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Ash Kash Net Worth – Career, Age, Height, Bio, & More!

Ash Kash Net Worth Estimate:

Ash Kash net worth is currently believed to be at or around $500,000.00. The majority of Ash Kash net worth probably comes from her work on the Only Fans site, where she posts spicy photos and videos starring herself.

Ash kash Net Worth

As a social media influencer, however, it is likely that a portion of Ash Kash net worth comes from the companies she features in her posts.

It is currently unknown what major assets if any, Ash Kash owns. We do not know how many houses she owns, or the details of her art collection or her jewellery collection.

However, it seems likely she does own some nice pieces of jewelry as her brand is very centered on her beauty and her body.

Who is Ash Kash?

Ash Kash is a social media influencer and an Only Fans performer. However, that is not the only thing this ambitious woman is up to! She is also an entrepreneur, turning her skills with nail artistry into a business as well, called Heaven Sent Nails. This business is run in connection with or through her social media accounts.

Recently there have been a lot of rumors going around the internet that Ash Kash is a transgender woman. The influencer herself has taken to social media and released content refuting these rumors. In her video, she instructs people to use common sense and to take more care in reading the information they find on the internet.

Of course, this places Ash Kash in good company. She is not the only celebrity to have rumors going around that she is transgender. This also famously happened to megastar Lady Gaga when her career was just beginning.

It is not known at this time if Ask Kash is an ally or not to the LGBTQ+ community, despite her stance as not being a member.


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Ash Kash’s Career

Ash Kash moved from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angeles, California to pursue a modeling career. At this time it appears that Ash Kash is successfully living her dream. As a model, she works mainly in swimwear and lingerie and is an influencer-partner with the brand Fashion Nova.

The first step Ash Kash took to launch her career was creating an Instagram page in 2018 and stating on that platform that she intended to become a millionaire. And while she has not yet achieved that goal, the influencer is clearly living her best life and regularly increasing Ash Kash net worth closer to her stated goal.

Ash Kash’s fame was helped along by the rumored release of a sex tape, which was allegedly so amazing that it inspired rapper 1nonly to release a track about it. This song on its own has racked up over six million views on YouTube.

This boost in fame fits with another of the celebrity’s sources of income: her Only Fans account. Ash Kash posts spicy photos and videos to the account, though some people online have expressed disappointment at how tame and short much of the content is.

YouTuber FloridaMadeMG posted a video recording his reaction to spending money subscribing to Ash Kash’s account and his disappointment at the quality of the content. It is clear that for ForidaMadeMG at least, Ash Kash’s Only Fans was not good value for money.

At some point, Ash Kash signed with Social Kings, a celebrity management agency. Social Kings self describes as the “#1 Celebrity Marketing Agency” focusing on management, branding, and nfts, or non-fungible tokens.

Ash Kash, as we mentioned before, was the subject of rumors stating she was transgender, but this is not the only time the influencer and model have been the subject to wildly speculative social media theories. At one point fans of hers were very upset because they thought she was dead.

The controversy arose because Ash Kash’s Instagram page had been memorialized, an event reserved for celebrity accounts when they pass away. It is not known if the images that sparked the gossip and rumor were photoshopped or if there were simply a mistake on Instagram’s behalf that was quickly corrected.

We can confirm, however, that the model and influencer is currently posting new content and selfies from her Instagram account so it seems highly unlikely that she is, in fact, deceased at this time.

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Ash Kash: Early Life

Ash Kash was born in Chicago, Illinois in the United States of America. She was born on 9 January 1998, which was a Friday. Some sources report that her real name is Ashaley, but this has not been confirmed. No sources are currently reporting on what her real surname is.

Her father’s name is currently unknown but sources report that he is a businessman. Her mother’s name is also unknown at the present time but is reportedly both a housewife and an entrepreneur.

While we do not know for certain that her parents influenced her to start her own career and own business as a nail art technician, it is certainly possible.

Little is known of Ash Kash’s early life. It is assumed that she attended a local high school somewhere in or around Chicago, Illinois, but there is no information on which institution if any, she graduated from.

Similarly, sources cannot agree as to whether or not Ash Kash attended college or moved directly to Los Angeles, California to pursue her modeling career there. We have no information on how her education might have enabled the increase of Ash Kash net worth.

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Ash Kash’s Personal Life and Family

Ash Kash reveals very little about her personal and private life. We do not know the names of her brothers or sisters, or even if she has any. We do not know if she prefers men or women or if she dates both. We do not know if she is currently single or if she is seeing anyone.

If more information on any of these subjects comes to light in the future we will be sure to update this page with the details for all of Ash Kash’s adoring fans!


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Ash Kash’s Social Media Influence

Ash Kash is an influencer as well as a model and no doubt a large part of Ash Kash net worth comes from the sponsorships and paid content that arises from being an influencer. Below we have listed several of Ash Kash’s media accounts as well as flagged the platforms the celebrity is not on.

True fans of Ash Kash will want to definitely check out the Instagram section, as this is where the star is most active.


There are several profiles on Facebook that have the names Ash Kaashh and Ash Kash. Some of these even feature pictures of a woman that is or could be Ash Kash. However none of them are verified and none of them have the number of followers one would expect from a star-like Ash Kash.

There is also a blank profile for Ash Kaashh that appears to have all of its content deleted. It is possible the model and influencer once had a Facebook presence and removed it, but it is not known for certain at this time if this is in fact the case.

If Ash Kash creates or reactivates a Facebook profile or page in the future we will be sure to update all of her fans here with that information!


Ash Kash has an active Twitter profile under the handle @ash_kaashh. On that platform, Ash Kash has over six hundred thousand followers, while she herself follows only one hundred and ninety eight accounts.

Her current header profile is a cartoon of herself from the back wearing only a thong with the words “Kiss My Ash.” The “Ash” is a tattoo on her left glute that is accompanied by a stylized pair of lipstick kiss lips. This no doubt speaks to the star’s attitude and love of tattoos.

Most of the content posted to Twitter by Ash Kash (or whoever runs her social media accounts for her) is made up of tweets featuring pictures of herself or retweets of comments her followers or friends have made, some of which are funny and some of which are cute.


The vast majority of Ash Kash social media success (and probably Ash Kash net worth) comes from the model’s Instagram account. She has a profile on that platform under the handle @ash.kaashh and has more than two million and seven hundred thousand followers, while she herself follows only one hundred and seventy three people.

Most of the pictures featured on Ash Kash’s Instagram account are of her lovely self. Many are selfies and many show off the model showing off clothing. She favors lingerie, swimwear, and other revealing textiles that showcase her body.

It has been reported by sources that Ash Kash also maintains a separate Instagram for her nail business, Heaven Sent Nails, but at this time such an account is nowhere to be found. It is not clear if that account was merged with Ash Kash’s main account, if it was deleted, or if it never even existed at all.

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Ash Kash does not appear to have a LinkedIn account at this time. While there are over a dozen people on that website that use the name Ash Kash, none of them includes a profile photo which might confirm that the social media influencer and professional nail artist maintains an account here.

The closest match is a makeup artist that goes by the name Ash Kash, but this does not appear to be the same woman. If we get information in the future that Ash Kash has opened a LinkedIn profile we will be sure to update her fans here by including it in a later version of this article!


Ash Kash, or Ash Kaashh as she often goes by on social media, does have a current TikTok account under the username @ash.kaash. The social media star, however, apparently does not get much out of TikTok or has deleted the vast majority of any videos she may have posted.

The most recent TikTok video on this account dates back to 2020. Most of the videos are simply Ash Kash posing with music playing in the background. Some feature the star in a bikini or other flattering clothes which accentuate the figure which has done so much to increase Ash Kash net worth.

It is not clear if the videos were done in conjunction with any major fashion or swimwear brands as sponsors or if they were simply the instagram star exploring a new platform.

Ash Kash: Height, Weight

The influencer and model is noted for her beautiful and shapely physique which has done a lot to increase Ash Kash net worth. Her proportions are not those of the classical model, however. Her height is only 5 feet 5 inches (or 165 centimeters), which is lower than the average for classical models.

Ash Kash has a lush figure and her frame beautifully supports her 121 pounds of weight (which is 55 kilograms in the metric system of measurement). Her measurements are reported to be a 34 bust, 28 waist, and 35 hip line. This gives the model a classic hourglass shape which is appealing to many.

The Instagram influencer has a beautiful array of freckles that complement her eyes, the color of which is reported by some to be green and by others to be hazel. Her hair color is light brown, though some have described it as being dark blond. She frequently wears her hair in ringlets or curls.

Ash Kash has a reported shoe size of 5, pierced ears, and a few tattoos. Some sources report that Ash Kash really loves tattoos, but there is currently no known information on whether or not she intends to get more done, or what they will be if she does.

Ash Kash Net Worth & Bio Summary

NameAsh Kash
Real NameUnverified
Place of BirthChicago, Illinois, USA
OccupationInfluencer, Model
Net Worth Estimate$500,000.00