Big Boi Net Worth-How Much Does He Make?

Are you interested in learning about Big Boi net worth, whose real name is Antwan Andre Patton? Then keep reading to find out what he is doing now and much more.

This article answers all the questions you might have about him, his short biography, career, professional life, personal life, age, achievements, and other Big Boi facts.

Who is Big Boi?


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Big Boi is the stage name for Antwan Andre Patton. He is a songwriter, rapper, and record producer famously recognised as a member of the Outkast group in the United States. The group Outkast consists of Big Boi and his partner, Andre 3000. With their collaboration and partnership, they could produce six professional albums.

In addition, the rapper has also produced so many solos and singles. Some of which got Big Boi into winning and receiving so many awards. Boomiverse, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and Sir Lucious Left Foot are notable solo releases that Big Boi has. He released these albums in 2010, 2012, and 2017 respectively.

Furthering the above, Big Boi has some tracks and songs. He has featured and performed on some tracks owned by famous artists. These include the likes of Jay-Z’s Poppin Tags track, Missy Elliot’s All in My Grill, and other tracks from Beyonce, Brooke Valentine, and Sleepy Brown.

Aside from being a rapper and producer, Big Boi is also an actor featured in some films. Some of the featuring films credited to him in his early days in his career include Who is Your Caddy? And Baby Driver. Later, after a decade, between 2017 and 2019, He also appeared in Baby Driver and Superfly movies.

Big Boi has also guest featured in some shows such as Law and Order series, Girlfriends, etc.

Big Boi’s Net Worth Estimate


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Antwan Patton, famously called Big Boi, has a net worth estimated to be around $50 million. The source of his wealth and income is his music career. He constantly engages in touring, live performances, and record sales to provide most of his income.

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Big Boi’s Height and Weight

Antwan Patton is 5ft, 6 inches tall. The star weighs 90 kg.

Big Boi’s Early Life and Age

Big Boi began his journey in life from Savannah, Georgia. The music star was born to a civil servant father and a retail supervisor mother. Also, he has three siblings and a nephew: Marcus, Jason, James(brothers), and Donell (nephew). Big Boi is currently 47 years of age. His exact date of birth is the 1st of February, 1975.

Big Boi attended a high school in his town before relocating to Atlanta to live with his aunt. He was attending Herschel V. Jenkins. So, his education at that school ended when he relocated to Atlanta. Not long after his relocation, Big Boi started attending another school, Tri-Cities.

A few weeks after his resumption at the school, he met a friend who loves music like him. Hereafter, they became partners and started to do songs together. Their collaboration is what led to what Outkast is today.

Big Boi’s Personal Life and Family


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Patton is a family man. He is happily married to his wife, Sherlita Wise, and has two kids. He married his wife on the 23rd of March, 2002. The couple is blessed with a daughter and a son, Jordon and Cross. However, Big Boi also has a son from his past relationship. His name is Bamboo.

He had another son somewhere else devastated the wife, Sherlita, so she intended to end the marriage. However, she did call it off and stayed with Big Boi. Another thing about Big Boi’s personal life, probably not known by many, is that the rapper is a licensed bulldog and Pitbulls breeder. He also possesses four pet owls which he even calls by name. There is Hootie Hoo, Simon, Tula, and Hoodini.

Big Boi’s Outkast With Benjamin Andre

Big Boi met Benjamin Adre a few weeks after his resumption into Tri-cities High school. The friendship and partnership between them started not long after this. They have a special bond as they are both hip-hop fanatics.

Thus, they agreed to form a music label called “Outkast” after bonding. They began their musical adventures as a duo with a record deal with one of the famous record studios, LaFace Records.

Big Boi and Outkast Career

Having formed a label, Outkast, through their bond, the first official career-launching for the brand kicked off with a deal with LaFace Records. Both Patton and his partner, Benjamin, recorded an album under the label as their debut. The album is titled “Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik,” It recorded a high success rate in the market.

Soon after their first debut in the early 1990s, the duo released a series of albums afterwards, such as Aliens and Aquemini. Soon after, the two of them made plans on releasing two solo albums. However, these albums would be made public as a double album under their label, Outkast.

These purported albums were titled Love below and Speakerboxxx. However, in 2003, the duo released a single from each album made. In choosing a single out of the album, Big Boi preferred a single he made with Sleepy Brown. The single recorded a massive hit, even more superior than the number one song on the list.

The single cropped out of the album is titled The Way you Move. The duo’s single, which is titled Ghetto Music, was picked out to be the second single to be released. The song wasn’t as loud as the first single that Pattison handpicked.

The career journey of Big Boi continued to progress, and as such, in the year 2005, the music star had a collaboration that led to a release of another alum. The album was produced through Purple Ribbon Records. One of the singles in the album, Kryptonite, was a hit.

The single gained popularity and gave number 35 out of 100 top hit singles. From time to time, it appears that the music career of Big Boi and his partner, Benjamin, always see innovations and expansions. Thus, in 2007, the duo’s label, Outkast, went to the public about doing another solo. According to the two, this solo would be after their number 6 album release.

Accordingly, the proposed album was titled Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. The duo engaged in different promotions to stall time and create more awareness of the upcoming album. Also, amid the waiting, there was about three single video shot.

A few years later, precisely, the year 2010, the proposed album, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, was released. The album skyrocketed in the list of top-released albums. It also received several commendations from every corner.

The album was explicitly praised for the professionalism displayed by Big Boi in every aspect of the album’s production. Big Boi decided to have another release to supplement the previous one, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Thus, the music star released an album titled Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors on the 13th of November, 2012.

Fast forward to the year 2014, in January, Big Boi featured in a song. They purposively invented the music to promote an ongoing series, Game of Thrones. Also, in the same year, the music star and rapper announced a big record deal signing.

Big Boi released another album, Boomiverse, following all of those mentioned earlier, in 2017. While in 2018, Big Boi also signed with another Music label.

Big Boi and Film Making

Big Boi is not just a songwriter, a rapper, or a producer. He is also a professional actor, and he has featured in a good number of films. He began his acting career when he appeared as a guest star in a season movie titled Nick Cannon’s Wild’s Out.

Furthering his acting career, he featured again as a guest star on a show, and he had the stage to perform one of his songs. Hereafter, in 2006 and 2007, Big Boi had a debut featuring in a movie and also plays the lead role in Who is your caddy? Additionally, Big Boi appeared in another seasonal movie episode in 2008.

Big Boi’s Challenges

The famous artist Big Boi was apprehended by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency officers in the United States. His arrest took place at the Port of Miami, and he was indicted for illegally possessing hard drugs, Viagra, and MDMA powder.

However, the agency freed him on $16,000 bail from the county jail they took him to. This event took place in late 2011. Patton had a rough time again by 2013. While performing and enjoying his performance, he tried doing an air kick on stage, but he fell off and injured his knee.

The event happened at the Camp Music Festival in 2013. Fortunately for him, some doctors were attending to him immediately, and they discovered that the rapper and actor had a torn knee cap. After that, he underwent surgery for his knee repairing. The operation was a success. However, Big Boi had to reject numerous tours since he isn’t fit yet.

Big Boi’s Alliances and Endorsements

The professional rapper and songwriter had several partnerships and endorsements, which added to his relevance in the industry. The internationally famous artist Big Boi allied with the Atlanta Ballet in 2008. They formed this alliance to premiere a new show. The show featured music and dance performances.

Another collaboration happened between Big Boi and Jenifer Shepherd. She is an executive director of a company called Lester. Their alliance, that is, between Big Boi and Jenifer, led to establishing a foundation in Savannah, Georgia. This foundation is called Big Kidz Foundation.

Also, within a few months, Big Boi collaborated with a sneakers company owned by Chuck Taylor. However, a more recent of his endorsement was his involvement in a new T.V. commercial. The advert was made in early 2022.

In the commercial, Big Boi was seen taking a tour in a home that looks like a couple’s home. He also made some comments on the facilities in the house. The T.V. commercial ran just for a few seconds.

Big Boi’s Political Ideology and Engagement

He holds a libertarian political ideology. The U.S. rapper, in a way, also revealed his political stance in an interview conducted with a New York City representative. According to Big Boi, the woman who interviewed him congratulated him on the re-election of the former U.S. President, Barack Obama.

However, he posited that he responded swiftly to the woman he had no vote for, President Obama. Hereafter, his political ideology has since then been sustained.

Another crucial thing about Big Boi’s music is that the lyrics are always composed to condemn happenings that affect the African-American community, including injustice happening worldwide.

An excellent example of his political stance and advocacy for change was the song “The war on terror,” produced in 2003 to confront the Bush government. Another instance is a song that is titled “Something’s Gotta Give. The song also addressed issues affecting the state of the country, America.

Big Boi’s Awards and Achievements

Antwan receives many awards and nominations. Being a member of the label Outkast, he got many Grammy Awards, different times and different sorts. Due to his professionalism in his career, Big Boi has also received awards from American Music.

His winnings didn’t stop there. Big Boi received many other awards such as Awards from BET, Awards from Hip Hop, Awards from Source. He has also been crowned the winner of the Soul Train Music Awards. Big Boi, Antwan Patton has received more than 15 nominations for Grammy.

He has won best rapper, best rap featuring performance, and received Album of the year for one of his hit albums. While as a label also, Outkast was nominated for several awards such as Black Reel Awards, Awards from Teen Choice, etc.

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Big Boi’s Net Worth & Bio Summary


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Antwan Patton, famously called Big Boi, has around $50 million as of 2022. The source of his wealth and income is his music career. He constantly engages in touring, live performances, and record sales to provide most of his income.

The Summary;

  • Big Boi is the stage name for Antwan Andre Patton. He is a songwriter, rapper, and record producer famously recognised as a member of the Outkast group in the United States.
  • He began his journey in life from Savannah, Georgia, and he was born on the 1st of February, 1975
  • Patton is a family man, happily married to his wife, Sherlita Wise, with two kids (Jordon and Cross). While he also has a son, Bamboo, from another relationship.
  • Big Boi met Benjamin Adre a few weeks after his resumption into Tri-cities High school. The duo bonded, and they agreed to form a music label called “Outkast.” Hereafter, they began their musical adventures as a duo with a record deal. At the same time, many others kept rolling in.
  • Big Boi also had several partnerships and endorsements, which added to his relevance in the industry.
  • He holds a libertarian political ideology.
  • Antwan has appeared in many popular films. He has also received multiple nominations for Awards.


The main goal was to uncover every detail of Antwan’s life. His place of birth, work, personal life and family, political life, and achievements. Suffice it to say that by now, you should be proud of what you know about the rapper and actor. Patton had always been a businessman with a knack for making money.

Patton had many black and white friends and people of other races and nationalities. He has released numerous albums and also made contributions to social and political growth. The rapper and actor from the United States is an example of an influence.


Who is Big Boi?

Antwan Andre Patton is the real name for the famous stage name most people know him as, Big Boi. He is mainly regarded as a rapper, songwriter, actor, and producer. Also, he is known as part of the American hip-hop duo Outkast. As a result of his partnership with Benjamin Andre, a series of studio albums were released.

How old is Big Boi?

Big Boi is 47 years old as of 2022, born on the 1st of February 1975.

What is Big Boi’s net worth?

According to reports, Big Bois’ net worth is around $50 million. His musical career is his primary source of income, which he earns from travelling on tours, selling C.D.s and performing live.

Who is Big Boi’s Wife?

Antwan Patton has been married to Sherlita Patton since 2002.

NameBig Boi
Real NameAntwan André Patton
Place of BirthSavannah, Georgia
OccupationProfessional rapper, actor, and producer
Net Worth Estimate$60 000 000
Height1.67 m
Weight90 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Wife/Spouse (Name)Sherlita Patton
married 2002
ChildrenCross Patton, Bamboo Patton, Jordan Patton