Amanda Gorman Net Worth – How Much Does She Make?

Amanda Gorman net worth has gone through the roof since she got into the spotlight. Virtually everyone wishes to be in the spotlight at some point in life.

Irrespective of the size of the spotlight, the sense of accomplishment and impact is what makes it appealing. For Amanda Gorman, the spotlight came through her love for poetry.

Amanda Gorman Net Worth

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Reciting moving poetry in the inauguration of the US President Joe Biden became her launchpad. It’s no surprise that Amanda Gorman now has a name and net worth many dream about.

Who is Amanda Gorman?

The things that define a person goes beyond physical traits, which is the story behind Amanda Gorman. Born on the 7th of March, 1998, to her single mother, Joan Wicks, Amanda Gorman was raised in Los Angeles, California.

As she grew, Amanda Gorman found her passion in reading and writing. Ultimately, she found her voice in poetry which doubled as her tool for activism. Amanda Gorman, an African American, has her own life stories as a person of colour.

Recalling one of her experiences, she spoke about how a police officer trailed her to her home. When asked why he followed her all the way from school, he responded that she looked suspicious.

How a young girl walking home from school looks suspicious is a scenario that screams racial profiling. Amanda Gorman has experienced what it means to be racially profiled on several occasions.

Rather than lose her voice to silence, Amanda Gorman has taken to poetry where she tells her story. Armed with poetry, Amanda Gorman plays her role in activism by conveying emotional stories about the racial discrimination suffered by blacks in the US. The 5’3 poet made it known that she has a personal vision to run for the presidency.

She hopes a vision will impact the black community and the United States beyond the words of poetry. In all, Amanda Gorman’s poetry and her vision for blacks in the United States are what make her stand out.

Without a doubt, her rise to fame via poetry comes with an increase in network and net worth. Perhaps Amanda Gorman’s net worth and the newfound network would grant her some level of immunity from racial profiling. Her sphere of influence has grown larger, which would prove useful for fulfilling her vision.

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Amanda Gorman’s Net Worth Estimate


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Ever since her poem at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, Amanda Gorman’s net worth has raised a lot of buzzes. Queries on the internet focus on how much she currently makes and Amanda Gorman’s net worth before the inaugural poem.

Before her poem at the presidential inauguration ceremony, Amanda Gorman’s name and net worth were a force to be reckoned with. Before the inaugural poem, Amanda Gorman boasts of over $2 million net worth.

This stems from her deals with Nike, The Edit, and The New York Times. However, her creative way with words had already been paying her bills way before the poetry recitation at the presidential inauguration ceremony.

There’s no doubt that the light shone on her by her inaugural poem comes with influential perks. Indeed, Amanda Gorman’s net worth received a boost by the singular shot into the spotlight.

Although it’s unclear how much she has earned since her inaugural poem, her net worth is undoubtedly above $2 million. For context, Amanda Gorman revealed that she has had to turn down juicy deals worth about $17 million.

She revealed this information in an interview with Vogue, where she was asked about how much she’d been making since her inaugural poem. It doesn’t take much analysis to understand that Amanda Gorman is earning well enough to turn down such deals comfortably.

In her interview with Vogue, Amanda Gorman made it clear that it’s not about the money but more about being able to pursue her goals without interference.

At the moment, Amanda Gorman’s net worth covers her initial deals with Nike, The New York Times, and The Edit, and the deal she signed with IMG Models after her inaugural poem.

Her current net worth likewise factors in her network of influential persons such as Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton Lin Manuel Miranda, and Michelle Obama.

Amanda Gorman’s Place of Birth and Early Life


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As a child, Amanda Gorman has always been fascinated with the creative use of words. Amanda Gorman’s early life and personality were defined by her interest in reading and writing from having a strong imagination. The young lady whose net worth is millions of dollars was born and brought up in Los Angeles, California.

She is a classic example of being born without a silver spoon as she was raised with little TV privileges. This is partly because she and her siblings were raised by her hardworking single mother, Joan Watts.

What she could not enjoy in TV privileges was covered by her strong imagination and deep roots in reading. Amanda Gorman particularly praises her mother for encouraging her reading and writing culture.

In her earlier years, Amanda Gorman had a speech disorder. This prompted her mom to sign her up for speech therapy as a young child. Although speaking disorders can be frustrating both for the sufferers and those around them, Amanda Gorman has a unique and uplifting view of her speech impediment.

According to the Harvard Crimson writer and editor Elisa Kocharian, Amanda Gorman considers her speech impediment a gift. The Harvard student newspaper writer and editor noted likewise that Amanda Gorman views her speech disorder as a strength to be harnessed rather than a defect to be shied away from.

This was what Amanda Gorman said in the Harvard Gazette of 2018. Asides from her speech impediment, Amanda Gorman is hypersensitive to sound and has an auditory processing disorder.

Amanda Gorman is a fighter who thrives despite her oral and auditory impediments. She is an encouraging role model not just to young black writers but to persons who’re battling one form of disability or the other.

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Amanda Gorman’s Career

Amanda Gorman’s career did not start at the presidential inauguration ceremony of 2021. However, her creative prowess and activism have always been with her right from her younger years. Amanda Gorman grew from an avid book reader into a writer and poet.

Amanda Gorman found her voice in activism and tailored her art towards issues bordering on racial discrimination, feminism, oppression, and life as it appears for the average African American.

Here’s Amanda Gorman’s career at a glance: In 2014, she was inaugurated as the first-ever Youth Poet Laureate in Los Angeles. 2015 saw her publish her poetry book titled The One for Whom Food is not enough.

This was followed by establishing her NGO, One Pen One Page, in 2016. Amanda Gorman’s NGO is focused on grooming leadership qualities and writing skills in youths.

Amanda Gorman’s career surged further in 2017 when she appeared on the book of the month of the XQ Institute. For context, the XQ Institute holds a monthly feature favourite program for Gen Z’ers. In the same year, she struck two separate deals with Nike and Viking Children’s Books. She also won a $10,000 grant from OZY Media in 2017.

Since 2017, Amanda Gorman has been vocal about running for president in 2036. After gracing the pages of Glamor magazine as one of the “College Women of the Year” in 2018, Amanda Gorman noted that her dream is to inspire people beyond words.

Through her story and birthing her dreams to reality, she hopes that people who read, listen or hear about her can be encouraged to pursue their dreams.

In 2019, Amanda Gorman was selected as one of the young futurists celebrated by The Root magazine. In 2020, she met Oprah Winfrey on a virtual episode of Some Good News and performed a climate change poem titled “Earth Rise.”

From 2014 to 2019, Amanda Gorman built a successful career in creative writing and poetry. This shows that she isn’t new to being in the spotlights. However, 2021 came with a greater platform where she gave the inaugural poem titled “The Hill We Climb.”

Apart from its significant effect on her audience, Amanda Gorman’s Instagram handle experienced a surge in followers promptly after her inaugural poem.

What’s more, Amanda Gorman gained the unofficial support of Hillary Clinton for her presidential vision of 2036.

Since her inaugural poem, Amanda Gorman has enjoyed the patronage of reputable brands for ambassadorial deals. IMG Models secured her talent endorsement and representation in the fashion industry.

Amanda Gorman is represented by the Gang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown, and Passman law firm on the legal scene. Writers House likewise struck a publishing deal with her. 2021 was a major point for Amanda Gorman’s career and net worth, which can be seen in the number of deals she keeps receiving.

Amanda Gorman’s Personal Life and Family

Amanda Gorman is one of three kids raised by their single mother, Joan Wicks. The stellar poet shared her mother’s womb with her twin sister Gabrielle who is likewise multi-talented.

The multi-talented Gabrielle Gorman also takes the creative route like her twin sister Amanda Gorman. Gabrielle stands out as a film writer with many awards to her name. In 2016, she was listed as one of the US top seven in filmmaking by the National Young Arts Foundation.

The family of four grew in Los Angeles, in a neighbourhood that boasts of various cultures, races, and people of colour. Much of Amanda Gorman’s life and growth is attributed to her encouraging mother, and little is said about her father.

To foster growth, Amanda Gorman’s mother created a house rule that reduced the TV privileges of Amanda and her sisters. This ensured that they derived joy and fun in other activities.

Amanda Gorman has maintained sealed lips over her relationship status in the romantic scene. Hence, it is unclear if she’s in a relationship or not. Although Amanda Gorman has gained a lot of public recognition in just a year, she has clearly distinguished her celebrity status and personal life. Striking a balance between status and personality matters greatly, and it is something that Amanda Gorman has been able to do.

Although she sports a slightly thin 5’3 frame, the poet-activist has not allowed her stature to belittle her voice. Her activism cuts across her celebrity status and personal life. It is her driving force and the centerpiece of her literary works.

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Amanda Gorman’s Net Worth and Bio Summary

Amanda Gorman’s net worth is primarily defined by the inaugural poem 2021. Amanda Gorman’s net worth can be classified into before and after her inaugural poem at the Capitol. Before her inaugural poem, ranging from 2014 till pre-inauguration 2021, Amanda Gorman’s net worth grossed $2 million.

The $2 million net worth was primarily driven by publishing deals, special features, grants, and awards.

However, Amanda Gorman’s net worth has gone far beyond $2 million since her inaugural poem. Although Amanda Gorman’s net worth post-inaugural poem is still undefined, it’s high enough for her to reject deals worth $17 million.

After factoring in her past and present deals, Amanda Gorman’s net worth would likely be in tens of millions of dollars, if not more. Her management contract with IMG Models currently drives Amanda Gorman’s net worth.

NameAmanda S.C Gorman
Date of Birth7th March 1998
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California
ParentJoan Wicks (Mother)
SiblingsGabrielle Gorman (Twin), Spencer Gorman (Brother)
SchoolHarvard University
OccupationPoet and Activist
AgentIMG Models
PublisherWriters House
Legal RepresentativeGang, Tyre, Ramer, Brown and Passman
Major WorksThe Hill We Climb,
The One for Whom Food is not Enough,
Earth Rise
Change Sings; A Children's Anthem