42 Dugg Net Worth – How Much Does He Make?

Have you ever wondered what the well-known American rapper, 42 Dugg Net Worth is sitting at? He’s a social media sensation, hip-hop artist, and a songwriter.


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42 Dugg’s official name is Dion Marquise Hayes. The talented musician has grown his music career in the past few years. Despite his young age and success, Dion has encountered many challenges along the way.

42 Dugg made a name for himself when he released his hit single ‘You Da One.’ Many people love his music because they feel they can relate to it. Dion is also a role model to young individuals growing up on the streets.

42 Dugg’s Early Life


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Dion Marquise Hayes, otherwise known as 42 Dugg was born on November 25, 1995. He grew up in the eastern part of Detroit, Michigan.

The east side of Detroit is one of the rough regions in the city. Many people fear raising their children in this region because of bad influence and tough street life.

Dion did not have his father around him when he was growing up, and his mother wasn’t present either. He spent a lot of time listening to Jeezy and Yo Gotti when he was younger.

The number “42” in Dion’s stage name, comes from a numerical reference from the Hustle Boys, who are a local clique. Dion was already homeless and committing various crimes when he was only 14. Without parents to offer him the support and care that he needed, he lived on the streets for a while.

He was arrested and sent to prison for 4 years for carjacking and illegal possession of a firearm, at the age of 15. While serving his time in prison, Dion fought with an inmate, increasing his jail time to 6 years. On two separate occasions, he was also sent to solitary confinement because of his behavior.

This is when he’d work on his lyric writing until he was released at the age of 22. After his release from prison, in 2017, he then went on and met Lil Baby, a fellow rapper, and 42 Dugg ignited his career in hip-hop and rapping.

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42 Dugg discovered his music career when he was in prison. In his fourth year behind bars, Dion started to rap. He spent time experimenting with raps and various rhymes, and in a few months, he was already writing his own songs and singing.

Dion’s rap music had a hidden meaning. These songs mainly explained his struggles in life and the challenging environment in Detroit slums.

While in prison, the inmates were given one hour to stay outside their cells. Dion would use this hour to practice his rapping. Singing to other inmates gave him confidence. The feedback from the inmates was amazing, and it encouraged 42 Dugg to work harder in his career.

One year after getting positive feedback from fellow inmates, 42 Dugg took his career seriously. When he was finally released, he went to the studios in Detroit to produce several songs.

At first, he felt that his rapping was average, but Detroit loved his music. The fans pushed him to write more music.

July 2018 – When Dion released 11241 Wayburn Pt 2, he got a very good response from everyone. The rapper felt that this was the best genre, and that is how he started reaching fans outside Michigan.

Dion used SoundCloud as the primary source for his music distribution when he first started. He received numerous views on his mixtapes and singles.

42 Dugg went on to release a single, ‘The Streets.’ This song was his first street hit, making him very popular. The song grabbed the attention of rap star, Lil Baby. The two met in Atlanta, and their friendship began. They would often go gambling together.

One day, Lil Baby invited Dion to the studio because he wanted to learn more about him. When Lil Baby was still trying to understand 42 Dugg, another music legend tried to come between them.

Yo Gotti wanted to work with Dugg, which did not impress Lil Baby. The two influential rappers couldn’t agree on who should sign Dion. They eventually decided on a joint venture.

This joint venture has worked perfectly for the three parties involved. Lil Baby and Yo Gotti are responsible for pushing 42 Dugg in the best direction. The music legends have been promoting and marketing the 26-year-old.

Studio activities and production has been sponsored by these legends too. Dion has done well in the hands of these professionals. 42 Dugg has also appeared in songs by Lil Keed, Marshmello, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Blac Youngsta, Mulatto, Kaash Paige, and T.I. His music career is booming.

Lil Baby’s Influence On 42 Dugg’s Career

When Lil Baby and Yo Gotti put their deal in place, they focused on making 42 Dugg reach national recognition.

February 2020 – One of the most popular singles produced by Lil Baby, ‘Grace’ did very well. Since the single’s release, 42 Dugg’s Net Worth has increased significantly. The song appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 48.

‘Grace’ sold more than half a million copies in several months because of Baby’s influence. Lil Baby was motivated to work with Dion on other projects after the single did so well.

May 2020 – The two produced a single named ‘We Paid.’ This new song did exceptionally well, selling more than two million copies. And once again they found themselves on the Billboard’s Hot 100, but this time making it to number 10!

Lil Baby ensured that the songs released by Dion gave him a nomination to the famous MTV Music Video Awards. ‘We Paid’ was also named the song of the summer because of its popularity.

Lil Baby has made many artists popular, particularly in the rap industry. Although Baby has worked with many upcoming artists, he believes that 42 Dugg is becoming one of his most successful artists.

Baby played the role of a founding father in the rapper’s career because he made him a star. The music legend is still working hard to make Dugg successful in a very competitive American music industry.

42 Dugg Music Style

Detroit is the home of several music legends. The city has a unique music style. Most individuals believe that Detroit’s music style is old school. The music style from this region has not attracted the attention of many people compared to what is produced in New York, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

Dion brought a revolution in the Detroit rap industry. The talented professional introduced a new sound, attracting the attention of everyone. According to music experts, his music is a mix of modern Memphis and Atlanta. Dugg adds a new twist of Detroit into his rap music too.

Dion introduced a whistling sound in all of his rap songs, and it has slowly turned to be his trademark. Whenever someone hears the whistle sound, they know that they are listening to 42 Dugg.

The delivery of 42 Dugg’s music is very different too. The musician combines different worlds that sound unfinished. The vocals and slurry delivery has made Dion one of a kind in the highly competitive music department.

42 Dugg Height & Weight

42 Dugg loves to maintain his weight and looks because of his career and health. Many of his fans love his hairstyle too.

Weight – 132 lbs (60Kg)
Height – 5’1” (155cm)

42 Dugg Net Worth

Dugg started his career in prison, but this has not affected his income. By working hard to write music and partnering with the right music legends, 42 Dugg’s Net Worth has increased. The musician has accumulated so much money from his mixtapes, hit songs, and EPs.

42 Dugg earns a good amount of money from his live performances.

The songwriter has a significant following on his social media accounts. These accounts bring him a high income annually. His Instagram and YouTube accounts have attracted millions of followers.

Currently, 42 Dugg Net Worth is $2 million.

Many people can easily relate to the stories told by Dugg through his music. These stories have made it possible for the musician to sell his music to different people worldwide.

42 Dugg Controversies

Dion Marquise Hayes is no stranger to controversy. The influential rapper has found himself amid criticism in the past because of his actions.

March 2020 – Dion was arrested because of federal gun charges. The musician spent several days in prison before being released.

June 2020 – 42 Dugg was again on the wrong side of the law. The famous singer fled from the police while driving a rented SUV. Dion remained on the run for more than two months. The police used the SUV company to catch him. When the police captured the rap star, he was released on bail for $20,000.

He was required to wear a GPS monitor. And authorities warned Dion that he could spend more than five years behind bars, if convicted, with a $1000 fine, as well as his license being suspended for one year.

August 2021 – 42 Dugg faced a lot of criticism after posting a video on Instagram. The popular musician showed the world how he had been treating his four-year-old son. The Detroit rapper did not realize that the video he had posted was causing his young child a lot of damage.

The homophobic rant went viral for several days.

Dion had to issue an apology to the public through his Instagram stories a few days later. The rapper said that he did not intend to hurt anyone with the comments in his video. Dion explained that he only posted the video to show his love for his child.

Dugg explained that he is a very private person, and he does not like to share his personal life on social media. The rapper vowed not to post pictures or videos concerning his family because of the damage his video caused.

Since then, he has focused on only posting music.

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42 Dugg’s Personal Life


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Unlike other celebrities, 42 Dugg has managed to keep most of his personal life private. The singer has not spoken much about his mother or father. We do not know Dion’s educational background either.

His dating life has been out of the limelight too. No one knows whether the Detroit-born musician is dating or not. Several years ago, Dugg and his exes aired their dirty laundry to the public.

He and Jazmin Re’Nae dated for a while. But no one really knows what caused their breakup. The relationship became public for the wrong reasons.

Dion is the proud father of one son. The rapper has always shared every milestone in his child’s life, with the world. We do not know his son’s name. And no one really knows the true identity of Dugg’s child’s mother.

The singer is not yet married, and he has chosen to keep his future relationships private.

Bio Summary

Dion Marquise Hayes, popularly known as 42 Dugg, is among the most influential rappers in America. He was born and raised in one of the poorest slums in Detroit, Michigan. Unlike many people, Dion did not experience love and support from his mother or father. He had to go to the streets and look after himself at a very young age.

Due to the bad influence in Detroit’s tough streets, 42 Dugg got mixed up with the wrong crowds and was involved in crimes. He was caught, and he remained in prison for 6 years.

Dion began his successful career life when he was in prison. When most young people in prison focus on passing the time, Dion was busy writing songs and performing to fellow inmates whenever he had the opportunity.

After his release, the 26-year-old musician started collaborating with popular artists. Lil Baby is one of those who have played a vital role in his success. Lil Baby chose to work with Dion because he was talented and honest about his past.

The rapper has gained a lot of fans, and this is all due to the fact that his music is relatable. Everyone believes that Dion’s songs are unique and modern. 42 Dugg net worth will keep increasing, as he moves forward in his career.

Name42 Dugg
Birth NameDion Marquise Hayes
Date of Birth25 November 1995
Place of BirthDetroit, Michigan, USA
Height5'1" (155cm)
Weight132 lbs (60kg)
ProfessionHip-Hop Artist
Marital StatusSingle
Net Worth Estimate$2 million