is entirely original, with no outside sources or influences used to create the videos.
  • When his two-year tour concluded in the Air Force, Stevin spent some time in video production and marketing consultation. These two skills would really shine when he would later apply them to his YouTube channel as Blippi.

Blippi’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

Real NameStevin John
Place of BirthEllensburg, Washington, USA
OccupationYouTuber, Television Producer
Net Worth Estimate$75 million
Date of BirthMay 27, 1988
Height5 feet and 6 inches (173 cm)
Weight158 pounds (72 kg)
Marital StatusEngaged