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Sometimes a radio show host comes along that capture’s the nation’s heart and adoration. The voices of the radio hosts are the ones that get us through our tough mornings, workdays, and long commutes. They inspire us, engage us, help us stay informed, and get through the day with a smile while listening to the music we love.

Angela Yee is one such person and has that captivating voice. You know her by her impressive work. But, do you know Angela Yee net worth, her height and weight, her early and personal life, and more? In the following paragraphs, you have a chance to learn more about one of America’s brightest stars in radio and TV.

Who is Angela Yee?


Angela Yee is most famous for being a US radio personality. Namely, she is the host of the nationally-recognized morning show called The Breakfast Club on the Power 105.1 station.

The show is in charge of waking up America as its time slot is from 6 AM to 10 AM.

Moreover, Angela splits her hosting duties with two equally charming radio personalities and celebrities – DJ Envy and Charlamagne tha God.

This isn’t her first experience on radio, though. American listeners know her from the shows The Morning After and Lip Service, too. All of those years spent in the public’s eye and the entertainment industry have led to an increase in Angela Yee net worth.

As a dynamic person, Angela’s work and achievements don’t stop there. She is pretty active in helping her community and supporting initiatives that want to change the world and the lives of people for the better.

As a result, she serves on the Board of Governors of the We Are Family Foundation. The Foundation was started as a nonprofit organization by Nile Rodgers after the 9/11 attacks. Also, Angela is a member of the board of the American Foundation for the University of West Indies.

Her association and interest with education and increasing opportunities for children who want to educate themselves are seen through her appointment as the first ambassador for the New York Public Library system.

As a person of color, herself, Angela Yee is a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, too. In 2019, she became a BSE Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement Ambassador.

A fun fact is that actually there is an Angela Yee Day. In 2018, New York City’s then-mayor de Blasio declared August 28 in her honor and named it that way.

This is far from Angela’s only honor. The list of other awards and honors that have been given to her includes the MIW Airblazer Award, WEEN Mission Award, Gracie Award, Vice Chancellor’s Achievement Award, Shirley Chisolm Woman of Distinction Award, and more.

Angela Yee Net Worth Estimate


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Estimates point out that Angela Yee net worth is around six million US dollars. A large portion of that sum has been amassed through her radio career. Besides the radio, she has been involved with TV shows and programs, as well, making her a proper entertainment and pop personality.

This proves that Angela is one of the most diligent people working in American media right now. Another factor for that is her estimated annual salary of two million dollars.

It should be noted that Angela Yee net worth has been significantly increased thanks to her business ventures and endeavors. She has successfully added to her wealth plenty of dollar bills as a result of Juices for Life – a popular juice bar located in Brooklyn.

As an entrepreneur, media personality, and activist, Angela Yee is one of America’s biggest names and someone who will only grow in popularity. She represents an inspiration to women and girls everywhere and has proven that you can build a name for yourself. And her hard-working spirit led to high Angela Yee net worth.

Angela Yee’s Height, Weight

Angela is born on January 3, 1976. Her height is 1.8 meters (around 5.25 feet). Moreover, she weighs 50 kilograms (around 110 pounds).

Angela Yee’s Place of Birth and Early Life

Before all of the talk about Angela Yee net worth, profession, and successful career, she was just an ordinary child interested in a lot of current industries like marketing, writing, and so on.

Angela Yee is born and raised in Brooklyn, New York City in the United States. So, you can say that New York runs in her blood.

The now popular radio presenter is a child of an Afro-Montserratian mother and a Chinese-born father who raised her in Flatbush in Brooklyn. As a girl she got her education at Brooklyn’s Poly Prep school, entering through the Prep for Prep program.

When it was time for higher education, Angela has chosen Wesleyan University, where she majored in English. She went on to graduate in 1997.

Furthermore, her interest didn’t exactly lie in that field. She started pursuing jobs in the marketing and music industries after graduation. Evidently, she succeeded and now America associates her name with radio stations and media.

Angela Yee’s Career

Angela Yee’s name and voice are familiar to many people, especially, those that listen to the radio and follow radio shows closely. She has a specific personality that is completely suitable for her job as a radio presenter. She has worked in this position for quite a while and gained extensive experience. But her career stretches further than just this occupation.

She began her professional life in the marketing and music industries. Firstly, she was an intern and helped the CEO of Wu-Tang Management. Then, she worked for a clothing brand for a short time. It was for the company Shady Limited. Yet apparently this wasn’t her call.

That’s why she grabbed the opportunity to join Sirius Satellite Radio. This was in fact Eminem’s radio station and she was offered gigs on the channel Shade 45. More precisely, there she hosted the Morning Show and Lip Service with Angela Yee. And she was the co-host of various shows among which was The Cipha Sounds Effect.

Later, her morning show got a new name ‘The Morning After with Angela Yee’. Her career started to kick off from here as many people learned her name and discovered her talent. So, in 2010 she left this station and went to Power 105.1. There she was the host of the Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God and DJ Envy. Actually, during these days she gained most of her fans.

Following this, Angela was appointed as a correspondent to Sucker Free on MTV 2. And then her professional path led her to the reality show Gossip Game. It was a show made by VH1 and she was given a role in it in 2013.

What’s more, the episode she was in featured seven women from New York that worked in the blogging and radio industries. So, this was really up her alley. Despite this, she continued to try new things and expand her chances to maintain high Angela Yee net worth.

That’s how she ended up being a manager of artists. In her portfolio are some big recording names like Jay Electronica, GZA as well as 360 that truly pronounced her management skills. With this in mind, in 2016, she led her brand of juice bars known as Juices for Life into opening a fourth location. This proved that she is as successful as a businesswoman.

Eventually, it’s worth mentioning that her willingness to learn and try new things contributed to the high Angela Yee net worth and her involvement in the world of books. In 2017, together with Simon and Schuster and Atria Books, Angela started a book club. It was called Kickin’ It From the Stoop and it was focused on encouraging more people to read. Also, it celebrated and promoted literature in general.

Another business of hers that wasn’t profit-centered is CUP, which stands for Coffee Uplifts People. It’s a coffee brand that she established in 2021. It doesn’t largely impact Angela Yee net worth but it’s not bad, either. Mainly, it represents her passion project to ensure the beans come ethically. Accompanying this is her intention to help people of color in communities that produce coffee to earn more money.

After all of these professions and experimenting, it’s clear that Angela Yee had a long career path behind her but a long way ahead of her, as well.

Angela Yee’s Personal Life and Family


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In general, Angela Yee is a person that likes to keep her personal life private. So, not much is known about it. It’s clear that she is focused on business and keeps herself busy all the time with different jobs and responsibilities. This has possibly affected her personal life and Angela Yee net worth along the way.

She was never married. Still, the press linked her with multiple famous names from the opposite gender but none of them remained very long in her life. Her most recent boyfriend may finally be an exception.

Even though Angela doesn’t reveal who he is, she seems happy with him and wants to keep him away from everyone else. What is known about him is that he is from Detroit. Their relationship started in 2019 or maybe even some period earlier and they seem to be as in love as the first day.

Although these two live in completely different cities, Angela has said that he supports her a lot and flies frequently to New York so that they can spend time together.

Just like her, the guy prefers to be away from the spotlight and according to her, doesn’t want to share his life or business on blogs, social media, and similar public channels. Looks like she has found the perfect match.

Actually, this secrecy and Angela’s determination to keep the public wondering about her personal life has led to many rumors and speculations. In turn, this has only helped Angela Yee net worth in the long run. In 2015, the media wrote that she dated Joyner Lucas, who is a rapper from Massachusetts.

Some of his hits include I’m Not Racist and Ross Capicchioni as well as a few remixes. They are usually in the hip-hop genre. Also, he has released his first album ADHD in 2020, which made him more popular in the eyes of fans of this music.

Reportedly, Angela had an encounter with him, which is why they were linked together. But it’s not confirmed whether a romantic relationship happened between the two.

Aside from Joyner, among Angela Yee’s supposed love interest was the rapper Plies, as well. She has interviewed him a few times and they were seen together in 2015. Not to mention that he defended her during the controversy related to Gucci Mane in 2019. He said that she remained true to herself and didn’t sacrifice her integrity and dignity in an industry that men dominate. So, it’s clear why they were connected together romantically by the fans.

One of her relationships that was officially confirmed, though, was with Vado, the rapper. Born in New York, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry like French Montana, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. Moreover, he is a part of DJ Khaled’s record label We The Best Music.

They seemed happy together when they were spotted in 2010 until they separated due to their busy schedules. Still, he later participated in Angela’s podcast, and in an interview, she said that he is really nice.

All of these rumors and relationships contributed further to Angela Yee net worth state and the increased public buzz about her.

When speaking about Angela Yee net worth, we must mention her family as that’s where everything begins. She was raised by an Afro-Montserratian mother and a Chinese father. They divorced while she was studying at college but continued to live together, so she didn’t notice.

Angela Yee’s Net Worth & Bio Summary

All in all, Angela Yee net worth is astounding and her life and career even more so. As we could see in the previous paragraphs, she has had an extensive and diverse career that led her to have an exciting life and meet a lot of famous people.

In truth, she likes to keep her life as private as possible but the details that are known about her are interesting and enough to pique people’s interest. The high Angela Yee net worth is proof of this.

For more specifics about her, check out the table below.

NameAngela Yee
Real NameAngela Yee
Place of BirthNew York
OccupationRadio personality, entrepreneur
Net Worth Estimate6 million USD