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Angela Simmons Net Worth | How Much Does She Earn?

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Daughter of the famous rapper, Doctor Run aka Joseph Simmons, Angela Simmons is famous in her own right. She is a fashion and shoe designer, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and reality star. So, we wondered what is Angela Simmons net worth? How much does she earn?

In this article, we’ll cover Angela Simmons net worth, her career, personal life, and her family. Let’s dive in!

Who is Angela Simmons?

Angela Simmons Net Worth - October 28, 2019 NY: Angela Simmons wearing dress by Dona Matoshi attends Angel Ball 2019 hosted by Gabrielle's Angel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street

New York, NY – October 28, 2019: Angela Simmons wearing dress by Dona Matoshi attends Angel Ball 2019 hosted by Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street. Editorial credit: lev radin /

Angela Simmons is a well-known celebrity. She found fame and fortune at an early age. She and her older sister Vanessa spent the latter part of their teenage years sharing every part of their lives with the public in the reality show “Run’s House”.

Yet, it wasn’t television that built Angela Simmons fortune. She is a fashion and shoe designer and entrepreneur. She also has her own line of beauty products.

Still, Angela Simmons is not all about earning money. She is also a philanthropist. She supports PETA and child education charities and she actively supports young fashion designers who are trying to make it in the world of business.

Angela Simmons Place of Birth and Early Life

Angela Renee Simmons was born in Queens New York on the 18th of September 1987. She is one of six children. Her mother is Valerie Vaughn and her father, Joseph Simmons, is the hip-hop icon. Reverend Run, her father, is a founding member of the famed rap group, Run DMC. He is also the co-founder of Jam Records and has an estimated net worth of around $70 mill.

Joseph Simmons has the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and Tantris and he has an interest in Run Athletics, the family shoe business.

Angela has two full siblings, a brother, rapper, Joseph Simmons, and an older sister, Vanessa Simmons. She also has three half-siblings born of her father’s second marriage. They are Russell Simmons II, Victoria Anne Simmons (deceased), and Diggy Simmons also a rapper. Victoria died from a birth defect shortly after she was born. Angela’s parents adopted Miley Simmons sometime after Victoria’s death.

Angela’s parents separated in 1992. In 1994, Angela’s father married Justine Simmons, Angela’s stepmother.

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Angela Simmons Career


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Angela Simmons was interested in fashion from an early age. She attended the High School of Fashion Industries. After graduation, she went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology. She dropped out after a year to start a footwear range with her sister, Vanessa.

Pastry Footwear and Apparel

The sisters launched Pastry Footwear on the 23rd of March 2007. They pitched the brand as part of Run Athletics, the family footwear business. Pastry Footwear started with just four pairs of shoes, all designed by the sisters and named for cakes. Their shoe wear collection was big enough to grow Angela Simmon net worth rapidily! They formed part of a junior footwear lifestyle brand.

Their target audience was girls between the ages of 13 and 18 who aspired to dress like their idols from “Run’s House”. The sisters used social media platforms like MySpace to connect with their target audience. The brand was hugely successful, turning $10.5 million worth of shoes in the first year.

The Cake Collection featured shoes called strawberry fruitcake, Chocolate Mouse Cake, and Red Velvet Cake as part of the collection. The shoes were packaged with a tube of lip gloss scented to match the theme of the shoes.

The sisters eventually expanded the brand to include apparel, watches, handbags, accessories, hats, and more. The goods were sold in more than fifteen countries. By April 2009 the brand was worth around $50 million. All Pastry products sold at between $15 and $150 which meant that the product was affordable for the target market. This helped the brand to expand.

Despite their success, the Pastry brand was not without controversy. The Revenue Services issued liens against the sisters for outstanding tax and one of their business partners claimed to have been cheated out of profits.

According to the official pastry website, pastry serves 200 universities and 250,000 dancers from across the globe. The brand has also expanded into apparel. Pastry supports several charities including Janie’s Fund, Steve Tyler’s charity bringing healing to girls who have been abused and neglected.

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Angela Simmons in Reality Television

Angela Simmons net worth skyrocketed after Angela and the rest of the Simmons family played in the reality television program Run’s House from 2005 to 2009. She and her sister also played in “Daddy’s Girls” an MTV reality show in 2009. “Daddy’s Girls” ran for two seasons. The show, a spin-off of “Run’s House” tells the story of Angela and her sister, Vanessa as they set up business in Los Angeles.

Angela Simmons has also starred in Growing Up Hip Hop with Romeo Miller. She was the Executive Producer of this reality show. The show premiered on the 7th of January 2016. It told the story of the lives of children of hip-hop stars. The show was such a success that it led to the spin-off shows “Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta” and “Growing up Hip Hop New York”. This year, to boost Angela Simmons net worth even more, she will do season six of the reality show, “Growing up HipHop”.

Also, AspireTV is bringing back another season of “Just Angela”. ALLBLK will also stream a second season of “Social Society”. “Just Angela” shows how Angela manages her recent move from New City to Atlanta. The show will take the viewer through Simmons purchase of a new house in suburban Georgia, another smart purchase towards Angela Simmons net worth.

Angela Simmons Other Interests

Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons in the Press Room at the 21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards. Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA. 03-10-07

Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons in the Press Room at the 21st Annual Soul Train Music Awards. Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA. 03-10-07. Editorial credit: s_bukley /

Angela Simmons net worth is not huge by accident, Angela has always been very active in her businesses. In 2006, Angela signed a deal with American magazine Word Up. She would produce a mini-magazine called Angela’s Rundown. It was a teenage fashion magazine, covering topics like music and fashion. Simmons continued her teenage publication until Word Up stopped publishing in 2012.

Angela also has her own skincare brand called Simmons Beauty. She markets her products through her huge following on social media. She also collaborates with other famous beauty brands.

In 2015, Simmons created Foofie and Bella a faux fur range, along with Sanya Richards-Ross, the Olympian athlete. This started her career as a clothing designer and that is when Angela Simmons net worth started to increased by quite a bit.

She is the owner of the lifestyle brand “Angela I am” and runs her own YouTube Channel the “Just Angela Show”. The channel alternates between business, beauty, and fitness-related videos.

Angela also appeared on the television series “Fashion World Live” from 2008 to 2014 and on “Real” in 2016. She acted in an episode of the series “Style Code Live” in 2016. She took the part of herself.

She has acted in nine movies between 2010 and 2019 and has hosted several television shows. These shows include two series of Project Runway and one of the Cupcake Wars.

Part of Angela Simmons net worth is in her social media account. 7.1 million people follow Angela Simmons’ on Instagram. She has 1.8 million Facebook followers. 1.1 million people follow her on Twitter. 23K people subscribe to her YouTube channel.

Angela Simmons Personal Life and Family


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In 2006, Angela dated rapper, Bow Wow. The relationship lasted till 2009 with a small break in between during which Angela went out Terry TK Kennedy. Bow Wow and Angela remain good friends to this day.

All in all, Angela has had a busy dating life. In 2009, she went out with rapper, Skilz. She has also been seen out with footballer, Julius Peppers and Rob Kardashian, brother of Kim.

In 2012, the media reported that Angela was dating Romeo Miller but both claimed that this wasn’t true. They continue to act together in “Growing up Hip Hop” and the rapper and Angela continue to grab celebrity headlines.

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Angela Simmons and Sutton Tennyson

In April 2016, Angela got engaged to Sutton Tennyson. She had kept her relationship with Tennyson under wraps for months probably because of his criminal past. Sutton Tennyson was a convicted felon. He did time for carrying a concealed weapon in 2000. He later returned to prison on charges of identity theft, credit card forgery, possession of drugs, and obstruction of the police. He was released from jail in 2010.

On the 22nd of September 2016, Sutton Joseph Tennyson was born to Angela Simmons. Her pregnancy had caused a backlash on social media as she has been very vocal about remaining chaste until marriage. In 2017 Bow Wow claimed to have broken up with Angela as didn’t understand her attachment to virginity.

Angela’s relationship with Sutton Tennyson sadly did not last and they called off their engagement in December 2017. The pair got into a custody battle for their son but Angela won temporary custody in July 2018. Sutton Tennyson continued to fight for joint custody until his death.

Sutton Tennyson died in November 2017. He had been shot 13 times outside his Atlanta home. His body was found in his garage. He was 37 years old.

He and the killer, Michael Williams got into an argument outside his home. Williams pulled a gun and shot him. There were witnesses to the crime. Williams turned himself in four days after the shooting. Williams had a previous conviction for murder for which he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Williams’ lawyer continues to claim in court that his client is innocent.

Angela was devastated by the loss of her baby’s father and attended counseling after it happened.

Angela Simmons Moves On

In August 2020, Angela told the world that she was dating Daniel Jacobs. Yet at the beginning of 2021 sharp-eyed followers noticed that she had removed all evidence of him from her social media profiles. It seems the relationship is off.

Angela Simmons Net Worth Estimate

Angela Simmons is a wealthy woman. She has made most of her money through fashion, beauty products, and other businesses. She also makes money out of brand promotions as she is considered a social media influencer.

Angela Simmons net worth is estimated at $10 million. She has a valuable collection of jewelry and cars, which include a Rolls Royce and Range Rover. She has just bought a house in suburban Georgia. She relocated from New York so that her child can be close to his father’s family, his mother in particular.

Because she works online Angela is happy that her brands will continue to grow no matter where she is located. She is currently executive producer on “Just Angela” and “Growing Up Hip Hop”. So, it doesn’t look like she plans on slowing down anytime soon.

Angela Simmons Charitable Work

Angela Simmons has been a vegetarian for years. She is a spokesperson for PETA and urges fans to follow a vegetarian lifestyle and to stop using animal products. Her clothing lines Foofi and Bella showcase alternative materials to replace fur.

Angela uses her celebrity status to raise awareness for the causes that she supports. These include animal welfare and child health and education. She is the ambassador for the Children’s Miracle Network. The network works for the upliftment and empowerment of children.

Angela Simmons also mentors young up-and-coming fashion designers and entrepreneurs. She explains that she was mentored and wants to pay it forward. She uses her official website to showcase the creativity of up-and-coming stars and to encourage them to start their own businesses.

Angela Simmons | The Future

Angela Simmons is a young woman with clear entrepreneurial talent. She’s a hard worker with several irons in the fire. We’re betting that she’ll soon add to her skincare and active apparel brands, growing the empire of Angela Simmons net worth.

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Angela Simmons Net Worth and Bio Summary

NameAngela Simmons
Date of birth18th of September 1987
Place of BirthQueens, New York, USA
Height5’ 7” (167cm)
Weight128 pounds (58kg)
ParentsJoseph Simmons and Valerie Vaughn
ChildSutton Joseph Tennyson
Net Worth$10 million
ProfessionFashion designer/ entrepreneur / social media influencer
Social MediaInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube