Baylen Levine Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

Have you ever wondered what Baylen Levine net worth was? Have you ever given thought to how much you think he makes? If you are a real fan of Baylen Levine, it is natural for these thoughts to come to your mind, particularly Baylen Levine’s net worth.


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Besides knowing Baylen Levine net worth, you are also likely to be interested in trivial facts about him, such as his height, weight, zodiac sign, and hair color.

Therefore, if you are looking to discover more about the life of the young superstar Baylen Levine net worth and how he became so popular and rich, this article will certainly provide all the answers you seek.

Who is Baylen Levine?


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One of the most underrated crafts in the world is the art of making other people laugh or smile. It takes more courage, selflessness, and kindness than you think. Much more than the earnings, fame, or accolades it brings, you have to bring yourself to the place of happiness, even when you are not happy, to put smiles on the faces of countless others.

Furthermore, you also must be able to think on your feet and adapt like never before to generate Interesting content that meets the standard and passes the right message across. This and more are the boxes that young Baylen Levine has ticked.

It is even more difficult for a young person to have accrued so much wealth and fame through one of the unlikeliest sources–comedy on social media; however, this is what Baylen Levine has managed to achieve.

The 21 years old superstar was born on the 30th of October, 2000, in the United States. The young superstar has managed to keep his private life a secret since he burst into the stage as an influencer and popular figure on the internet.

Born in the United States, Baylen Levine is a top American social media celebrity who has developed a brand in the social media space with his name. He has developed a YouTube channel named after himself and titled “Baylen Levine.” He is known to make different funny vlogs, pranks, funny storytimes contents, and videos on his YouTube channel for more than 2 million subscribers.

Baylen Levine is also a huge personality on Instagram, with more than 831k followers. His official account is also named after him and called ” Baylenlevine,” which also enjoys great daily viewership. Baylen Levine has an average of 180,000 likes to 300000 likes per post.

He also has a strong presence on Tik-Tok with a strong following of more than 2.7 million fans. Baylen Levine has an online store that runs on his website where he sells different accessories and has established his clothing line, which his followers majorly patronize.

Baylen Levine is a young man who shared a wonderful childhood with his parents and sister. Although he has managed to keep his family’s affair as private as possible, he has only revealed his sister fully and featured his father on his YouTube videos a couple of times.

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Baylen Levine Net Worth Estimate

One of the most asked questions surrounding the life of Baylen Levine is how much he earns and what his net worth is. Baylen Levine is a popular young figure on social media. His net worth will depend mainly on his craft, skill, and social media influence.

Baylen Levine has done well for himself and has generated income through several means on social media. He has also made a lot of money from other media handles such as Tik-Tok and Instagram, apart from YouTube, which he is famous for.

The young superstar has been able to charge a fair amount through sponsorship which is amplified by the number of followers. Baylen Levine boasts about 3 million YouTube subscribers and gets an average of 1.3 million views on each video posted.

He also posts a followership of close to 1 million on Instagram and gives an average of 180,000 to 300000 likes on each post. On tik-tok, his fanbase is also growing as he has accumulated a total of 3.7 million fans on the platform.

Asides from this, Baylen Levine has a merchandising business on his e-commerce store, which is hosted on his website. He sells different accessories and floats his clothing line on the platform. As a result, Baylen Levine net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million. Although this is not the precise estimate, it is close to his actual worth.

Baylen Levine’s Early Life

Born on the 30th of October, 2000, the 21-year-old American social media superstar was born and raised in America. Baylen Levine found himself in a Christian home and was raised the Christian way. He shared a lovely childhood with his little sister, Lilah Levine.

Baylen, whose real name is Ben Levine, has protected his parents from all of the social media drama. After research, we were able to uncover the identity of his parents. However, several speculations that he had shown off his father in one of his videos.

No record talks about his father or mother or their names or professions. Levine quit school to pursue his social media content creation career. He was given two options; to either quit YouTube and stop making videos that were considered inappropriate by the school or leave the school.

Surprisingly, Baylen Levine chose the latter and concentrated on his social media career. So far, it has paid off well, with Baylen Levine net worth increasing tremendously.

Baylen Levine’s Height and Weight

Baylen Levine is a young guy concerned about his fitness, mostly a function of his height and weight. As a result, Baylen Levine exercises every day to keep his body in great shape. Baylen Levine is about 5 feet and 9 inches tall, while his weight is around 68 kg, approximately 136 lbs.

Baylen has a pair of lovely dark brown colored eyes and brown hair to complement his excellent frame. Baylen Levine is a white boy who is of caucasian ethnicity. He has a chest of 38 inches, biceps of 12.5 inches, and a waist of 27 inches.

Baylen Levine’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Originally named Ben Levine, Baylen Levine was given birth on the 30th of October 2000. Even though his place of delivery is not known precisely, he was born in the United States of America. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. The superstar has managed to keep his family business away from the eyes of the public.

As a result, his parents are still unknown and are not discussed on any of his channels, although there are rumors that his father had featured on one of his YouTube videos. Baylen Levine has a sister called Lilah Levine, who shared his childhood and most of his early life with him.

Baylen Levine was raised in the Christian way with his lovely little sister. Baylen Levine left school to focus on his musical career. He was accused of making inappropriate videos and was asked to stop his YouTube career or leave the school.

Baylen Levine chose the latter and left school to concentrate fully on his YouTube career. As a result of this decision, Baylen Levine’s net worth has grown tremendously, making his a force to be reckoned with despite his young age.

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Baylen Levine’s Career

One of the most challenging crafts to master is the art of consistently making people smile. You have to be highly innovative and must be able to sustain their interest for a lot of time. This and more is what Baylen Levine has been able to achieve.

Baylen Levine has grown profiles on different social media platforms to earn a lot of cash and place on our list. In 2017, Baylen Levine registered on YouTube and created his channel. He created and posted his first video centered around farting and was titled “farting on people prank!” around the early part of 2018.

After Baylen left school, he concentrated on his YouTube and persist in sharing more visual content. Some of his popular videos on YouTube are Call of Duty and Car Wash Hostage, and currently, Baylen has over 2.4 million followers including subscribers with over 270 million views on YouTube.

As a result of his videos, which some were considered funny and bold, Baylen Levine’s net worth and followership have significantly increased.

Baylen Levine also has a great following on Instagram, with many followers. On Instagram, he has an average of 180 000 likes to 300 000 likes per post. His followership measured on Instagram is estimated to be over 1 million. which helps him generate a lot of money and has enhanced Baylen Levine net worth.

His presence on Tik-tok has also grown tremendously, helping him reach even more people with his content, thereby guaranteeing more sponsorship. In most of Baylen Levine’s videos, an employee of a gas station called Mr.

Khan always features and acts as a central character in his prank videos. As a result of his frequent features, Mr. Khan has become a household name associated with Baylen Levine social media entertainment; therefore, he sold funny stickers of Mr. Khan as part of his merchandise on his website.

Over the years, Baylen has been able to build a name for himself. and He is rated as one of the top social media influencers and TikTok users in the US.

Baylen Levine’s Personal Life and Family


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Baylen Levine’s personal life and family have been appropriately managed and kept away from the public. As a result, his mother and father’s identity remains unknown, although there are several rumors that he had featured his father on one of his shows.

However, the young superstar has released the identity of one of his family members; his sister, Lilah Levine. Baylen has also kept his relationship status a secret, as we have not found any record of him dating anyone in the past or currently.

Baylen later released a video explaining why he dropped out of school, explaining the role of the school in making him leave, stating that he was presented with little or no options. Baylen Levine net worth and wealth have allowed him to buy a house in Florida, Jacksonville in the United States.

Baylen Levine’s zodiac sign is Scorpio. This explains why traveling is amongst his hobbies. With a net worth of $1.2 million, Baylen Levine net worth ranks high amongst other social media personalities’ net worth in the country and shows Baylen’s worth.

Baylen Levine is an exciting person who has a great love for pets. He also does not have a tattoo; however, Baylen is a vegetarian but runs away from the music. Baylen’s favorite actor Tom Holland, while Bugha is the best video gamer, best media personality is Addison Rae and his favorite sport is basketball. Baylen’s favorite rapper is Iann Dior, and Tesla is his favorite car.

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Baylen Levine Net Worth and Bio Summary

Baylen Levine’s net worth has increased due to his multiple income streams through social media. Baylen Levine has a strong presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik-tok, and YouTube; Baylen Levine has grown more than a million followers on Instagram and close to 3 million or more on Tik-tok.

Baylen Levine has been able to earn through brand deals, sponsorship, merchandise advertisement, and earnings from YouTube directly. Baylen Levine also sells many accessories and floats his clothing line through his e-commerce website.

With all of his efforts and earning as much as $59.1k to $944.9k from YouTube, Baylen Levine Net worth is estimated to be more than $1.2 million. The 21-year-old social media sensation is about 62 kg and has a height of 1.85m.

NameBaylen Levine
Real NameBen Levine
Date of birthOctober 30th, 2000
Place of BirthNil
SiblingsLilah Levine
Net Worth Estimate$1.2 million