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Bad Bunny Net Worth – How Rich Is This Multitalented Star?

Bad Bunny Net Worth Estimate

Bad Bunny net worth is currently estimated as being at somewhere between approximately $16 million dollars USD and $18 million dollars USD. The bulk of Bad Bunny net worth has come from his success in the rap and reggaeton music industry as well as in his career in professional wrestling.

Who is Bad Bunny?

 Bad Bunny at the 2018 American Music Awards

Image Credit: Kathy Hutchins/

Bad Bunny is a rap star, singer, producer, actor, and pro wrestler from Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny’s musical style is Latin trap, along with reggaeton, while also weaving in a variety of other genres including soul, rock, and bachata. Bad Bunny’s early hits were “Soy Poer”, “I Like It” and “Mia”.

Bad Bunny’s first album, which was called X 1000pre, won the Best Urban Music Album award at the Latin Grammy’s. Other successes of his include winning a regular Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album for his second album, YHLQMDLG, and being the first Latin rapper to ever appear on a Rolling Stone cover.

Bad Bunny’s real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.

Bad Bunny’s Career

 Bad Bunny rides float 92nd Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Image Credit: Lev Radin/

When Bad Bunny turned fourteen, he started writing his own music, ultimately posting his songs on the web service, Sound Cloud, some of the most notable ones being “Get”, “Tentación”, “Just Let Me Know”, and “Diles”. This last one was picked up by DJ Luian, who convinced Bad Bunny to sign up to Hear This Music, his recording label.

DJ Luian immediately connected Bad Bunny with the Mambo Kingz production team, who love his experimental musical style, as well as his bold fashion choices. They helped produce a number of his biggest hits, many of which have hit the United States’ Hot Latin Songs charts.

“Soy Peor” was a particular hit, hitting three hundred and thirty million You Tube views in less than a year of being posted. “Krippy Kush” and “Ahora Me Llama” also did enormous business, helping Bad Bunny net worth significantly in a relatively brief period of time.

In 2017, he signed up with the Cardenas Marketing Network, which led to an appearance on Becky G’s “Mayores” and hosting gig on the TV show Trap Kingz.

Later that same year, Bad Bunny’s song “Tu No Metes Cabra” reached the thirty eighty spot on Hot Latin Songs, and two collaborative songs with various major figures in the music industry, “Sensualidad” and “Te Boté” also did wonders for Bad Bunny net worth, hitting many charts.

In 2018, Bad Bunny appeared on a song with Cardi B and J Balvin called “I Like It”, which found international success, hitting the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, a massive achievement for Bad Bunny. On the song, he raps in three languages: Spanish, English, and Spanglish. It got a Grammy nomination.

Later that year, he also collaborated with Drake on “Mia”, which hit the Hot 100 in the fifth slot, as well as “Te Guste”, a collaboration with the superstar Jennifer Lopez. Then he left Hear This Music for Rimas Entertainment, and on Christmas Eve, Bad Bunny dropped his very first full album, which was called X 100pre.

Critics raved about Bad Bunny’s eclectic mix of genres on the album, blending rap, trap, reggaeton, 1980s style rock, pop punk, along with Dominican and Andean styles. Rolling Stone Magazine later placed X 100pre in the four hundred and forty seventh slot of their list of the Five Hundred Great Albums of All Time.

And in early 2019, Bad Bunny net worth grew even more when he sold out a concert in San Juan, Puerto Rico’s massive José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum. Later that year, he collaborated with J Balvin on a short album called Oasis. It reached the 9th spot on the Hot 100 and number one on the Latin Albums chart in the US.

In February 2020, Bad Bunny joined Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for the much vaunted halftime show at that year’s Super Bowl. On the only once in every four years date of February 29th of that year, Bad Bunny dropped his second album YHLQMDLG, which stood for “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana”, which is “I Do What I Want” in Spanish.

YHLQMDLG was a tribute to the garage parties that Bad Bunny would go to as a teenager, called marquesinas and debuted in the second slot on the Billboard 200, making it the highest charting Spanish language album to ever appear on the chart. Singles included “Vete”, “Ignorantes”, and “Yo Perreo Sola”.

In “Yo Perreo Sola”’s music video, Bad Bunny was praised for appearing in drag and including a message denouncing violence against and sexual harassment of women, both cis and trans. Bad Bunny spoke of deliberately writing the song from a female perspective.

“I do feel like that woman sometimes”, he said, linking how women are harassed in society with the harassment he himself faced as a public figure.

One of the lyrics in the final song, called “<3”, after the heart emoji, indicated that Bad Bunny would only make one more album before retiring, due to the stress that fame had impacted on his mental health, despite how it helped Bad Bunny net worth.

In mid-2020, Bad Bunny surprise dropped his third solo album, Las que no iban a salir, Spanish for “The Ones That Were Not Going to Come Out”, which mainly included previously recorded songs that he hadn’t yet released before that point. He partially did this in order to bring people hope during the dark COVID pandemic times.

In July of that year, he became the first man who wasn’t Hugh Hefner to appear on a Playboy cover. He was also granted the Songwriter of the Year Award by the ASCAP Latin Awards. Shortly afterwards, his next official new album, El Último Tour Del Mundo, came out. It was the first fully Spanish album to top the Billboard 200.

That year also saw Bad Bunny become the most globally streamed artist of the year on Spotify, the first time someone who sang in any other language than English had accomplished that lofty goal. The Guardian newspaper called him “the world’s biggest pop star” due to this massive achievement.

YHLQMDLG won Best Latin Pop Album of the Year Grammy Award. In the 20th of February 2021, he appeared on the prestigious Saturday Night Live as that week’s musical guest, and also appeared in two comedy sketches in that episode. Then his song “Yonaguni” became his 4th song to reach the Hot 100’s top 10.

In 2021, his first major acting role in the show Narcos: Mexico was finally released after COVID-19-induced delays to the production and release schedules. It was also announced that he’d be starring in a film with global superstar Brad Pitt.

Later that year, Bad Bunny won more awards than any other artist at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, namely 10, including the much sought after Artist of the Year award. Later that year, Bad Bunny was listed by Time Magazine as Owen of the world’s one hundred most influential celebrities.

Bad Bunny also won Best Rap Hip Hop Song and Best Urban Music Album at the Latin Grammys, and Best Latin Album at the regular Grammys. He was also the most globally streamed artist on Spotify again that year.

In 2021, Bad Bunny also became a professional wrestler, after a lifetime of being obsessed with the sport. Bad Bunny appeared during the Royal Rumble event on pay per view television, fighting The Miz and John Morrison. Afterwards, Bad Bunny was on the weekly series Monday Night Raw.

Bad Bunny then entered professional training sessions at the WWE, under the guidance of Drew Gulak and Adam Pearce. At the WWE 24/7 Championship, he fought Akira Tozawa and won with the help of Damian Priest. He held on to the title for twenty eight days.

Bad Bunny continued to pair with Damian Priest against John Morrison and the Miz, culminating in actual acrimony when John Morrison deliberately damaged his Bugatti that was valued at over three million American dollars.

In 2022, Bad Bunny took part in the Royal Rumble match, and managed to stay in up until finally managing to get to be one of the final five contestants, where he was ultimately eliminated by Brock Lesnar.

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Bad Bunny: Early Life

Bad Bunny was born on the tenth of March in the year 1994, under the birth name Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, in Almirante Sur barrio, located in Vega Baja in Puerto Rico. Bad Bunny’s mom was a teacher named Lysaurie Ocasio, and his dad, Tito Martínez, drove trucks for a living.

Bad Bunny grew up with two brothers, both of whom are younger than him, called Bysael and Bernie. Bad Bunny was a very happy child and was very close to his family.

Lysaurie fostered a love of music in Bad Bunny from a very young age, often playing Latin music such as merengue and salsa for herself and thus inspiring him to sing himself. Until he was thirteen years old, he sang regularly in his church’s choir, which his mom took him to every week, being an extremely religious woman.

Throughout his teenage years, Bad Bunny became entranced by such Latin musical artists as Héctor Lavoe and Daddy Yankee. Bad Bunny performed alone on stage for the first time in a talent show when he was in middle school.

At another point, the school made him wear a bunny costume for a production, and the ensuing photo of him, with an upset expression on his face, amusingly led to his eventual stage name, Bad Bunny.

While Bad Bunny was intensely shy, he also managed to channel his creativity and expression into freestyle rapping and became popular amongst the other kids due to his sense of humor and talent.

Despite the fact that his dad encouraged him to play baseball and his mom encouraged him to go into engineering, Bad Bunny instead chose to study audiovisual communication at university. He attended the University of Puerto Rico.

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Bad Bunny’s Personal Life and Family

Bad Bunny is an extremely private person, particularly for a celebrity, and remains shy. He’s known for leaving concerts immediately upon finishing them because crowds tend to overwhelm him, and he often leaves social media for stretches of time in order to decompress.

In 2017, Bad Bunny met Gabriela Berlingeri, who designs jewelry, at a restaurant, and they began a romantic relationship. In 2018, Gabrielle Berlingeri helped Bad Bunny record his popular song, “Te Guste”. Bad Bunny ensured that the relationship remained between the two of them until finally revealing it to the public in 2020.

Bad Bunny is a strong advocate for the rights of LGBTQ+ people, and has spoken about how grateful he is to the community for always supporting him. He has also spoken about the links between homophobia and acts of misogynist violence that he considers far too prevalent in Puerto Rico.

In 2020, when appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Bad Bunny wore a shirt to call attention to the murder of a Puerto Rican trans woman, and gay Latin icon Ricky Martin has called Bad Bunny himself an “icon for the Latin queer community”.

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Bad Bunny’s Social Media Influence

Bad Bunny has accounts on all of the major social media platforms, which helps contribute to Bad Bunny net worth. With that said, he is known for taking frequent breaks from social media, as he remains a private individual often described as being shy.


Bad Bunny has an official public verified Facebook account. Bad Bunny’s official public verified Facebook account has twelve million followers, while he himself is following 0 people in return.
Bad Bunny’s Facebook account is mainly used to plug his career, which helps Bad Bunny net worth continue to accumulate. On it, Bad Bunny posts clips of his music videos and live performances, information about upcoming albums, singles, tours, appearances, articles, and so on and so forth.


Bad Bunny has an official public verified Twitter account, however he does not use the name Bad Bunny on it. Bad Bunny’s official public verified Twitter account handle from which he tweets is @sanbenito, all lower case, which refers to his real name, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio.

On this platform, Bad Bunny currently has nearly four million followers and is himself following only one account in return as of the present time.

Bad Bunny mainly tweets in Spanish, messages to his fans, as well as his various thoughts and observations. Bad Bunny also retweets information about his career, music, upcoming appearances, videos, awards, interviews, articles, magazine covers, and so and so forth. Bad Bunny net worth is helped by his Twitter presence.


Bad Bunny has an official public verified Instagram account. Unlike his official public verified Twitter account, Bad Bunny uses his stage name on this account. Bad Bunny’s Instagram account handle is, likely a reference to his home country of Puerto Rico.

On this platform, Bad Bunny has two hundred and eleven thousand followers as of the present time and is himself following only thirty six people in return currently.

Bad Bunny mainly uses his Instagram to post candid photos of himself, often with friends, loved ones, and colleagues in the music industry, as well as to post short video clips of himself interacting with his fans, presenting his new and upcoming music, and so on and so forth.


Bad Bunny does not have a professional LinkedIn account as of the present time. This is perhaps not surprising as the sort of business networking that LinkedIn provides is not often required by people in the rap music and entertainment industries.

With that said, should the situation ever change and Bad Bunny choose to sign up for an official verified professional LinkedIn account, we will be sure to update this page with that information. Our goal is to keep our readers as informed as possible of all the latest news about Bad Bunny net worth, life, and career.


Bad Bunny has an official public verified TikTok account. Bad Bunny’s official public verified TikTok account handle is simply @badbunny, all lower case.

On this platform, Bad Bunny has over sixteen million followers as of the present time, along with one hundred and eleven million likes currently. Bad Bunny is himself following 0 accounts in return.

Bad Bunny’s TikTok account is full of short videos of himself speaking to his fans, spending time with his loved ones, sharing videos of his dog, and so on and so forth. Given how many followers he has on this platform, TikTok contributes to Bad Bunny net worth.

Bad Bunny: Height, Weight

Bad Bunny’s height is estimated to be about 5 feet and 9 inches, which is 180 in centimeters. Bad Bunny’s weight is not a matter in the public record but it is currently estimated as being about 165 pounds, or 75 kilos. Bad Bunny’s eye color is dark brown. Bad Bunny’s hair color is black.

Bad Bunny’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameBad Bunny
Real NameBenito Antonio Martínez Casio
Place of BirthVega Baja, Puerto Rico
Net Worth Estimate$18 Million