Bald and Bankrupt Net Worth | How Much Does He Make?

Bald and Bankrupt net worth and the person behind the wealth is just as interesting as the name suggest and will leave you wanting to know more? If you do, you’ve come to the right place because that is exactly what this article is about and more!

As an added bonus, we will be covering some of the scandals surrounding Bald and Bankrupt and figuring out exactly why he has so many haters, but we’ll leave the final judgment call to you.


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Then, lastly, we’ll take a look at the career of the successful Youtuber who went from hero to zero and from bankrupt to multi-millionaire by living his dream life, traveling the world, and becoming one of the world’s most famous travel vloggers of the modern century. So, are you ready to learn all about Bald and Bankrupt? Let’s embark on our journey!

Who is Bald and Bankrupt?


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Bald and Bankrupt is a world-famous English, author, and vlogger who specializes in creating travel-based videos. He currently has 3.46 million subscribers and 486 million views which is a dynamically successful amount of views and subscribers than any Youtuber strives for.

Although his Youtube name is Bald and Bankrupt, he was born with the name Benjamin Rich which is presumably what his close friends and relatives call him. However, his fans most likely call him by his Youtube name. His Youtube channel started after he filed for bankruptcy after one of his business attempts failed.

(Hence the “Bankrupt” title in his name) After this happened he shaved all of the hair off of his head ( Hence the “Bald title in his name.) He then journeyed into the slums of India where he first started his vlog.

So, who is Bald and Bankrupt? He is an internationally-loved vlogger and author who travels to various regions of India and Europe and shows his viewers that it is, in fact, possible to travel on a budget.

He does not indulge in exquisite cuisine, fancy hotels, luxurious boat cruises, or VIP transportation. As a matter of fact, he rather travels to poverty-stricken areas, stays in budget-friendly hotels, eats affordable meals, and travels like an average joe that does not have a lot of money to spend which is what makes Bald and Bankrupt’s net worth so extraordinary.

It is not that he does not have the money to travel in luxury,  yet he chooses to travel on a budget to show his viewers what it is like to be broke. Also, travel vlogging is not the only thing Bald and Bankrupt is good at.

As I mentioned before, he is also an author and has written and published a book which we will go into more detail on a bit later on in this article. So, in a nutshell, Bald and Bankrupt is more than your average vlogger. He sends a message through what he does.

He comes from a tough background and has tasted the disappointment and hopelessness of failure. However, at the end of the day it is not about how many times you fall, but about how many times you get up and you only fail when you quit.

Bald and Bankrupt‘s business venture may have failed and he lost everything, but instead of giving up he used his circumstances and transformed them into success.

Being bankrupt himself, he recorded himself in poverty-stricken areas in India and then moved along to Europe while traveling on the budget of a broke person even though the money he was making from his views and subscribers probably would have allowed him to travel in leisure and luxury.

He is a true icon of perseverance and not allowing your circumstances to define your future or your success. So, now that we know a bit more about who Bald and Bankrupt is, let’s take a look at the flip side of the coin.

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The Downsides of The Bald and the Bankrupt

Naturally, it doesn’t matter whether you are doing good deeds or bad deeds, in the world of fame you are guaranteed to collect some haters. Bald and Bankrupt is no exception to this. Youtuber Topsen is one of these people who do not share the liking that Bald and Bankrupt’s fans do of him.

As a matter of fact in his video that he called “Bald and Morally Bankrupt,” he analyses the Youtubers video on the poorest town in Russia and points out some downsides to his moral capacity. For starters, he highlights the sexist remarks that Bald and Bankrupt made toward the Russian cops.

Some of these remarks included statements such as saying that they have “figure hugging uniforms”, making remarks about their breasts, and saying that he would stop for needless directions maybe just to feel the slightest hint of their breath on his skin.

Topsen also accused Bald and Bankrupt of Supporting Dictators in his analysis of the video as well as making racially charged jokes, but the facts behind this are unknown. There is also mention of a rape case that Bald and Bankrupt, also known as Benjamin Swift was involved in with a 26-year-old female.

However, the case was thrown out in court. The details of the case may be found by following this link.

 Furthermore, later on in the video, Topsen shows a snippet where Bald and Bankrupt strongly implies that rape is the fault of the victims by saying that it “could and should have been avoided” and that if he (quote unquote) walked through a dangerous part of Rio de Janerio with a Rolex and it got stolen” no one would have sympathy for me.” 

A direct quote from one of his videos goes as follows: 

“However, when a young pretty western girl decides to visit a remote beauty spot on a motorcycle with two Indian men she met just an hour earlier and ends up the victim of an assault, I’m not supposed to blame her for her stupidity.”

In other words, what Topsen seems to be implying and how Bald and Bankrupt’s message appears to be coming across is that being assaulted as a female is her own fault for being in the wrong area or with the wrong people.

Topsen also isn’t the only Youtuber who has a problem with Bald and Bankrupt, there are multiple videos that claim to expose his true colors, but at the end of the day, each of us have to decide for ourselves and make our own conclusions. He does in fact have interesting content, but some of his opinions may be questionable.

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Bald and Bankrupt’s Net Worth

Despite his chosen name, Bald and Bankrupt is not quite as bankrupt as his name implies he is. As a matter of fact, Bald and Bankrupt’s net worth is currently estimated to be at 27.88 million which is an excessive amount for any celebrity and a lot more than plenty of world-famous rappers have gathered for themselves.

Bald and Bankrupt’s Height and Weight

Bald and Bankrupt’s height is 6 feet 1 inch and his weight is roughly 187 pounds.

Bald and Bankrupt’s Career


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Bald and Bankrupt was not always a famous Youtuber like he is today. As a matter of fact, he used to be a businessman, or at least he aspired to be one.

It was only after his business venture fell to pieces and he was forced to file for bankruptcy that one of his close friends made the life-changing suggestion that Benjamin, who is now known as Bald and Bankrupt, start a travel vlog.

Thankfully, he listened to this advice and so his new career started. He did not only make a drastic career change, but he also made a drastic appearance change by shaving his head which is also where his Youtube channel’s name came from.

His channel was launched in June of 2018 when he first started documenting, reporting on, and traveling to the country of India and what used to be Soviet states. Although he gained a lot of views and followers by traveling through India, his predominant views and followers came from his travels through Europe.

Vlogging and documenting his travels isn’t the only thing that Bald and Bankrupt does. As a matter of fact, the vlogger wrote a book using the pseudonym Arthur Chichester and published it on the 12th of April 2018.

The book described how he experienced traveling through the areas of Belarus that were impacted by the Chernobyl catastrophe and he named it The Burning Edge: Travelling Through Irradiated Belarus.

The aspect that Bald and Bankrupt gained the most fame for is the fact that he aims to display the authenticity of how the “real” local citizens go about their daily lives.

He gained so much fame through doing this that the Daily Express newspaper covered Bald and Bankrupt and his  Youtube channel in June of 2019. His media publication fame did not stop there either. As a matter of fact, a variety of media outlets in the areas that he traveled to featured him in their publications.

For example, in January of 2019, The New Learn which is based in New Delhi also featured Bald and Bankrupt’s Youtube channel in one of their media outlets. He also exposed scams that were taking place against tourists at the New Delhi airports which was covered by the Hindustan Times in March of 2019.

This serves as proof of how well-deserved Bald and Bankrupt’s net worth really is. Not only has he gathered millions of views and followers on his Youtube channel, but he has also gained international exposure from media outlets for the content that he released. This is one of the true definitions of vlogging success.

To add the cherry on the top, some of the most successful YouTubers have also praised Bald and Bankrupt’s video content. One of these is Pewdiepie who is on the top 3 highest-earning and most famous list of Youtubers.

He, in fact, mentioned that Bald and Bankrupt is his favorite Youtuber in one of his episodes of Cold Ones, which is one of his Youtube podcast series.

On top of that, in September of 2019, a journalist that works for The Afisha Daily called Lyubava Zaitseva spoke rather highly of Bald and Bankrupt for refraining from exploring the famous tourist destinations, but rather exploring the more authentic areas and conversing with the locals as it did, in fact, make the experience more authentic.

As a matter of fact, she stated that he showed parts of Russia in ways that even Russians have never perceived before which I believe is a great compliment to receive. This serves as further proof that Bald and Bankrupt’s content stands out above all others and that he got to where he did with good reason.

His content is truly exquisite and shows parts of the world that most people have never seen before. He engages with locals from poverty-stricken areas where others would be too scared to venture into and he does not care about sleeping in fancy 5-star hotels like many other Youtubers do.

Therefore, Bald and Bankrupt’s net worth is well-deserved regardless of some of the questionable opinions and comments he may have.

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Bald and Bankrupt’s Personal Life

Although Bald and Bankrupt has his hands full with traveling the world it does not mean that he does not have time to spare for a love life. As a matter of fact, he used to be married to a Belarusian woman who he had a daughter with, but unfortunately, they got divorced.

He does, however, have a girlfriend at the moment called Alina and the couple seems to be very happy together.


So, is Bald and Bankrupt’s net worth something he deserves? I would definitely say that it is. There are a lot of scandals surrounding the world-famous vlogger, but at the end of the day, the content that he produces is one of a kind.

He lost everything and had to declare bankruptcy, but instead of quitting he got back up and started his YouTube channel where he started traveling into poverty-stricken areas and building relationships with the locals to show the world what it is truly like living in those areas.

By doing this, Bald and Bankrupt’s net worth went from zero to 27.88 million which is impressive, to say the least. This is a man who really knows how to go from hero to zero with nothing more than a good idea.

NameBald and Bankrupt
Real NameBenjamin Rich
Date of Birth1 July 1974
Net Worth Estimate27.88 million